Apple Vision Pro Vs Meta Quest Pro: The Ultimate Comparison!  

In the arena of Augmented and Virtual Reality, two giants battle for supremacy – Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest Pro. Both groundbreaking headsets aim to revolutionize how we experience the digital world. 

After digging deeper, we found several differences between the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro in their processor, storage, operating system, and cameras. Besides that, the former one gets a Micro-OLED 4K display, while the latter one features an LCD 1832 x 1920 resolution. 

The battle between these two modern VR headsets is going to be fun because each stands out in its own way. So you may, “Which one should I pick up?” Go on to see their detailed differences, including our final verdict. 

Overview of Apple Vision Pro


Apple has a tendency to surprise its audiences almost every year with something unique! 

And we guess the Apple Vision Pro is a great example of it. From top-notch display to effective spatial audio, it has everything to be the topper!

And let’s not forget its super-efficient sensors, which let you operate the headset using your hands only, including eyes, and voices. 

And thanks to the M2 processor with a combination of R1. This makes the Apple Vision Pro works like MacBooks, IPad Pros, and Mac PCs for being the same chip. 

Last but not least, the crystal clear view you can get will be unforgettable, the credit goes to ultra-clear 4K resolution. But all of these make it a bit steep!

What We Liked

  • Tremendous 4K display resolution.
  • Dual CPU facility for optimal performance.
  • Easy to operate through sensors. 
  • Optimum spatial audio with six microphone options.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too expensive! 

Overview of Meta Quest Pro


Successfully released on 25th October 2022, Reality Labs developed it by incorporating the Android Operating System. 

With a total of 256 GB memory, you will enjoy 3 microphones, a GPU of Adreno 650, and a wonderful software library for fitness and games. 

Moreover, the first-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon with a combination of 3.2 GHz Octa-core processor makes it work like a pro! 

The LCD display with 1800 x 1920 resolution might not give you a realistic view as the Apple Vision Pro. 

However, hand tracking, voice commands, and wireless facilities give it extra points to take place in your priority list. More interestingly, it is pretty much more affordable than its competitor. 

What We Liked 

  • Features an efficient software library for entertainment. 
  • Offers multi-facilities like hand-tracking, voice commands, etc.
  • Added the extended 256 GB storage.  
  • Gives you the best bang for the buck!

What We Didn’t Like 

  • LCD display makes it less realistic than Micro-OLED.

Similarities between Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro

Despite coming from two different brands and operating systems, the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro have some similarities coincidently. Let us disclose them –

  • Both the Apple and Meta Consist of a 90 Hz display refresh rate. 
  • Each of them is lightweight and stands on the limit of less than 2 lbs, which makes them almost the same. 
  • Controller support is available on both, including hand-tracking, eye-tracking, and voice commands.
  • For gaming, both Apple and Meta serve 2 hours of battery backup. 
  • The manufacturers have added pancake lenses on both. 

Quick Comparison Table of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro

Are you in a rush to make the ultimate buying decision? Well, we’d suggest you have a look at the given chart. 

Here, we have shared some of their key differences accordingly, helping you know their dissimilarities at a glance: 

CriteriaApple Vision ProMeta Quest Pro
Display typeMicro-OLEDLCD
Display Resolution4K1832 x 1920
Chipset/ProcessorM2 & R1Double-chip DesignQualcomm Snapdragon Gen 13.2 GHz Octa Core
Storage (ROM)64 GB 256 GB
Operating systemVision OSAndroid
SoundSix microphonesSpatial AudioThree microphonesStereo speakers
Battery runtime2 hours2-3 hours
Other featuresEye trackingFive on-device sensorsVoice commandsHand gestureTouch controllerVoice commands
PriceExpensiveCheaper than the Apple Vision Pro

Differences between Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro

Getting deeper into the details is the key to learning about their differences properly. 

To help you out, we elaborated on some core points that differentiate the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro: 


It would be fair to claim that the costly VR headsets are prone to offer more facilities in terms of display. And this is what we noticed on the Apple Vision Pro. 

Basically, the 4K resolution display with pixels of 23 million is something to make the Apple Vision Pro a “top-class VR headset!” 

Surely, you can enjoy the most realistic view once you put it on and start watching your favourite show! 


On the other hand, the Meta Quest Pro features 1920 x 1800 (per eye) resolution, including a total of 7 million pixels. 

Speaking of the display type, it comes with the standard LCD, while the Apple Pro stands out with its Micro-OLED. 


The overall performance of VR headsets relies on the operating system, processor, sound quality, sensors, and storage. 

For instance, both the custom Android and Vision OS work pretty fast and smoothly in their own tracks. 

But when it comes to the processor, there will be noticeable differences between them. Because the former one features double-chip M2 and R1 chipsets, while the latter one gets a first-gen Qualcomm snapdragon XR2+. 

So here, you will have relatively more speed and efficacy with the Apple Vision Pro. 

Let’s talk about the speakers: six vs three microphones. Although each has come up with excellent sound effects, it is a crystal-clear fact that Apple is a step forward due to its added microphones. 


Speaking of the sensors, they both include controller support, including hard tracking, eye tracking, and voice commands. 

That said, users can use the Apple Vision Pro without using the controllers entirely, impressive, eh?


Apart from these, the total storage or ROM is another criterion to differentiate Apple and Meta, where Apple has 64 GB and Meta Quest Pro contains 256 GB. 

The battery runtime has a direct connection to how long the VR headset will perform. In such a case, both play almost the same role by delivering a 2-hour backup for gaming. 

However, the Meta Quest Pro might stand for up to 3 hours from time to time, especially while fitness tracking. 

Price Range 

This is the last but one of the most important criteria that differentiate Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro. 

For being added with extra chipsets, crystal-clear 4K display, and 12 cameras, it was pretty fair to make the Apple a bit costly!

This means you are going to find the Meta Quest Pro relatively cheaper than the Apple, which is a plus for those who cannot break their banks!

Meta Quest Pro and Apple Vision Pro: Which One to Choose? 

Here is where you mostly start scratching your head by thinking of “who wins the ultimate deal,” right? Well, we’d prefer to note your priority list, considering your budget before any purchase. 

Because we have seen the price differences between Apple and Meta. If you can pay through your nose for the high-end 4K resolution, 12 camera facilities, and improved professor, the Apple Vision Pro is your ideal match!

But if you are someone who cannot afford expensive headsets, we believe the Meta Quest Pro will not let you get disappointed. 

Even after being cheaper than the Apple, it serves a touch controller, hand gesture, and sometimes 1-hour extra charge backup.


For offering some lucrative features by both Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro, you still might be seeking more knowledge. Let us get you covered with the following answers to some common questions: 

How can you use hand gestures on the Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro features six different hand gesture options to help you control the headset in your own way. These include tapping, double tapping, zooming, pinch & holding, and pinch & dragging. 

How does the pancake lens work on the Meta Quest Pro?

Using reflective surfaces, waveplates, and polarizers, the pancake lens tends to shrink in Meta Quest Pro and other VR headsets. Thus, it decreases the actual distance between the lens and display for better image quality, visibility, and optimal viewing comfort.  

Meta Quest Pro vs Apple Vision Pro: which controller support is more effective?

Basically, they both have come up with hand gestures, voice commands, and eye-tracking facilities. That being said, some users claimed to enjoy more with Apple’s Vision Pro, especially its gesture control and eye tracking. 

Final Words

Considering the popularity and availability, there is no chance to prioritize one over another. Make sure you determine your necessity to spend on the right one among Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro. 

For those who are in need of extra storage without spending higher, Meta can be your go-to. But if you can spend a fortune on the 4K resolution and dual chip design, go with the Apple Vision Pro.

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