Easy Solutions For Magic Mouse 2 Not Discoverable

One of the very few downsides of Apple is the Magic Mouse 2. Many users dislike it due to its inconvenient design. Plus, there have been some reports of connectivity with this gadget. And one of them is when your Mac does not discover it.

If your Magic Mouse 2 is not discoverable, you can easily fix it by turning the mouse off and then turning it on while holding the right-click button. If that doesn’t help, you can try turning the switch half on.

And since the causes for “No mouse found” on a Mac differ, you might need to take a comprehensive approach and try them all to solve them. And thankfully, this page provides the best tutorials in detail!

Why Won’t Magic Mouse 2 Pair?
Why is Magic Mouse 2 Not Discoverable?

Before attempting to solve the pairing issues of a Magic Mouse 2, it is important to diagnose it correctly. Since there are multiple causes behind this problem, it is best to know the major ones properly.

Pairing Issues 

The inherent Bluetooth system of the Magic Mouse 2 turns on after the mouse is switched on. But sometimes, the Bluetooth system stays off after you turn the mouse on. It happens due to technical difficulties.

Faulty Power Button

For many people, a faulty power button on Magic Mouse 2 has been a cause for trouble in Bluetooth connectivity. And for weird reasons, faulty power buttons interrupt this device’s Bluetooth system.

Bluetooth Issues

Sometimes, there might be bugs or malware in your Mac that can disrupt the software aspect of Bluetooth. For this reason, it cannot find your Magic Mouse 2 even after both devices have their Bluetooth turned on.

How Do I Put My Magic Mouse 2 in Discovery Mode?

You can put the Magic Mouse 2 in discovery mode in a very easy way. Contrary to popular belief, you will not need any software or external hardware for it. Just follow these steps consequently:

Step 1: Switch off the Magic Mouse 2

You can turn off the magic mouse by moving its switch to the downside. The switch is on the back side of the mouse. And while the switch is off, the indicator light will also be off. 


Step 2: Hold left click and switch on Magic Mouse 2

The left click on a Magic Mouse 2 is the “click button”. You have to click it and have it pressed. While you are pressing it, you need to switch on the mouse.


Step 3: Discover it via Mac’s mouse utility

You can access your mouse utility by going to the menu. On the system preferences, click on “mouse”. Open it and search for a mouse. Once it finds your already paired Magic Mouse 2 and connects it, release the click button you were holding. 

How To Fix Magic Mouse 2 not Discoverable

Most of the time, turning the Magic Mouse off and turning it on while holding the left-click button solves the issue. However, there are other methods if that doesn’t work for you. 

Method 1: Switching the Mouse On Improperly

Sometimes, if the power button of the Magic Mouse 2 itself is broken, then it creates all sorts of problems. And in most of those cases, you can solve it easily by switching the mouse on improperly. Just remember not to move the switch up. Keep it somewhere near the middle.

Method 2: Changing macOS Version

There have been reports of malware within a specific macOS version interrupting wireless devices. The culprit turned out to be OS X Yosemite.

To check whether your macOS has Yosemite installed, go to “About This Mac” by clicking on the Apple logo from the upper corner. And if that is the case, you need to update your Mac to another OS.


Method 3: Recharging the Magic Mouse 2

Low battery charge can definitely cause disturbances in your Magic Mouse 2, including it being not discoverable. So, when this happens, you can try fully recharging it. 


How to Pair Magic Mouse 2 to Windows 10

The good news is you can pair a Magic Mouse 2 with your Windows PC. You can do it very normally. The process will not require any third-party software.

Step 1 – Turn on the Magic Mouse 2.

Step 2 – Type “Bluetooth” on the Windows search bar and go to “Bluetooth and other devices settings”.

Step 3 – Click “Add a device” and connect to your Magic Mouse 2.


Since the Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 look nearly the same, many Mac users also assume that their characteristics are also the same. However, that is not the case. Let’s know about them in detail.

Does the Magic Mouse 2 light up when charging?

No, the Magic Mouse 2 does not light up while charging. However, the first generation Magic Mouse (the Magic Mouse 1) lights up when you charge it. For this reason, there is a common misconception that the Magic Mouse 2 will also give charging signals through its light. 

Can I turn off Magic Mouse 2 while not using it?

Turning off the Magic Mouse 2 when not in use is better. Since Magic Mouse 2 runs on charged power, keeping it on for no reason will waste its stored energy. 

However, some users have reported not to have ever turned their Magic Mouse 2 off for years. They did not face any negative consequences.

Can I replace the battery in Magic Mouse 2?

No, you cannot replace the battery of Magic Mouse 2. Magic Mouse 2 is charge-only device. You need to charge it and use it. However, the first generation of Magic Mouse was not chargeable. It came with replaceable AA batteries. 


Magic Mouse 2 is not discoverable due to a few reasons. Such as faulty power buttons, charging issues, pairing issues, wireless interferences, etc. Thankfully, these are solvable as long as the mouse is not broken.

But if none of these solutions work for you, we are sorry that you might need to buy a new one. Our suggestion would be to get another mouse since the Magic Mouse 2 has a lot of negative reviews.

And you can buy any mouse for your Mac. It does not matter if that’s wireless or wired. If the mouse itself is decent, you will be good to go. Moreover, if you are tight on budget, then not buying the magic mouse will be a better choice.

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