Is IPhone XS Max OLED Or AMOLED? [Perfectly Answered]

Is the iPhone XS max AMOLED? No, The display for the iPhone XS max is an OLED display. But what is the difference between AMOLED and OLED displays? Stick till the end to find out the specialty of both displays.

The iPhone XS max is an excellent quality phone with a good display. The display is 6.5”, which is OLED. Apple tends to call its display the super Retina OLED. So, for anyone interested in purchasing the iPhone XS max, read about the iPhone xs max display feature.


As said, the iPhone XS max features a super retina OLED display. Also, according to DisplayMate,

“The display has been found to be on par with the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 display.”

In terms of the iPhone xs max screen size, it is around 6.5 inches. On the contrary, in cm, the iPhone xs max screen is 16.51 cm. The maximum resolution of the phone is around 1242 x 2688 pixels. Again, the aspect ratio is a 19.5:9 ratio. And this features the next-gen media featuring display.

Many of you are wondering, does iPhone xs have AMOLED? Well, apple confirms that the display within the XS max is a super retina OLED display. Technically, it’s not AMOLED but an OLED display. Also, the iPhone XS and XS max are the first iPhones to have an OLED display. You will notice a better brightness and a more accurate color display than the AMOLED displays. The most impressive thing is despite having a large size, it still has an excellent visual with the OLED.

Typically, the AMOLED displays have a better grasp despite having a larger display. But we are here to clear up your confusion, and the iPhone XS max has an OLED display instead of an AMOLED one.

IPhone XS Max with Super Retina OLED Display And Difference with AMOLED

Firstly, the iPhone XS max features the Samsung-made super retina OLED display. Now, what is an OLED display? It’s a type of display where the LED is utilized efficiently, emitting brighter light. Therefore, they shine more radiantly compared to AMOLED displays.

The OLED displays have emissive displays that allow each pixel to have its light. Thus, the display has swift motion, bright colors, and higher contrast. The design of the OLED displays is simply enabling them to become more flexible.

Another best part is the OLED displays are cost-effective and brighter. The response time is also very swift compared to LCDs. Moreover, the quality of the display is very superior. Lastly, it does not have any backlighting.

Sadly, water is the biggest weakness of OLED screens. Water can easily damage any OLED display. Compared with the AMOLED, you can easily see the display under the direct sun with OLED display, while in the AMOLED, you cannot.

On the other hand, AMOLED displays consume lesser power. Additionally, it has no limit when it comes to display sizes. The performance is robust as well. So, it has a flexible, thinner, and lighter display compared to LED or LCD.

Again, the AMOLED display is narrower than the OLED. However, the OLED has more advantages in the case of contrast ratio. Why is AMOLED more expensive? It’s because it has more layers on the screen, and for that, it provides a better experience. For this, it costs much more than OLED displays.

When it comes to size, the AMOLED can be easily embedded in any of that sizes. The refresh rate is also quite fast as well. Furthermore, the viewing angles are fantastic compared to IPS LCD. But the AMOLED displays are costly. Also, there is a chance for screen burn as well. As you use the AMOLED display, you will notice the degradation over time, whereas in OLED, it lasts much longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is IPhone XS Max AMOLED?

No, the iPhone XS Max features the super retina OLED display, which is not precisely an AMOLED display.

Is IPhone XS Max LCD Or OLED?

The iPhone XS Max is OLED, not an LCD. Moreover, it is known as the super retina OLED.

Which IPhone Model Has AMOLED?

The iPhone 12 features a super AMOLED display.


In the above, we discussed whether the iPhone XS max has AMOLED or OLED. The phone has an OLED display that offers brilliant color resolutions. Furthermore, the 6.5” size gives the user a very flexible experience. Various people get confused if the iPhone xs max AMOLED. However, it’s not AMOLED. Instead’s an OLED display which Apple calls super retina OLED.

If you are planning to get an iPhone XS max, this article will help you out if you want to know about the display. Furthermore, we also included a thorough comparison between the OLED and AMOLED.

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