Is Apple Vision Harmful For Brain and Eyes? Secret Revealed

Based on our research, overexposure to Apple Vision can cause dried eyes, nausea, and other health issues. Luckily, its EyeSight features have the potential to make the Apple Vision comfortable for eyes and brain, only if you use it with constant breaks. 

Considering the negative impacts, it leads to the question of whether Apple Vision is harmful to the brain and eyes or not. Let us discuss the fact with the prevention guidelines to minimize these impacts. 

Is Apple Vision Harmful for Brain and Eyes or User–Friendly?

Apple has confirmed to include features in the Apple Vision set that make the user interface comfortable and safe for the human brain and eyes. 

Their VisionOS feature allows you to use your voice, hands, and eyes in terms of controlling the interface or the digital content. 

Indeed, you do not need to use your eyes only to select and change the menu. 

Rather, use your voice or hand gesture to browse through apps, menus, and contents. In this way, you can reduce the use of your eyes to minimize eye strain.

Also, as you will get to move your hands and use the voice, your body movement will be constant. And it limits the probability of motion sickness. 

Luckily, it serves an EyeSight feature that does not let the users feel disconnected from the physical world. This will make the VR screen transparent to see someone approaching the users. 

We believe this can work as a regular break from the device to keep the brain healthy and harm-free!  

Potential Risks the Apple Vision Can Have on Your Eyes

Excessive exposure to any digital device, including Apple Vision, can be detrimental to your eyes. And we found the following issues you are likely to experience –

Eye Strain

Eye strain is nothing but the fatigue of the eyes. Staring at a digital headset screen can normally cause pain and fatigue in the eyes. As a result, you will not be able to keep your eyes open for a longer period. 

Even if you do, your eyes may start burning. Sometimes, the eyes may seem reddish or teary due to the strain the screen light/brightness causes. 

Let us be precise that the issue is not limited to the eyes only. This can trigger headaches as well. 

Eyes Dryness

But using an Apple Vision headset for hours can disrupt that water flow, and thus, it causes eye dryness. While eyes constantly focus on the screen, they blink a lot less. 

This prevents the eye muscles from producing enough water or tears. Hence, there are not enough tears to moisturize every corner of the eyes. 

Dryness can result in itchy eyes. Users with such syndrome rub their eyes more than often due to the itchiness.

That is not all, it can lead to blurred vision as well. And as a response to the dryness, tears will roll down from eye corners multiple times a day. 

How Does Apple Vision Affect the Brain?

As much as the Apple Vision headset can provide users with thrilling experiences, its improper and frequent use have negative impacts on the brain! And it leads to psychological and physical issues, as we described below: 

Motion Sickness

In simple words, motion sickness refers to dizziness and fatigue. It mainly happens when the brain receives conflicting signals from different parts of the body. 

In general, users wearing Apple Vision will see immersive movements on the screen. Gradually, the VR (Virtual Reality) set will trick the brain to feel that the users are a part of those movements or screenplay. But the inner ears and body will not detect any motion around. Why?

Because of the mismatched cues or signals received by the ears and brain, the brain will trigger the body to feel dizzy and nauseous. It is a defence mechanism of the body to relax the brain. 

Psychological Issues

Spending excess hours on the VR set can develop psychological disorders. And if someone already suffers from anxiety or PTSD, the headset can worsen their situation. 

In order to illustrate, we have seen that users, especially introverts develop social anxiety due to virtual reality. 

The VR Vision Pro can make the brain feel the presence of something that is not present or happening in real life. 

And the brain gets used to these feelings. Thereby, it tricks the users to think that there are people around even if they are not using the VR. 

Even in complete isolation, their brain will feel that other people are judging them constantly. And they will feel they are being watched. 

They will find it difficult to differentiate between reality and virtuality. It forms social anxiety that prevents people from socializing as a constant fear of getting judged!

Also, if you have past trauma, watching violent and emotional screenplays on Apple Vision can trigger your traumatic experiences. 

And you will tend to be less attentive to your day-to-day tasks as the VR experiences stress the brain. 

How to Prevent The Health Risks of Using Apple Vision?

It is possible to make the Apple Vision experience all sunshine and rainbows if you use it in a limited manner. To prevent the health risks it poses, all you have to do is –

Limit Exposure

A rule of thumb is to take regular breaks while using Apple Vision. You should not wear it for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Otherwise, it can lead to eye syndrome and brain disorders.

After every 30 minutes, we’d prefer to rinse your eyes with water. And keep yourself engaged in other physical activities, especially in fresh air. Then, again you can continue your VR sessions. This way, it will not stress you often.

Make Proper Adjustments

Poorly-fitted VR sets increase the probability of health issues. So, always adjust the device according to your head size and shape.

Besides, you should avoid fitting it too tight or loose to your head. Or else the stiffness or constant displacement can make you dizzy. 

Ideal Lighting

We highly discourage you from using the headset in a room with too dark and intense light. If you stream the content in optimal lighting, it will prevent eye strain.

If you experience VR in dim light, it not only stresses your brain but also multiplies the risk of injuries. So, we’d recommend contacting the manufacturers to know more about the ideal lighting. 


We know that investing in Apple Vision is not only a matter of money but also your health. So, if you have any more health-related queries, consider exploring these answers below: 

Is it harmful to pregnant women to use Apple Vision?

Apple has not officially notified that their Apple Vision can be harmful to pregnant women. However, we prefer consulting your doctor before using it.  Because you never know which VR experience and usage frequency might trigger pregnancy sickness. 

Is it safe for people with ADHD to use Apple Vision?

It can help ADHD patients to build concentration and memory skills, especially if they control the set with their hands. And Apple Vision lets users use hand movements to control the device. So, it should be safe for them. 

Can you lose vision due to the eye strain caused by Apple Vision?

No, you will not lose vision from eye strain. But that does not mean you should stare at that Apple Vision screen non-stop! Because it will lead to blurry vision, which can be irritating if you do not treat it sooner. 

Final Words

With the launch of the new Apple Vision, the current internet is blown with a few queries regarding the health risks of using Apple Vision. 

The answer to whether Apple’s vision is harmful to the brain and eyes depends on how you treat the VR set. 

If you do not spend your whole day with it, the device can be your new buddy to explore engaging content!

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