Sharing Airtag Location with Family: Is It Possible?

Sharing Airtag location with family is not possible with multiple Apple IDs due to privacy. But the recent updates of iOS 17 allow users to share their Airtag location with their families or several persons at once. 

Now you may ask, “How to share the location with family if we do not have an updated iOS?” Well, that is what we will also discuss right here by showing some alternatives to share location with others. So stay tuned!

Can You Sharing Airtag Location with Family?


At a time, Airtag is able to deal with a single Apple ID only. As a result, you cannot share its location with family or multiple members at the same time! 

Basically, privacy is responsible for the reason as Apple is prone to maintain the highest security possible by keeping everything personal.

Why Can’t You Share Airtag Location with Family and Others?

Apple has made the Airtag device in such a way that it can be used by one person at a time through a single Apple ID. 

Due to the limitation, nobody can track your personal registered ID in terms of detecting the actual location. 

As a result, only the Airtag’s owner is allowed to track, even after sharing items with others or family members. 

Although Apple has not shared the core reason yet in their official statements, we guess it is a matter of extra security!

Is There Any Way to Track Airtag Location by Family?

Thinking of added safety, protection, and user demands, Apple has come up with an advanced Airtag feature, allowing users to share its location with families! 

And that is only possible with the updated iOS 17, which lets you share the location with a maximum of 5 persons. 

To do so, all you need is to get into the Find My App>Airtag>Share This Airtag>Add Person. 

And this way, you are allowed to choose a couple of family members or other persons in terms of sharing the exact location. 

Consequently, your family or relatives can keep on tracking the location in case your device goes lost. 

What Are the Different Ways to Share Location with Family?

No need to worry if you are failing to share the location with your family! If you do not have the updated version of iOS, there are still some handy ways to help you share your location. All you need is to go through them separately: 

Method-1: Using Google Maps  


Google lets you track the travel and preferred location on its map. And that is what you can share with your family while required. So if you are an Android user, consider following the given steps to share location: 

  • First, get into the Google map option. 
  • Click on the icon named “User,” which stands in the left corner. 
  • Now, press the location sharing to get to the next screen. Here, you can find an option named “Share Location.” Click on that. 
  • Here, choose the desired contacts that you are wishing to share. Finally, the location will be shared through the confirmation of a link. 

Method-2: Using “Find My


Hands down, this feature is considered a savior for Apple users to share locations with their families. 

Users can smoothly choose their desired family members using iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, including updated versions to share locations. Let you teach you how to do so –

  • From the setting menu, click on the “Privacy” option. 
  • There is a toggle named “location services.” Click here to turn it on. 
  • Choose the “right” option by pulling up the “Find My” app. Feel free to open it on the home screen of your iOS device. 
  • Locate the tab named “people” that stands on the left. Then, click on “Start sharing location.”
  • Here, you are allowed to select persons based on your own wish from the contacts to share the location. To wrap up, select the duration based on your personal necessity. 

Method-3: Using WhatsApp 


No matter whether you are an Android or iOS user, sharing location is not a bummer anymore via WhatsApp! Here, we disclosed the easiest steps for Apple users to share their location with their families:

  • First, turn the conversation on with the one who is going to get your location. 
  • At the top of the window, locate the “+” icon, and click on that. 
  • Once you get the list, choose the “location” option right away. This way, your present location will appear. 
  • To let your family member get the location, click on the share live location option. Alternatively, choose the share my location option in terms of sharing your current location’s static map. 
  • Once the recipient has got the location notification that you have shared, he will be successfully able to view the current location. 

Method-4: Using Third-Party Apps

Among some of the top-notch apps to share location with others, Family Orbit takes a spot for being an effective location-tracking platform. By using it, users can get a complete list of real-time location history in no time!

Besides that, there is an option to set specific alerts, letting you know when any of your selected family members have arrived at the location. Family Orbit is also efficient for viewing locations, website history, and locating contacts. 

Another effective app to share the location with friends and families is EaseUS, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It assists users in sharing the real-time location and tracking someone with the maximum privacy possible! 

Last but not least, EaseUS allows you to make your own family circle to ensure precise tracking. So both of these third-party apps can be your better alternative to Airtag to share location with families. 


As it is a matter of security to share location with others, you still might be looking for more information. Let us answer a few queries often asked by Airtag users on different forum platforms: 

Can you share the Airtag location with the family using an Android device?

Basically, Airtags are friendly with iOS and mostly Apple devices. So, you cannot use your Android device to share Airtag’s location with others. Rather, take assistance from google maps to share location with family using Android.  

Is it worth spending on Airtag to share the location with family?

Yes. In fact, Airtag has been an affordable option these days among iOS users. Moreover, its updated 17 iOS gives you a chance to share the location with multiple family members, which makes it worth buying! 

How far can users be allowed to detect the Airtag location?

Users basically require to maintain a Bluetooth range, which means they need to stay within 30 feet to detect Airtag’s location precisely. In case that is not within the required range, consider seeing its last location via Find My network. 


Based on current requirements, some users find it safer to share their Airtag location with families, especially to track in case of robbery! 

That’s why the updated iOS of 17 features an option to share locations with multiple persons. 

But no worries, even if you do not have the updated iOS, as sharing Google map locations or using third-party Apple can be your savior!

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