How Does Apple Vision Pro Work With the Mac? [Learn To Operate]

Vision Pro is Apple’s first spatial computing headset that has been introduced at WWDC23. With its first impression, it has proved that it’s something that people have never seen before. So, there’re many questions arising in people’s minds related to its features, functions, price and also how the Apple Vision Pro works the Mac. 

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t clarified about how it will work but explained how it can be connected with the Mac as it is compatible with Mac. Connecting an Apple Vision Pro with a Mac computer is as simple as wearing the headset and looking at the computer screen. 

However, this mixed reality headset also has some amazing features that anyone will love to explore. So, let’s get into the depth of this article and learn more. 

Overview of the Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro is Apple’s first mixed reality headset introducing the era of spatial computing. It integrates digital content into the physical world. Thus, it offers an immersive augmented reality experience. 

But the device doesn’t need any controller. You can simply operate it entirely with your voice, hands, and eyes. It contains a bunch of cameras and sensors inside. 

Vision Pro is actually a stand alone computer that comes with an M2 chip, its own Wi-Fi connection, a micro-OLED 4K display for each eye and a new R1 chip. The device also contains a set of speakers right above each ear for the best hearing experience. 

But there’s also a significant downside of Vision Pro is that it has only two hours of battery life. It won’t be helpful if you want to watch a movie with this headset, since most movies run for more than two-hours. 

Good Sides

  • Sleek and advanced design
  • Great mixed reality experience
  • High-quality display
  • 3D camera 
  • Spatial audio system 


  • High cost 
  • Limited battery life

Does an Apple Vision Pro Work With Your Mac?

Yes, it does. An Apple Vision Pro has the ability to work along with the Mac that has the compatible operating system. Apple has been renowned for making versatile devices. Their super latest “Apple Vision Pro” is also not an exception. 

It’s an interoperable device that can be paired with any other Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. 

You can also connect more than one Apple device with the Vision Pro. This combination will create advanced usage for augmented reality (AR). 

How Does Apple Vision Pro Work With the MacBook?

Apple evokes that Vision Pro is featured with Mac Virtual Display that allows it to work with the MacBook wirelessly. But there’s nothing complicated to set up.  

All it requires is just wear the headset and look at your Mac display. According to Apple, it will work as a “private, portable 4k display” when connected with your Mac computer. 

It happens as the headset uses macOS operating system that enables advanced computer vision capabilities on iOS devices including MacBook. Vision Pro supports machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand visual content in real time. 

While working with a Mac, Apple Vision Pro leverages a plenty of functions such as object recognition, text recognition, image alignment and face detection. So, when someone utilities a Vision Pro on a Mac, it enhances the visual capabilities and enables a wide range of applications. 

But since Apple has not officially launched this incredible invention, it’s not possible to know more about its functions while working with a Mac display. So, let’s wait and see. 

What can you do with an Apple Vision Pro that is connected with mac?

There are many good things you can enjoy while using an Apple Vision Pro that is connected with your Mac. Here we’ve listed some of the most significant opportunities one can get when the Vision Pro is connected with a Mac computer. 

  • With that connection, you can place your Mac computer display anywhere in your private space. 
  • You will be able to see all your Mac apps individually alongside the Vision Pro’s in-built applications and have separate windows for them. 
  • In addition, it lets you arrange the apps whatever way suits your work best. 
  • With the VisionOS operating system, you can also connect the additional Mac accessories including the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad or Mouse for longer typing and any other input purposes. 
  • You can save memories on your Mac computer via taking photos and videos with Spatial audio. 

What’s ‘Pro’ about the Apple Vision Pro? 

Apple, with their first meeting of unveiling Vision Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California has proved that it is not like the regular head-mounted devices. Vision Pro has something unique and special that makes it “Pro” in the world of HMDs. 

The first and foremost thing that attracts IT enthusiasts is there’s no need of using controllers to control the machine. The user can control it through gestures and voice. 

Let’s explore some of the most “Pro” functionalists of Apple Vision Pro XR headset: 

Infinite Canvas 

With Apple Vision Pro, you will get infinite space to arrange the apps as you like it. It also allows you to scale the apps to any size that suits your job. 

Also, you can transform the environment of your office room. With Digital Crown, replace the ceiling with an open sky, expand the surroundings with beautiful landscapes or sea beach. 

Thus, you can make your workspace a world of your dreams while everything around you will remain the same. 

Immersive Entertainment 

According to Apple, you will be able to transform your room into your private theater with a Vision Pro headset. You can expand the virtual display into the perfect size. 

The display comes with a micro-OLED screen with 23 million pixels, which is more than a 4K TV display. It allows you to enjoy different contents with the best experience you ever have had. 

3D Meeting Opportunity 

3D meeting opportunity is another great quality of Apple Vision Pro headsets. You will be able to enjoy the augmented reality version of FaceTime meetings through the Vision Pro. 

The infinite space opportunity will allow you to place your meeting participants in the expanded area of your workspace. Also, each participant of your meeting will appear in the separate windows so you can easily access and control them. 

In addition, you can create and use virtual avatars of the members in your meeting. It is useful for getting a more realistic version of that virtual meeting. 

3D Photos and Videos 

Apple Vision Pro headset has an array of 12 3D cameras. This feature allows users to capture 3D photos and videos of any content with Spatial audio. 

Spatial Computing 

Application Pro is the first spatial audio system supported headset. There are two air pods, mounted close to the ears, to provide better Spatial audio, while you’re aware of your surroundings. 

Interact People directly 

This is one of the most special features of Vision Pro headsets that nobody has seen before. Apple Vision Pro is the first AR/VR headset that has an exceptional feature called EyeSight. 

It allows you to interact with people nearby and let them see your eyes while approaching you. 


Do you still have some queries in your mind? Well, then here are some frequently asked questions related to the Apple Vision Pro headset. 

How much does an Apple Vision Pro cost? 

Apple says that an Apple Vision Pro headset will start at $3,499. Though it is not clear yet about its more expensive versions, it can be guessed that the versions with more internal storage will be more costly. 

Is Apple Vision Pro available now? 

Not yet. According to Apple’s official notice, Vision Pro mixed reality headsets will be available from early 2024 on the US markets and But other countries may need to wait for a later date. 

Does Vision Pro come in different sizes? 

Yes. Apple Vision Pro comes in multiple sizes to fit different head shapes and sizes. The head band and straps come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can choose the perfect size for the best fitting. 

Can you wear the Apple Vision Pro with glasses? 

No. Apple doesn’t allow users to wear glasses with the Vision Pro. But if you use prescription lenses, there’s also a solution to this problem. Apple has been working with Zeiss to offer special optical lenses to match your vision prescription. You’ll have to buy these inserts separately if they’re needed. 


It is primarily known that Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headsets can work with Mac computers. But it is still unclarified if the headset is compatible with all Mac versions or not.

Since the Vision Pro supports M2 and R1 chips featuring Apple Silicon, hopefully it will be compatible with everything that supports these dual chips. 

However, we can’t say more about this device as it is not launched in the markets yet. Apple also has not explained its functions and the productivity has not been tested by general users. 

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