Why Are My Marketplace Messages Not Showing Up In Messenger?

When you are optimistic about selling your gadget or anything else on Facebook Marketplace, not getting the messages promptly can be irritating. No need to go crazy. 

We found that sometimes software issues, and Messenger bugs can cause this. But in some cases, people’s marketplace messages go straight to the archive, and they fail to find them instantly. Finding out the root cause is the key to solving the problem.

So, keep reading to find out the details of the solution!

Why Are My Marketplace Messages Not Showing Up In Messenger?

Marketplace messages don’t show up in Messenger, which means your entire attempt to sell/buy something is going in vain. But luckily, the reasons behind this problem are not that serious. Here are some of the common reasons that we found: 

Bad WiFi Or Network Connection

You might have an unstable network connection that prevents Messenger messages from loading or shows a “waiting for Network” message. If you are using mobile data, in some areas, the network can be poor. Sometimes, a slow WiFi network could be the reason. 

Outdated App

Marketplace messaging is kind of a new addition to your Messenger app. So, if you have an older version of Messenger, that may be why you are not getting the messages. An older version may have bugs that prevent messages from showing up.

Application Bugs 

Software bugs may also cause this issue. In this case, you might even face issues like getting some messages and losing others. It can happen due to both Facebook and Messenger bugs. 

App Cache

If you haven’t cleared the cache data from your Messenger for a long time, it may cause the app to act abnormally and not show the messages. Sometimes it can even mess up your regular Messenger texts. 

Turned Off Notification Settings

Many people turn off the notification for the Messenger app unintentionally. In that case, even if you have any messages, you won’t get them until you fix it.

Archived Conversations

There is an option in Messenger to archive certain conversations when the job is done. So, if you are not getting your Marketplace messages in your Messenger, you might have accidentally archived them. 

How To Fix Marketplace Messages Not Showing Up In Messenger?

So now that you know the possible reasons why your Marketplace is not showing messages in Messenger, it will be easier to get to the core of the problem and solve it. Here are a few fixes that might help you:

Restart Your Router, Or Get a Better Network Connection

As an unstable network can cause this issue, the first thing to do is check whether or not you are in a good WiFi range. If your WiFi signal seems poor, try restarting the router. In the case of mobile data, go to an area where the network is strong. 

Update Messenger And Facebook App

If you don’t already have the later Messenger and Facebook apps, you need to update them both if you want to get the Marketplace messages. Therefore, some may even be able to use the option after only updating Messenger. 

However, it’s better to update both apps to get rid of any inconvenience. Updating the app will get rid of any bugs or glitches if they are responsible for this issue. After that, you can use your Messenger to get Marketplace messages easily.

Reinstall The App

Sometimes, updating the app doesn’t fix the issue. If you are facing this, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app. By doing so, you don’t have to manually update the app, as the installed app is already in the latest version. 

Clear App Cache

Oftentimes, memory issues interfere with your Messenger apps’ functionality. Thus, you can try clearing the stored cache data to fix this. Clearing the cache will also fix bugs and lag issues in Messenger. 

To clear your Messenger cache, you need to go to “Settings,” and then “Apps.” In Apps, search for “Messenger” in your list of apps, and click on it. Then, tap the “Clear Cache” button. The bad news is, this is only applicable for Android users, not iOS users. 

Enable Notification Settings

If you have turned off your Messenger notification, you need to turn it on in the device settings. This way, you will get notifications in the notification bar whenever you receive Marketplace messages. 

Move Conversations From Archives 

Now, if you notice that you have accidentally archived the Marketplace conversations, you need to move that conversation from the archived area. 

To do so, go to the archived chats of your Messenger, find the particular Marketplace conversation that you are searching for, and then press on it for 2 seconds. When the options pop up, select “Unarchive.”

How Do I Enable Marketplace Messages On Messenger?

Marketplace messages automatically show up in Messenger’s Marketplace section if you have an updated app. However, in some cases, you might have turned the notifications off. If so, do the following to turn on your Marketplace notifications:

  1. Enter Facebook. 
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Go to Settings and Privacy.
  4. Now click Settings.
  5. Click Notifications.
  6. Now go to the Marketplace.

From here, you can turn on the notifications for Marketplace messages on your Messenger. 

Where Can I Find Marketplace Messages In Messenger?

You can find Marketplace messages in your Messenger Marketplace option. If you are using Android or iPhone, go to Messenger and click on the top left menu bar. The second option is for Marketplace messages. 

Where Can I Find Archived Marketplace Messages In Messenger?

If you archive any Marketplace messages in Messenger, that too goes to the general Messenger archives. To find the archive section, do the following:

  • Go to Messenger
  • Click on the top left menu bar. 
  • The third option is for the archives, where you can find your archived Marketplace messages.
  • Unarchive the conversation that you want.

Final Words

So, no need to go crazy over why your Marketplace messages were not showing up in Messenger, we have found that the solutions to get rid of this are quite easy to follow.

If you are facing the same issue, try out the given tips, and hopefully you will solve it too.

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