Different Methods To Turn Down FaceTime Volume

Sound issues within the FaceTime app can be very annoying when it hampers video chat. And one of the common problems is that the volume is sometimes too quiet. So, you might be wondering how to turn down the FaceTime volume.

There are many ways to fix the high volume issue of FaceTime. Such as adjusting the volume and ringer alerts, updating the FaceTime app, upgrading the iOS, rebooting the system, etc. You can follow whichever you want.

You might need to reset your iPhone if none of these methods work. But you should do that carefully, as it can harm your device. To do it correctly, follow our guide. We also have added a bonus segment on making Mac Safari louder than FaceTime. So, stick to the end!

Why Does FaceTime Hang Up when I am Making Calls?

A FaceTime call can drop off for various reasons. Such as, when your device’s battery is low, it might close down charge-consuming apps like the FaceTime app. However, there are two other main reasons why this happens. They are:

Unstable Internet

If your internet is not fast enough, it can cause your device to malfunction with any internet-activated apps. It also includes the FaceTime app. The device fails to receive and send data from the FaceTime app when the internet is too slow.

Software Bug

Two types of software bugs can interrupt a FaceTime call. One is malware within the FaceTime app itself; another is malware within the operating system. Old iOS and macOS versions can cause trouble while using the FaceTime application.

How To Turn Down FaceTime Volume?

When your Facetime volume is unbearably loud, you can follow several methods to turn it down. Below we have covered such tips. If one doesn’t work, you can follow the other. 

Method 1: Adjust the Volume and Ringer Alerts

For this, go to your settings. Then, find an option called Sounds & Haptics. Go there and look for a volume bar under Ringer and Alert. Move it left and right to make the system fix this issue.

Method 2: Reboot the iPhone or iPad

After going to settings, tap on General. Then scroll down and tap on Shut Down. Now your iPhone will ask you to slide the Power Off icon. After that, wait for 20 seconds and normally turn on the iPhone.

Method 3: Play Music or Uninstall TikTok

Some iPhone and iPad users have reported that their high volume issue on Facetime was gone once they uninstalled Tiktok. For others, the problem got solved after they played music on their iPhones.

Method 4: Update the iOS

Updating the iOS can be done by going to the settings. Once there, scroll down and go to General. Then, tap on the software update. It will then check the availability for an update. Then, you must follow the on-screen instructions if an update is available.

Method 5: Reset All Settings

This process resets all your customized settings to default settings. But no data or media will be deleted, like your Mail, Messages, and Photos. For this, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Can I Make Safari Louder than FaceTime on Mac?

Yes, you can make safari louder than FaceTime on mac. You can do that by ducking the audio. Audio ducking refers to reducing the media playback volume for a short time while VoiceOver makes a sound.

  • To do audio ducking, go to the Apple menu. 
  • Once there, you will find System Preferences. 
  • After tapping it, go to Sound and then go to Input. 
  • Now you have to drag the volume slider to change the volume. 

And by doing so, Mac Safari will be louder than FaceTime.


FaceTiming can sometimes be met with weird experiences, particularly with sound issues. We have gathered some useful questions to clarify your confusion regarding this topic.

Why is FaceTime so quiet on my iPhone?

You must go to the settings if your FaceTime audio is low despite all the high sound settings. Then go to accessibility. You will find an option called “Audio/Visual” there.

Go there and slide the volume bar left and right to make the system function. It will solve the quiet sound of FaceTime.

Can iPhone FaceTime be tapped?

No, one cannot tap iPhone FaceTime. FaceTime in iOS and macOS is end-to-end encrypted. So no one other than the sender and receiver can see the messages or infer data and information from FaceTime chats. Even Apple cannot decrypt this.

Why won’t my volume turn up or down on my iPhone?

If you face trouble changing your iPhone’s sound with the volume keys, go to settings. You will find an option called Sounds & Haptics. Go there to see if “Change with Buttons” is activated. If not, then turn it to solve the problem.

Can I mute the other person on FaceTime?

You can mute the other person on FaceTime by simply turning the volume too low on your device. And don’t worry; they will not know you have muted them. So you are good to go.

Can you listen to music while on FaceTime?

Yes, you can. Plus, there is a better way of listening to music while on FaceTime. With the help of SharePlay, you can play an audio file from your iPhone that will also be audible to other people with whom you’re FaceTiming.


Well, now you know how to solve the issue of high volume while using FaceTime. Go to your iPhone or iPad’s settings, and drag the volume and ringer alerts bar. If this doesn’t work, you can try other stuff.

Plus, it is always better to check your internet before you attempt to delve right into the solutions. Because a slow internet connection can sometimes be the reason behind a loud FaceTime chat, attempting other solutions will be nothing but a waste of time.

And be sure to keep your software updated. Be it your iOS or be it the FaceTime application itself, it is always recommended to keep it up-to-date. Otherwise, you will lag behind the most advanced bug fixes.

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