How To Turn Off Apple Watch Keyboard Notification – Explained

In the latest versions of Apple Watches, like Apple Watch 7, 8, or Ultra, that use watchOS 8, there is a full-sized on screen keyboard option available. With this keyboard, you can type or edit text, emails, or messages.

While accessing the keyboard, you’ll get a notification on your phone. This indicates that you can access the keyboard directly from your phone. You can turn this notification off by navigating to the Settings and disabling the Notification option.

Anyways, let’s explore how to use the feature effectively and how the notification coming from it can be turned off when necessary.

What is Apple Watch Keyboard Input Notification?

Simply put, when you type or turn the keyboard On, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. Then you can operate the keyboard from your phone.

However, sometimes, even if you don’t open the keyboard on your watch, you may still get notifications on your phone. 

This may occur due to a software issue, which requires you to contact the authority to get authorized servicing. 

The Function Of Keyboard On Apple Watch

Among the plethora of advanced features of the Apple Watch, the keyboard is one of the most useful ones. 

You can type text and even send replies to messages straight from your watch. On the latest watchOS 8, they offer a full size on screen QWERTY keypad.

But still, there are many users who prefer an external keyboard to what appears on the small watch screen. And of course, Apple never fails to meet its customers’ needs. 

That’s why they allow you to connect your iPhone’s keyboard to the watch and type from the phone, which will be reflected on your watch.

With this option available, you can do so many things with your watch’s keyboard functionalities, including, 

  • Typing and texting if your watch is connected to WiFi or cellular network, even if you don’t have your iPhone nearby. 
  • Searching and accessing contact lists and taking actions on them from your watch.
  • Sending iMessage and accessing Siri, etc.
  • Typing, editing, and sending mails in multiple languages, etc.

How To Turn Off Apple Watch Keyboard Notification?

If you don’t want to get notifications from the Watch Keyboard on your iPhone, you can easily turn it off from the phone. To do so, just follow these steps.

  • First, go to the Settings on your iPhone. 
  • Then scroll down to the Notification option and tap to open it.
  • There, you’ll see several apps that are allowed to send notifications on your phone. Among them, look for the option named “Apple Watch Keyboard”.
  • Tap the option, and there you’ll notice the “Allow Notification” feature. Tap the switch beside the option to turn it Gray.

And you’re Done! There will be no further notifications coming from the Watch related to the Watch keyboard. However, this doesn’t block all other notifications from other running apps, but only the keyboard. So, you need not worry about this.

How Do I Change My Apple Watch Keyboard To Scribble?

On your Apple Watch, you can switch between typing and scribbling very easily. This function is super effective when you’re on the go or don’t have enough time to type properly. 

You can literally just swipe your finger over the screen and try to write the word roughly. The smart processing power of the watch will automatically detect and type the whole word in text.

Anyway, to switch to scribble mode from typing on your watch, you must be inside some writing function or the keyboard must be running. Then you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your watch screen.
  • You’ll see the multiple options available there, including Emoji, scribble, and Dictate. Tap on the Scribble option.
  • To use predictive text, you can tap on any word and use the digital crowns to see suggested words. Then tap the word that matches your expectations. 
  • For editing with scribble option on, use the digital crown to move the cursor and then make edits.

You can also change the settings on your phone. To do so, you have to keep the connection between the iPhone and the watch, and the phone must be nearby. 

Then you’ll get a notification about giving input from your iOS keyboard. Then you can turn on the scribble mode on your phone and access it from there.

How Do I Turn On My Apple Watch Keyboard?

The keyboard option is available on the Apple Watch 7 series and all later versions. So, if you’re using any of those, you can use the keyboard by completing the following simple steps.

  • First, you’ve got to open the message option on your Apple Watch. You can do it by tapping on the icon or asking Siri to open the app.
  • Then, after accessing the message, tap on any existing message or create a new message.
  • If you’re creating a new message, you’ll have to tap once again on the “Create new” option to access the keyboard. 
  • When you create a new message, the keyboard will automatically appear.
  • If not, you can see a keyboard icon at the bottom of your watch screen. Tap on it to pop-up the keyboard. 

Anyway, this method will work for watches that run on watchOS 8 or later. If you’re using an old version of the Apple Watch, then you may have to download a third party keyboard and install it on your watch.

Among many available options, FlickType is a widely popular keyboard for Apple Watch. 


Hopefully, you did get answers to many of your questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that can be useful to explore the Watch more.

What is the best keyboard for the Apple Watch?

Among too many options, FlickType is one of the best keyboards for Apple Watch. The swipe typing feature of this keyboard is really fast and optimized. Moreover, it has some basic functions that are free to use.

What is Apple Scribble?

Scribble is a function of Apple products, including the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, that can turn your handwriting or drawing into the desired text or shape. Apple has developed it in such a way that it provides pixel perfect results.

How much does a FlickType cost?

FlickType is free for the first 7 days of the trial. Then you’ll have to pay $0.99/month or $11.99/year. However, after you download the app, you can only use some basic features without any cost until you upgrade to premium.

Final words

So, that’s how you can turn off the keyboard notification from your Apple Watch. You can access the On/Off settings from both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Just make sure, both of them are connected.

However, the keyboard function is only available on watchOS 8 or laters. So, if you’re using any third party Keyboard, you may need to modify the app setting to block the notifications.

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