How to fix ” Family Information is not available ” on your iPhone

Apple allows its users to access its services through their Apple ID. As a user, you can share these services with your family members with the family sharing feature. But often, the family information can be unavailable.

How to fix family information unavailable on iPhone? To fix this problem, you must first navigate to the iCloud section. After that, enabling the location preferences may fix the problem. You can also restart your iPhone to get a quick solution. 

Don’t worry if you are facing this problem. In this article, we will cover the reason and fixes of the issue to give you a better understanding. Therefore, let’s check it out!

What is family information on iPhone? 

Family information in your iPhone is mainly associated with the feature of family sharing, and the feature allows you to access most of the Apple services. 

As a user, the most prominent services you can avail yourself of with your family members are – Apple Music, Apple TV+, iTunes, Apple News+, Apple Card, iCloud storage, and even a family photo album. 

You can have six members in this sharing feature, including you. For this, you need to start the family sharing group as an organizer from your iPhone. That said, each of the other five family members can pay for their purchases, given their valid payment method. 

Moreover, you can add all five family members at a time or send them invitations over time. 

Why is family information not available on iPhone?

The issue with family information unavailability is relevant across multiple ios devices. Mainly in the iPhone, it is seen that people widely use the family sharing feature in this particular device. 

Several issues can contribute to the family information needing to be available on your iPhone. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

Temporary Glitches

Often, some glitches might temporarily affect the iPhone’s functioning. Mainly the ios updates or new app downloads may cause this. 

The Family information not being available may be one of the outcomes of such temporary glitches, and you can quickly fix it by restarting your iPhone. 

Network issues

Sometimes, using your iPhone on cellular data can cause problems. 

Often turbulent mobile networks cause low mobile data transmission rates. As an outcome, various ios features may view it as having no internet. 

In this regard, the solution is to turn off the mobile network and then turn it off again. If it doesn’t help, restarting the iPhone will help in this issue.

Wrong Apple ID

When you have multiple Apple IDs, chances are high of a mixup. You may mistakenly sign in to a specific ID, which is not incorporated with family sharing.  

In that case, the only solution would be to sign out of the other ID and switch to the one you used for the family-sharing feature. 

Purchase Sharing Off

If the Purchase sharing of your family members is disabled for some reason, information on them may not be available. Also,  if you have mistakenly disabled your one, the problem will be visible. 

Therefore, you or your family must navigate the settings to enable purchase sharing. 

How to fix family information is not available on your iPhone?

The issue with family information not being available on your iPhone is not that hard to address. You can adopt a few methods to address the issue immediately. All those relevant methods are listed below:

Restart iPhone 

Restarting your iPhone is the primary fix for any issue. In the case of no family information available on the iPhone, it can be the most basic fix. The steps you need to follow for this are-

Step 1: Press the side and volume down buttons

Firstly, you’ll need to press the volume down and side buttons together.

Step 2: Swipe the slider

After pressing the buttons, a slider will appear. Swipe it to the right to shut your iPhone.

Step 3: Hold Side Button

After turning off the phone, hold the side button for a few seconds and let it go when the Apple logo appears on the screen. The phone will automatically restart.

Enable Sharing Location

Another way to solve this problem is to enable the Share my location on your iCloud settings.

Step 1: Locate Settings App

From your iPhone menu, locate the settings icon, and tap on it.

Step 2: Tap on your name

The next step would be to tap on your name at the top of your settings menu.

Step 3: Tap on Family Sharing

You’ll be navigated to your Apple ID menu from their tap on Family Sharing.

Step 4: Enable Location Sharing

The last step would be to turn on the location sharing that you’ll find down below.


Most iPhone users with similar issues have a lot of confusion to be cleared. Some common queries are listed below:

Why is my iCloud storage not shared with my family?

The problem mainly originates from the outdated ios version, which comes with bugs and glitches. Such glitches might lead to not sharing storage space with family until you update the OS version.

Can family sharing see text messages?

Family sharing enables sharing of iCloud storage, purchases, photo albums, and subscriptions. It doesn’t let the family members access private information like texts, contacts, photos, etc.

How many organizers can be there for family sharing?

There can only be one organizer per Apple ID. The organizer would share the invitations with the other family members, where the maximum number of invitations can be five.


Sharing music, movie streaming, news, or iCloud storage subscriptions is possible through family sharing. Each member can purchase or subscribe through this feature, and all the others can enjoy plans.

But for that, all the time you need to do is keep track of things, and when information not being available will halt the process. In this regard, all you can do is take proper measures immediately after you face the problem.

The fixes for this issue aren’t daunting. It’s as simple as it can get, and you can pull them off within a few minutes. Moreover, there is nothing to panic about as the issue isn’t glaring and hard to fix.

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