What Is Keyboard Data Chinese & Japanese Mean?

There have been a lot of queries lately about some files in your ios device containing some Chinese and Japanese keyboard data. The one who don’t know often perceive it as spyware, which isn’t the case. So, what does keyboard data in Chinese and Japanese mean?

Keyboard data with Chinese and Japanese language is from Apple for better output. Apple keyboard offers native support in Chinese and Japanese languages, which is why such data is used for better suggestions.

In this article, we have covered the aspects of Chinese and Japanese keyboard data for your better understanding. To know more, stay with us right to the end of this write-up. 

What does keyboard data do?

Keyboard data is the type of data in the Apple keyboard used to improve suggestions while typing. You can find this type of data file in your iCloud backup, which is insignificant in size. 

But the main point of this type of data is to store the words or expressions you use while typing frequently. Such data with different languages impact the suggestions you get while typing, and mostly the Japanese ones are for emojis.

Other than this, the data type used here is based on the pattern while you type in your iPad or iPhone keyboard. Moreover, it makes typing experience much more efficient.

What Is Keyboard Data In Chinese And Japanese Mean?

The data in the keyboard is from the keyboard app of Apple. It isn’t something malicious or spyware. The primary purpose of this data stored in a file is to make the typing experience much better.

It mainly signifies that Apple supports native Chinese and Japanese languages. That’s why such data is necessary from the keyboard app.

To explain a bit, the file is similar to an essential index for mapping the characters to the screen. The data here plays a big part in generating the characters you often type on the screen.

It goes the same when the data is in Chinese or Japanese, as the functionality remains the same. Moreover, this data makes it possible to have a Chinese or Japanese keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.

How do I remove Keyboard data from my iPhone?

The keyboard data mainly dictates the keyboard dictionary, which is vital for auto-correction. This dictionary gets updated over time and adapts itself by learning new words or names. 

But not always does the keyboard dictionary perform the way you want. There could be times when you won’t get the suggestions you expect. 

In that situation, the best solution would be to remove the keyboard data by resetting the keyboard dictionary. The steps in this process are simple, and they are mentioned below:

Step 1: Locate and tap on Settings Icon

The first step in the process is to open the Settings App on your iPhone. Locate the Settings icon on your menu or homepage and tap on it.

Step 2: Tap on General

From the settings menu, you need to tap on General

Step 3: Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone

The next step would be to the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

Step 4: Tap on Reset

To proceed further with the process, choose the Reset option.

Step 5: Choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary

In this step, you’ll see a few possibilities involving resetting. From there, choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Step 6: Enter Passcode

After the previous step, you’ll be prompted to enter the passcode to complete the process.

Step 7: Reset Dictionary

The last step would be to tap on the Reset Dictionary option and complete the process.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regarding keyboard data on Apple devices, there are queries that users often ask. Some of the prominent ones are discussed below:

What is a keyboard cache?

A keyboard cache is a subset of data stored whenever something non-numeric is typed. The cache doesn’t administer the application, and you can easily remove these by erasing the keyboard data.

Do keyboards store data?

Yes, the keyboard might store data to improve its efficiency. It mainly keeps data to better predict texting and enhances user experience. However, stored data can be cleared when the desired outcome isn’t there.

Does the Apple track keyboard strokes?

Apple doesn’t track everything that you type on the apple keyboard. It just analyzes and makes predictive typing a better experience for you.

Is it possible to delete specific words from predictive text on an iPhone?

There is no provision to delete or remove certain words. You can only enable or disable the predictive text. You might have to reset the keyboard to get rid of certain words.

Can Chinese and Japanese keyboard data be a security threat?

The chinese and japanese data on the keyboard means that your apple keyboard supports those native languages. It isn’t any spyware that will pose a threat to your device.


The feeling of a security threat on your device due to Chinese and Japanese keyboard data may be reasonable. But since Apple uses this data to cater to native languages, there isn’t any risk.

These data involving your keyboard aim to improve predictive texting and enhance typing. If you can use the Japanese or Chinese keyboard, the data we are talking about will play a huge part.

In addition, removing those is also possible; all you need is to reset the keyboard. To end up, all we can say is that chinese and japanese keyboard data isn’t any malware or spyware to be wary of.

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