iPhone Cannot Send Audio Messages At This Time? Quick Fixes

The inclusion of an audio messaging feature in the default iMessage app is one of the biggest updates from Apple. But the update didn’t come without problems. A common one is ‘cannot send audio messages at this time’ error message. 

It might appear for multiple reasons, like an outdated iMessage app, or a system error. Fortunately, the solutions to the issue are not difficult to follow. You may have to reset or relaunch the iMessage app, disable the sound recognition feature, or update your iOS to fix the issue. 

Keep reading to get the details of these fixes and explore more on the topic! 

Reasons Why iPhone Says ‘Cannot Send Audio Messages At This Time’

iPhone users are enjoying the default voice message feature thanks to the new iOS 16. It opened new doors for more inventive use of the iPhone. 

But many users complained about frequently getting the ‘cannot send audio messages’ at this time error message.

The fact that the audio messaging feature is fairly new is another reason it’s taking a bit of time for it to settle down. Following are some common reasons why you may be getting the error text – 

  • Bad network connection 
  • The iMessage feature is not working
  • Disabled iMessage service on the receiver’s end
  • Outdated iMessage app
  • System error 
  • Enabled sound recognition feature 

How To Fix ‘Cannot Send Audio Messages At This Time’ Error Message On iPhone 

It must be frustrating when you keep seeing the same ‘cannot send audio messages at this time’ error message on your iPhone. 

But trust us; you are not alone. Many other users are complaining about the same issue. In most cases, the solution is pretty simple. Let’s check out the options. 

1. Check your network connection

You need a strong network connection to perfectly execute several tasks using your iPhone. Moving on to the iMessage feature, it works when your phone is connected to a stable network, either cellular or WiFi. 

The first thing you should do when you keep receiving the error message is to check your network connection. 

If the connection is poor, switch to a stronger one and try using the service again. Sometimes, enabling and disabling the airplane mode feature helps too! 

2. Stop and re-enable iMessage service on your iPhone

If your iMessage service is not functioning properly, it can cause an error message to appear when you try to use the audio messaging option. You can solve this by simply turning the service off and on again. 

Go to the settings and tap on the message option. From there, go to the iMessage button and turn it off. Wait for a few minutes, and then turn it on again.  

This step will also help you check if the iMessage option has accidentally been disabled. If that’s the case, enabling it will solve the issue.

3. Relaunch the iMessage app on your iPhone

When we get stuck using something on a device, a common practice is to opt for a restart. The same thing can help deal with the bugs in an iPhone. 

In this case, you can relaunch the iMessage app to see if that takes care of the problem. 

To do that, you have to check the app running in the background and remove the iMessage app from the window. You can relaunch the app and check if the issue is gone. 

4. Ensure the recipient’s availability

iMessage feature is for iOS users only. So if the person you are trying to send the audio message to does not use an iPhone or have the iMessage feature enabled on his/her phone, you can’t send it. 

So before you panic over getting the error message over and over again, ensure the recipient’s availability first. 

5. Disable sound recognition feature

Sometimes, an active sound recognition feature interferes with the iMessage service, resulting in the ‘Cannot Send Audio Messages At This Time’ Error message. 

You can try turning it off to see if that makes the problem go away. Just head to the settings and then the accessibility button. 

From there, select the sound recognition feature and turn it off. Then check the feature and disable it to see if that solves the issue for you. 

6. Check for iOS update

You may think that the error message has nothing to do with an update. But in reality, it can be an outdated iMessage service that causes several features to malfunction.

If you see the ‘Cannot send audio messages at this time’ error message repeatedly, check if there is any update available for iOS 16. For this, go to the Apple Store, select the iMessage option, and check for updates. 

If you find an update available, click on it, and your iMessage will be upgraded to the latest version. See if that solves the problem. Make sure to check for iOS updates from time to time to avoid getting into such problems going forward. 

7. Restart your iPhone

Sometimes, a step as simple as restarting your iPhone can solve the issue. It helps when the problem appears due to a bug or glitch in the system. 

Restarting the phone gets rid of the bug, and the apps get a fresh start. It can help you get rid of the ‘cannot send audio messages at this time’ error message.


So now that you know how you can get rid of the ‘cannot send audio messages at this time’ error message on your iPhone, let’s check out some common queries about the topic. 

How do you enable audio messages on your iPhone?

To enable audio messages, first, make sure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 16 and that the iMessage feature is enabled. Then you need to open the iMessage app, open up a message, and find the audio icon. You can record your audio message by holding the microphone.

How to find out if a bad network is causing the error message on your iPhone?

You can check if the network connection is working on your iPhone by using other apps. If you have a strong network connection and you still get the error message, the problem may not be related to the network. 

Is it necessary to clear messages on your iPhone?

It is not mandatory, but clearing messages on your iPhone can help improve the functionality of the device. With time, messages pile up and can take up a lot of your storage space. Clearing the messages from time to time can help you avoid any glitches within the iMessage app. 

Final Words

It is normal to stress over getting the same error message again and again. Luckily, you can work things out with your iPhone showing ‘cannot send audio messages at this time’ message. 

If you still can’t solve the issue after trying everything, consider reaching out to Apple customer support for the best advice.

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