Why Says The Person You Are Trying To Reach Is Not Accepting Calls At This Time?

Are you trying to reach someone over the phone but don’t accept your call? It happens if the person is busy talking with another person or his/her phone is off. Undoubtedly, it is frustrating when you need to talk to that person, but he/she does not respond.

However, there are more reasons why the person you are trying to reach isn’t receiving calls at this time. Sad but true, the person you’re trying to engage over the phone may block you. Or, his/her account isn’t active right now, which can be a factual error or malfunctioning device.

There is a solution to the problem of how to know if he has blocked you or not. But you can know all the possible reasons if you take some time to read this article. Hope you’ll get your answer.

10 Possible Reasons Why The Person You Are Trying To Reach Is Not Accepting Calls At This Time

Frustration arises when you have urgency with someone but not accepting calls at this moment. I feel your pain. But not all the time. It means that the person blocks you or ignores you. There are several reasons out there, and I’ll talk about them.

Reason #1: Busy Talking With Another Person

When you constantly call someone but don’t reply back, understand he/she is busy talking to others. It happens because people are busy now and then. They have lots of clients or relatives to talk with.

So if you notice that person doesn’t accept your call, call him/her after several minutes or hours. But remember don’t call repeatedly. Otherwise, he/she may feel disturbed or uncomfortable.

Reason #2: Phone is Off

The second reason might be the individual’s phone is off. Many reasons can cause this, including low battery charge (out of battery) or turning off the phone willingly.

When the battery charge is low and the phone is set on power saver mode, sometimes you may feel interrupted during call sessions. Therefore, you can’t reach the person anymore.

Reason #3: Inactive Account

If the one you’re trying to reach over the phone doesn’t accept calls, assume that the account is not available anymore. According to AT&T Mobility Care, if your desired person does not accept a call, assume his account is not active.

When an account is inactive, the person on the other side does not see or notice incoming calls. That’s why he can’t receive your calls.

Reason #4: Incoming Calls Not Detected Accurately or Blocked

One typical phenomenon is that the device screen does not wake up when an incoming call arrives. It seems the phone is constantly ringing, but the screen is off. This is why the person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time.

But don’t worry, you can check out this video to fix this issue in no time.

Reason #5: Voicemail Setting Up Problem

Another intriguing reason for this issue is voicemail setting doesn’t work accurately. In such cases, assume the problem is setting up voicemail on his/her phone.

Additionally, if the user has a functional voicemail error, you hear “try again later” coming from there.

Reason #6: Receiver Has Blocked Your Number

The number does not accept incoming calls because he/she might block you. If he/she blocked your number, you might also get a “the person you’re trying is busy now” message.

In this case, you only forward a voicemail. But if that is not working, call another person who knows that person and try to communicate with him/her.

Reason #7: Not Willing To Accept

This could be the minor or cringy reason for not accepting calls right now. If you have any inimical issues or temporary inconvenience with the person, he/she will not receive your call, let alone give you some time.

In this situation, you should patch up the problem and enjoy calling.

Reason #8: Phone Is Lost

The person you’re trying to reach can’t accept/receive your call because the individual’s phone may be lost. If the phone gets lost, he/she may report this issue to the service provider.

After that, they may disconnect the overall service to that phone. After getting this message, they might try to communicate with his/her colleagues or friend to know the truth.

Reason #9: Unpaid Bills

Your receiver might not have paid mobility bills for a long. This can be a worthy reason to stop the service or disconnect the number. When you get messages like the person you have called is not accepting calls, understand there’s something wrong.

And the possible cause can be for this issue is not paying bills for a long. But you can reach out by texting online or calling online, or through other mediums.

Reason #10: Network Issues

Do you get messages like “the person you’re calling is not available right now,” or the number you’re calling is switched off?” Then understand there may be network issues, and they are out of range.

In this case, you have no option except to wait for a while. But you can try sending a message or voice. This way, as soon as the network issue will solve, they see the message or voice and call you back immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When You Call Someone And It Says This Person Is Not Receiving Calls At This Time, Why This Happens?

It happens for many reasons, including blocking your number, airplane mode enabling their phone, do not disturb button open, talking with others right now, bill payment issues, etc. You should try other methods to reach him/her in these cases. There is a lot more reason behind this message. Among them, the above-mentioned reasons are typical and major.

How Do I Know If Someone Blocked My Number?

You can understand the person you’ve called if they blocked you or not by hearing the instant message after calling. The carrier will provide the message like the number you’ve dialed is busy right now and please call again letter.
Also, after you’re calling, only one time will be ringing. Apart from these, you can try it out by sending a message. If the message is delivered, then it’s ok. But f the message can’t be delivered, assume that the person is blocking your number.

Why Is One Person Not Getting My Calls?

If you’re trying to reach one particular person but not getting your calls, there are some proven reasons behind it. The first reason may be the person’s number is in the block list on your phone. It might happen for other reasons like call barring, you on do not disturb mode, or a call recognizing the problem.


It’s annoying when the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time. It’s frustrating if you need to talk with this person right now but get notified with this message. There are several reasons behind this message, and you should know them.

The article is all about the reasons so you won’t get frustrated again. There can be a possible solution to collect the person’s relatives, colleagues, or mutual friends’ numbers and reach through them. Or, if possible, meet physically.

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