How to unforget a Bluetooth device: A Comprehensive Guide

Bluetooth devices offer superb mobility irrespective of the platform. You can securely establish connections with different platforms like Windows, Android or Ios. But the problem is when you accidentally forget the Bluetooth device. 

Can you unforget a Bluetooth device? It’s possible to unforget a Bluetooth device by resetting the network settings. After resetting, you can reconnect your device by standard procedure. The process might be complicated, but you can still carry it out.

But you don’t need to worry, as in this article, we will cover all aspects of not forgetting Bluetooth devices. Therefore, without wasting a second, let’s check it out!

What are the ways to unforget a Bluetooth device?

The best possible ploy to unforget is resetting the device’s network settings. After doing so, you can establish new connections between both devices. 

That said, this method applies to Android, iOS and Windows devices. But the process might be complex for each of those. You don’t need to worry at all; below are the processes described for each device type.

Unforget Bluetooth Devices on iPhone

There is no easy pathway for unforgetting a Bluetooth device on an iPhone. It’s not as simple as forgetting a specific Bluetooth device with a tap on your screen. You need to reset the existing network settings to resolve the issue.

There is no risk associated with the process, and you can even back up a few pieces of information if required. The instructions to unforget a Bluetooth device are

Step 1: Tap on Settings

Locate the settings icon on your menu or homepage, and tap on it.


Step 2: Tap on General

From the settings menu, scroll down a bit and find General. Once you locate the option, tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone

After tapping on General, you’ll be navigated to another menu where you need to scroll down. You will find the Transfer or Reset iPhone option that you need to tap.

Step 4: Tap on Reset

You’ll see the Reset option on a new menu. Just tap on it for the next step.

Step 5: Tap on Reset Network Settings

When you choose Reset, you’ll be prompted with many options. From there, choose Reset Network Settings. 

Step 6: Enter your Passcode

After the previous step, you’ll be prompted to enter your passcode and then again to tap on Reset Network Settings to complete the process.

Moreover, this is the process you can adopt to reset your iPhone’s network settings and get back the lost connections. When the reset is completed, the device will restore all the forgotten data, including the information relevant to the Bluetooth device.

Unforget Bluetooth Devices on Android

The problem with android devices is that you won’t be able to retrieve the list of Bluetooth devices that were unforget mistakenly. In this regard, the solution is to restructure the network settings or, in short, reset the settings.

Doing so will allow you to get all those forgotten devices back. The process is explained in the steps below:

Step 1: Locate Settings App

The first step would be to locate the Settings App and tap on it. 

Step 2: Tap on About Phone or System

Scroll down on the settings menu and locate About Phone or System. You will get either option depending on the brand and device model. 

Step 3: Tap on Reset

Look for the Reset option on the menu and then tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on Reset Network Settings

After tapping, you will navigate to another menu showing you the option Reset Network Settings. You need to tap on it to initialize the reset.

When the network settings reset is complete, the phone has the initial settings the same as when it was new. Here, you’ll not get back all the old devices but can start reconnecting those devices as new ones.

Unforget Bluetooth Devices on Laptop

Apart from iOS devices and android phones, you can also fix this issue on your laptop. To address this problem, follow the steps mentioned:

Step 1: Search Device Manager

Go to your search box and type Device manager. Then hit enter to initialize the search. 

Step 2: Look for hidden devices

Once the device manager tab is opened, click on View. After that, look for the option Show hidden devices and click on it.

Step 3: Locate and Uninstall the device 

Find the Bluetooth device and click the option to Uninstall Device. 

Step 4: Click on Uninstall 

On the new tab, click on Uninstall to start the process

Step 5: Reboot your device 

Once the previous step is done, reboot your device and then Navigate to Settings and then on Devices. 

Step 6: Click Bluetooth & other devices

Now, from the devices menu, choose Bluetooth and other devices. After that, click on Add Bluetooth and other devices, and select Bluetooth.

Step 7: Select a particular device

The last step would be to choose a specific Bluetooth device and click on Done to complete the process. 

What to do when the device doesn’t pair after a network reset?

You must troubleshoot when you see that even after a complete reset of network settings, a Bluetooth device doesn’t pair. In this case, the most straightforward fix would be turning off the device.

If you are using an iPhone, press the side button and volume button together until the power off slider appears. Once the slider appears on the screen, swipe it right to turn off your device. 

After the device switches off, you must wait 20-30 seconds and press the side button to turn on the iPhone. Now, you’ll be able to make a secure pairing with the desired Bluetooth device.

The same procedure goes for Android devices when you need to turn those off. Hold the power button for 5 seconds, and the power off/restart option will appear on the screen. Tap on either one and let your device start again.

Moreover, for both device types, turning off has a good outcome in fixing the issues.

Does the iPhone need DFU to restore to solve unforget Bluetooth device issue?

Even after resetting the network settings, you must try a rigorous restoration if you can’t resolve the issue. Such restoration for iPhone is Device Firmware Update or, in short, DFU. It will enable a better backup of the data to be restored.

When your iPhone is in DFU mode, it is like returning to the factory settings. All the Bluetooth devices that were forgotten can be connected then. But before doing so, you should back up your data on iCloud. 

For this, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC and open iTunes if the macOS version is Mojave 10.14. If your version is Catalina 10.15, you must navigate and open the finder. Now, if your iPhone model is below 6s, press the Sleep and wake button together.

On the other hand, if the model is an iPhone 7 or above, press the sleep button and the volume down button together. After this, you can view your iPhone on the finder app or iTunes on your PC.

The next step is to release the buttons after your phone appears and let its display turn black. It eventually means that your phone is already in the DFU mode and will enable it to start fresh.

Should you try factory data reset on your android?

If everything else fails on your android phone, your last resort would be a factory data reset. In this regard, you must back up all data as it will cause the loss of everything stored before.

Usually, on android devices, you would find the factory data reset option in Settings. You need to locate About Phone or System from the settings menu and click on it. After that, you will find the option for Factory Data Reset.

The process will prompt asking you for the password and start after confirming it. It will take around a minute or two to complete the procedure.


Since there is a fine line between forgetting and unforgetting Bluetooth devices, various questions ponder among users. Some of those queries are addressed below:

Why is Bluetooth not finding devices?

The reason behind not finding Bluetooth devices is either that Bluetooth isn’t turned on or the pairing mode isn’t enabled. If it seems confusing to get pairing mode on, try out the user manual to get the proper guidance.

Can we rediscover forgotten Bluetooth devices on Android?

No, it isn’t entirely possible to retrieve the list of failed Bluetooth devices on your android phone. However, you can factory reset your phone and try reconnecting those old devices to reinstate their information.

How can you see a connected Bluetooth device on an iPhone?

The process is straightforward. You need to touch your home button and then navigate to the settings. After that, scroll down and tap on Bluetooth, and you’ll see the connected devices together.


Forgetting a Bluetooth device can happen accidentally or deliberately. But there is no need to panic as the process of unforgetting will get easier after you read this article.

You can face this problem on android, iOS or even Windows devices. But that won’t be an issue, as there is a solution for each. That said, you also must be ready for the ultimate solution in the form of a factory reset if none of the methods works.

It won’t harm the system; instead, it will help the device to start afresh and help connect with new devices seamlessly. Moreover, you would need to invest some time as the total procedure is relatively simple.

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