Magic Keyboard Not Charging: Every Reason And Solution

Apple’s magic keyboard is an awesome way to upgrade your experience. But, many users often face magic keyboard not charging issue. While some of the reasons for this problem can be silly, others can be concerning as well. 

Some common reasons that we found behind the not charging issue is connection problems, dirty charging port, software issues, and even power source issues. Sometimes, if the device has been used for a long, you may face a non charging issue as well. 

Whatever the reason is, today, we look forward to sharing it all with you from our experience. Let’s go ahead and know all about it! 

Why Is The Magic Keyboard Not Charging? 

Apple has launched the magic keyboard to enhance user experience and comfort, but sometimes, it goes wrong and the not charging issue occurs. Here are a few reasons why your magic keyboard may not charge: 

  • Connection problems 
  • Faulty lighting cable 
  • Dirty charging port 
  • Mac’s system error 
  • Outdated software 

What To Do If The Magic Keyboard Is Not Working?

Now that you know about the possible reasons behind your Magic Keyboard not working, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Let’s know what you can do to solve this: 

Check The Connections

First, you need to make sure your keyboard is properly connected to the power source. Then, if you are using a Bluetooth connection, you need to check whether it’s properly paired or not. 

Sometimes, if your device’s Bluetooth is turned off, this problem may occur. So, make sure that you have turned on the Bluetooth. If you notice anything wrong, unpair and again pair the keyboard with your device. 

However, if your device is connected using a USB device, you need to remove and re-enter it. This way, most users have solved their not charging issue with the magic keyboard. If you can’t connect your keyboard in the first place, restarting your Mac or iPad may help to regain the connection. 

Check The Cable

While you are using a lighting cable to charge your keyboard, any issues in there may cause the not charging problem. 

Besides, if your cable is old and worn out, it might fail to deliver the power properly, resulting in a failure to charge the keyboard. 

So, you need to change the cable if you think that it’s damaged. Also, first, try unplugging it and plugging it again to see whether it works or not. 

Clean The Charging Port

Even for your iPhone, if the port has dirt or debris, it may fail to charge. It is the same for your magic keyboard as well. Try looking into the port to notice whether there is any dirt accumulation or not. 

If you notice any dirt, you need to carefully clean the port using a soft piece of microfiber cloth. Or you can also use a soft-bristled brush to clean the area.  

For system Error Restart Your Mac And Keyboard

Sometimes, system failures in your Mac may prevent your magic keyboard from charging. Another error occurs when the keyboard itself fails to charge from the device. 

So, the best thing to do is to restart both your Mac and keyboard and try charging again. 

Restraining your Mac can also help if your keyboard is not charging due to outdated software. 

However, for further inspection, you can try for software updates after restarting the Mac so you are sure to check every box. 

How To Tell If Magic Keyboard Is Charging?

Unfortunately, your Mac won’t show a lightning sign beside the keyboard’s battery percentage like any other device to let you know that it’s charging. 

So, if you are unsure whether your keyboard is charging or not, you need to check it manually. 

First, you need to notice the Bluetooth icon on your Mac. You will see that the icon shows your connected keyboard and its battery percentage. 

Once you plug in the USB cable to charge your magic keyboard, you can notice it charging by looking at the battery percentage increment. 

For example, if your keyboard’s battery percentage was at 34% when you plugged it in, you can say that it’s charging when you notice that the percentage is going up. 


Hopefully you get the answer why your magic keyboard is not charging. Here are some frequently asked questions relevant to the discussion that you might want to know.

How long does Magic Keyboard battery last?

If you charge your magic keyboard once fully, it should last for at least about one month. However, it may vary upon your usage. 

Should I turn off Magic Keyboard while charging?

You can keep on using your magic keyboard while charging. It’s not essential to turn it off while charging as it won’t make a big difference. 

How long is Magic Keyboard battery life?

The battery of a magic keyboard can go up to one month with one full charge. However, if your battery has been quite old, it may fail to last that long. 

Is it OK to leave Magic Keyboard plugged in?

Yes, you can leave it plugged in while charging, but you need to remove it once it is fully charged. As the keyboard is wireless, you don’t need to keep it plugged in to use it. 

Final words

The magic keyboard not charging issue can occur every now and then, but now you know that there’s nothing to worry about. 

If you think that the problem is not going away, you can contact Apple’s support and ask for a replacement if you have the warranty.

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