Why Magic Trackpad Not Clicking?

The Apple Magic Trackpad offers much precision and flexibility to the users compared to a traditional mouse. But often a few issues like the trackpad not clicking might be a reason for your headache. Why is the magic trackpad not clicking? 

The reason is either relevant to software or hardware issues. Bugs or problematic software results in your Mac thinking that you clicked the trackpad even if you didn’t. Or else there is something wrong with the hardware that is hampering the mechanism.

But you don’t need to worry as in this article we will cover all the reasons and solutions for those problems. Therefore without wasting a moment, let us begin!

Why Magic Trackpad not clicking? 

Both the software and hardware issues are responsible for the clicks not responding on the magic trackpad. Some of the prominent reasons behind the not clicking issue are discussed below:

Third-party Drivers 

Mostly third-party drivers are used in Mac for audio interfaces or printing devices. But sometimes, these drivers may not act like they are supposed to, and as a result, they hamper the clicking in the Apple magic trackpad.

These drivers aren’t usually that harmful. To get rid of the clicking issue, you either need to uninstall or update them. 

Corrupted files

Presence of corrupted files in the Mac OS can be one of the core reasons behind trackpads not clicking or remaining in the clicked mode. These files often contain bugs or malicious elements that result in the trackpad not working as it should.

The only way you can fix this is by reinstalling macOS. You might have to be patient as this process might take several hours.

Dirt Accumulation 

Dirt settling on the trackpad surface is a usual scenario. The dirt particles or layers may often make the magic trackpad unresponsive. The only viable fix in this regard is cleaning the surface of the magic trackpad very carefully so that the device doesn’t get affected in the procedure.

Malfunctioning SMC

The entire mechanism of recognizing the clicks from the magic trackpad is controlled by the System Management Controller (SMC). Now, this SMC not responding or malfunctioning may result in causing clicks not to be recorded. That is why even after clicking the trackpad, you see zero response.

Poor Battery

When your magic trackpad has a lower battery power level, it faces a drop in its functionality. The Apple magic trackpads require a good level of battery power.

If there are severe issues with the battery, you’ll see that the power level drops drastically even after having a full charge. In that case, you’ll need to change your trackpad battery immediately.

How to make the magic trackpad click again?

Since several issues might end up causing this issue, the fixes also differ to a large extent. That said, the notable fixes for the magic trackpad not clicking issue are listed below:

Method 1: Restart your trackpad

The fundamental fix for any PC peripheral is rebooting or restarting. If you restart your Apple magic trackpad, chances are high that the problem might get solved. The procedure for restarting your magic trackpad is mentioned below:

  • Navigate to System preferences on your Mac
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Choose your Apple Magic Trackpad name and then click on the x option 
  • Select the remove option after it appears and your trackpad will unpair
  • Hold the power button on the side of magic trackpad, and it will automatically turn off
  • Power on the magic trackpad by holding the power button again and pair it with your Mac

Method 2: Update third-party drivers

Since third-party drivers cause enough issues, it’s better to update or remove them. To have an immediate fix you can locate the drivers using the Finder app to have a quick fix. If you don’t find any updates, better to trash those drivers.

The last resort you can adopt is heading to the manufacturer’s website and installing the updates. After doing this, you can restart your Mac and check if the clicking is working smoothly. If the issue persists, you better not keep those drivers in your system.

Method 3: Reinstall macOS

The corrupted files in the macOS sometimes becomes problematic for the magic trackpad sensitivity. You can simply fix this by reinstalling the macOS. The steps in this process are as follows:

  • Click on the Apple icon and then on the Shut down option
  • Tap on the power button and then press on Command+R buttons together
  • Apple logo will appear, and there will be a prompt where you need to enter firmware password
  • Reinstall macOS from the utility window
  • Follow all the directives as the screen prompts

Method 4: Clean your magic trackpad

The procedure of cleaning magic trackpad doesn’t involve a lot of things. It merely needs a damp-free cloth without lining. You must gently wipe it over the trackpad to clean the dirt or peel off the grease.

To get into the crevices, you can try thin paper sheets or cotton to get the dust out. But in the whole process, avoid using any kind of liquid.

Method 5: Fix the SMC

The best and easiest way to fix the SMC on your Max is by resetting it. But before doing that, make sure you have a backup of your mac data. Steps in this fix are as follows:

  • Shutt down your Mac
  • Hold the power button for 10 seconds and release after pressing
  • Wait for a while and restart your system

Method 6: Replace battery

If low levels of battery are causing your problem, the only option is to replace your magic trackpad battery. A healthy trackpad battery lasts for about a month with a full charge. When you sea a drastic drop in this timeframe, change the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The magic trackpad not clicking issue prompts many questions among the users. Some prominent queries are as follows:

How do you click without clicking on a mac?

You can click without clicking on a mac through a magic trackpad. In this regard, you must navigate to the Apple menu and tap on system preferences. There you will see the trackpad option, where you need to click the tab that allows the tap to click.

What is silent clicking on mac?

Silent clicking means disabling an artificial clicking sound produced by the magic trackpad. When you click silently, it’s hardly audible to the people around you.

How to fix a magic trackpad quickly?

The most basic fix for a magic trackpad is restarting it and turning the device on and off fixes most of the minor issues.


There is no need to panic when you see that the clicks are not working on a magic trackpad. It is a fixable issue caused mainly by software-related reasons and sometimes faulty hardware.

Since most of the time, the reason may be erroneous software, restarting the device may often fix the issue. If not, you can identify the probable reasons and apply the fixes mentioned in the blog.

The best approach would be to avoid the reasons that might cause the not clicking issue. One such method is maintaining the cleanliness of the trackpad surface.

Moreover, if you face this issue with your magic trackpad, the fixes above are viable enough for execution.

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