How To Fix An iPad That Keeps Freezing While Using Sidecar? 

If your iPad freezes while using the sidecar, the problem can be very disturbing. Because while this occurs, you technically cannot use your Mac that is connected to the iPad. Now, how to fix an iPad that keeps freezing while using a sidecar?

There are several things you can do about it. Such as checking your connection, disabling face ID on iPad, disabling the streaming services on mac, and a bunch more.

If one of these methods doesn’t work, you can try another. Many might suggest you reset your iPad first, but we don’t encourage you to try that. To learn more, keep on reading!

What is Sidecar?

Sidecar is a feature that allows you to utilize your iPad as an extension or display of your Mac computer. With the help of the Sidecar, you can use your Mac system with touchscreen abilities. It increases usability.

While you use Sidecar, you can utilize Apple Pencils. You can also utilize a keyboard and mouse. And you can also connect your iPad with your Mac for Sidecar purposes in two ways. One is without a wire, and the other is with a wire.

If you want to do advanced-level graphics designing or illustration on your Mac, a traditional screen might not suffice. You might need a touchscreen pad to demonstrate your creativity accurately and perfectly. And this is where Sidecar comes to utility.

Why Does an iPad Freeze While Using Sidecar?

The direct causes of the iPad freezing while using Sidecar are unknown. The Apple community suspects that it is some bug or malware which is yet to be fixed. Below are the best possible reasons behind this issue:

Face ID is Activated

Face ID is the technology that maps the structure of your face to unlock the iPad. Turning off face ID is one of the key solutions to this problem. And this is why we can deduce that if your Face ID is turned on, it might be causing your iPad to freeze when you enter sidecar mode.

Passcode is Activated

In a lot of cases, turning off the passcode has solved this problem. So it is suspected that passcode was causing the iPad to freeze when it was in sidecar mode. 

Backdated iOS

Often, a backdated iOS can cause a myriad of problems. And an iPad freeze while using the sidecar is also one of them. If your iPad has an old OS, it is likely causing all the trouble in the sidecar mode.

How To Fix an iPad That Freezes While Using Sidecar?

Among the following methods, we suggest you follow them chronologically. It would be best if you kept trying them until it completely solved the problem. Make sure to follow them just as we have described below:

1. Check the Connection

You must make sure that your Mac and iPad are as close as possible to each other. They must be within 30 feet of distance. Then, check if the mode of connection is alright. If it is on WiFi, ensure it gets good signals.

Or, if it is on Bluetooth, ensure both devices are paired correctly. However, it is better to use a cable connection for Sidecar than use wireless.

2. Disable iPad Face ID and Passcode

Go to your settings. There, you will find your Face ID & Passcode. You need to turn all the features off there. And while you do it, your iPad might ask you for your passcode.

How to turn off Face ID to disable it on iPhone and iPad

3. Update the iOS

First, go to Settings. Then tap on General and then go to Software Update. Under there, you will find a section called Automatic Updates. Now you have to activate Download iOS Updates after from there. Plus, ensure that “Install iOS Updates” is also activated.

At this point, your iPhone or iPad will have the newest iOS or iPadOS. Remember, you might need to manually update some upgrades. 

The Settings app on iPhone showing options to update to iOS 15.7 or iOS 16.

4. Update the macOS

To do this:

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Click on Software Update.

There you will find an option to update your operating system.

Software Update preferences

How To Fix “Unable to Connect to iPad” or “The Device Timed Out” While Using Sidecar

While using the Sidecar, your iPad can sometimes show you peculiar messages such as “Unable to Connect to iPad” or “The Device Timed Out” while using the Sidecar. When this happens, attempt the following solutions:

Restart both iPad and Mac

To reboot your Mac, go to the Apple Menu and click Restart. And to reboot your iPad, press and hold the volume up button and the power together.

When the screen prompts you to slide it, do it. Then turn on the iPad after half a minute by holding the top button.

Picture: Restarting Mac

Picture: Restarting iPad

Enable Handoff on iPad

Check that Handoff is activated on both your iPad and Mac. To find out, go to Settings on your iPad. Then go to General and AirPlay & Handoff. If it is deactivated, activate it.

Enable Handoff on Mac

Navigate to system preferences on your Mac. Then, go to the General. Check if “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices” is activated or not. 

Enable Handoff in Mac OS X

Disable Internet sharing, Personal Hotspot, and VPN

First, go to Settings, then go to Personal Hotspot. And then disable the “Allow Others to Join” option. Second, Open System Preferences on your Mac. Click on Sharing, then select Internet Sharing. Now disable it. Third, turn it off on iPad and Mac if any VPN is on.


Using Sidecar can result in unwanted outcomes with the iPad, particularly with the display. For this, We’ve compiled a list of useful questions to help clear up any misconceptions about this topic.

Why does Apple Sidecar keep disconnecting?

You can only use the Sidecar wirelessly if both devices are within 10 meters (30 feet) from one another and have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Handoff enabled.

Also, ensure that the iPad’s wireless and Mac’s internet connections are not shared.

Why does my iPad screen keep freezing?

If you have too many apps open on your iPad, it can become slow or frozen. All applications may be closed by double-clicking the Home button. Or that can also be done by scrolling up from the bottom of the display. Then reboot your iPad and wait for it to reload.

Why is the iPad screen lagging?

A device running short on storage is prone to experiencing performance difficulties, including sporadic to regular delays and freezes. We advise you to conduct good memory management or to clear up some room on your iPad memory to resolve the issue.

How do I fix my Apple sidecar?

There are various options available to fix your Apple Sidecar. Checking your connection, deactivating face ID on iPad, blocking streaming services on Mac, and various other options are available.

Why does Apple Sidecar freeze?

If your Apple Sidecar is freezing, ensure that your Face ID and Passcode are turned off on your iPad. These two features often hamper the function of Sidecar. As a result, the whole device becomes slow and eventually freezes.


While you use the Sidecar, your iPad’s display can sometimes freeze due to low storage. If that is the case, we advise you to clear up some space as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will hamper the device.

But in most cases, the reason behind a frozen screen on a Sidecar-enabled iPad is its Face ID and Passcode. So, it would be best if you disabled it. But before attempting to solve it, we highly advise you to check the connection between iPad and Mac.

So the bottom line is if your iPad screen freezes itself while using the Sidecar, there is no need to worry. It is solvable, so you can resolve it no matter how often the freezing occurs.

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