Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Zooming In?- 7 Ways To Fix It!

Does your Apple watch keep zooming in without your permission? Well, it might cause a headache when you want to navigate the apps. Sadly, this issue is not that rare and happens with most users. But do you ever wonder why my apple watch keeps zooming in?

The Apple Watch can get stuck in the zoom-in position if you have activated the accessibility shortcut. The right way to fix it is by double-tapping on the screen. But that’s a temporary fix. Try to toggle off the zoom button to disable the feature.

Fixing the zoom-in issue is easier than you thought. We have included the detailed instructions below. All you have to do is apply each trick one by one.

So, here we go!

Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Zooming in?

The zoom-in feature is a great convenience for visually impaired users. It makes navigating the watch screen without having to squint your eyes frequently. 

Moreover, it takes a few seconds to turn on or off the zoom feature. That’s great if you are in a rush. But the problem arises when you can’t control it. Many people get stuck in a zoomed screen.

But why does it happen? Well, there’s simply no fixed cause. It can be a bad watch screen that fails to translate your touch into a command. 

Or, you might have included the zoom-in feature in the accessibility shortcut category. As a result, you zoom in on the screen while trying to scroll the apps.

How To Zoom Out Your Apple Watch Screen? 

Even though the causes are not quite particular, the solutions are easy. In fact, you can perform most of the methods we mention here within 5 minutes. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Double-Tap On The Screen

The easiest and most effective method is the double-tap. Apple watches zoom in or out when you double-tap on the screen using two fingers. Yeah, the catch here is to use two fingers. It’s the same as the iPhone, where you use three fingers to double-tap on the screen.

Double-tapping on the screen works for both zooming in and zooming out. If you want to read something on the watch and the letters seem tiny, double-tap on the screen to enable the zoom feature.

Note: The double-tap would work if you have included the zoom into accessibility shortcut. 

2. Press The Digital Crown Button

Your Apple watch comes with a digital crown button. You can turn it anti-clockwise to zoom out from the screen. If this trick doesn’t work, try to press the button thrice. 

Remember, this method works if you have included the zoom feature inside the accessibility shortcut. What it does is, allow you to control a feature quickly. It’s really helpful as you don’t need to access the zoom button from the manual setting. 

3. Disable The Zoom-in Option (iPhone)

To disable the zoom feature, you don’t always need the watch. Since the watch is stuck in the “zoom-in” mode, it must be difficult to navigate the settings. In that case, try to use your iPhone instead.

  • First, go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and enter “my watch.”
  • Select “general.”
  • Now, click on “accessibility.”

  • Tap on “zoom.”
  • Here, you can see the button labeled “zoom.” If it’s green, just toggle it to disable the option.

As you can see, just below the “zoom” button, there’s a scale. Instead of turning it off, you can adjust the zoom effect. Just move your finger across the scale to adjust the screen.

4. Disable The Zoom-in Option (Apple Watch)

The third method is also applicable to the Apple Watch. If you don’t have the iPhone with you, try to disable the zoom option from your watch. Here’s the process.

  • Enter the settings app
  • Tap on “general” > “accessibility.”
  • Toggle the zoom button and make it turn gray.

It was the manual way to disable the zoom feature. 

5. Remove The Accessibility Short-Cut

In the first two solutions, we have mentioned the accessibility shortcut and what it does. There is a chance that you have added “zoom” into the accessibility shortcut unknowingly. So, let’s check.

  • Open the settings in your Apple Watch > go to “general” > and “Accessibility.” It’s the same as before.
  • Navigate the screen for the “accessibility shortcut option.” 
  • Tap on it and see whether “zoom” has a green tick beside it or not. If yes, that means zoom is running on an accessibility shortcut.
  • Just tap on the green tick to erase it. 

6. Restart

Like most other Apple Watch issues, the zoom-in problem might disappear after a fresh restart. Restarting is the most effective way to get rid of software and technical glitches. The method is quite simple.

  • Press the side button and digital crown button at the same time. Hold your fingers for at least 10 seconds.
  • After that, an apple logo will appear on the screen. It indicates that the Apple watch has successfully restarted.

Any problem you had with the screen should have been erased by now.

7. Change The Screen Protector

Lastly, try to replace the Apple Watch screen protector if none of the methods work. Because a bad screen might mistranslate your command, and it’s not the software’s fault. So, you will keep having these issues no matter what.

The best solution would be to get a new screen protector from the Apple repair shop. It’s the only method on our list that will cost you money.


Now, you have a bunch of solutions to apply on your Apple watch. But before we wrap up, let’s check the outcome of the most asked questions regarding this feature on the Apple Watch.

How To Zoom-in Apple Watch Screen?

Tapping twice is the right way to zoom in on your Apple Watch screen. But you must use two fingers for that. Or, you can enter the “accessibility” menu and adjust the zoom scale according to your preference. 

How Do I Get My Apple Watch Back In Normal Size?

There are several methods to do this. First of all, try to double-tap on the screen. If it doesn’t work, you haven’t included zoom as an accessibility shortcut. So, you have to go manual. Enter the settings> find accessibility> toggle the zoom button “left” and disable it.

Why Is My Apple Watch Acting Up?

If your Apple Watch is stuck in a zoom-in situation, it can be a software glitch. And the most reliable trick to fix this issue is restarting the device. For that, press and hold the side button and digital crown button. 

Remove your hold after 10 seconds. Wait for the apple logo to appear and check whether the issue is still there or not. If the problem doesn’t go away, ask for professional help.


Apple watches are your ultimate substitutes for mobile phones. The features and customization are impeccable. But the issue is the screen is too small to read a text clearly without hurting the eyes. In that case, you can use the zoom-in feature to enlarge the fonts.

However, using the zoom-in feature might not be as smooth as you expected. The device might get stuck in a specific zoom level. That’s why we have tried to explain every solution available to you. 

So, the next time you’re in a hurry, it will take a few seconds to get the screen back to normal.

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