Do IPhones Charge Faster On Low Power Mode? Things You Should Know

Do iPhones charge faster in low power mode? In simple, yes, it does. But this is not any recommended feature for fast charging. Yet, there are some things you should know if you are going to charge in low power option.

Though you can use the low-power mode in the case of charging, there are some reprisals. Luckily, we will discuss the reasons and discuss iPhone’s fast charging and this low battery mode in detail.

Do iPhones Charge Faster on Low Power Mode? Essential Facts to Know!

Firstly, let’s discuss the purpose of the low-power mode in your iPhone. It’s a feature that essentially helps you to store battery life. When you use the phone long enough, the low-power mode will appear when the charge goes down to 20%. It mainly slows down some of the vital functions of the phone so that it does not eat up your charge.

What feature does it turn off? This power saver or low battery option turns off the automatic downloads, email fetches, app refreshes, and reduced visuals.

Does your phone charge faster or slower on low-power mode? While the low- power mode is turned on during charging, it will be faster than usual.

As we mentioned earlier, the low-power mode restricts various background works. As the phone has lesser work, the charge time will increase gradually. However, once your phone reaches 80%, the low-power mode will turn off automatically. Hence, it will go back to the usual charging time. So, “Does your phone charge faster on battery saver mode?It does.

Business Insider Mexico Says,

“In a test it is proven that an iphone can charge 10% faster with low-power mode activated than it can charge with normal mode.”

Again, it also depends on the charger you use. While using a 5-watt charger, you won’t notice any significant difference even if you turn on the low power, battery-saver mode. However, for a 20-watt charger, it’s a different story. Using the USB-C adapter can boost the charging times quite heavily.

So, hopefully, you can feel the minor difference. That is why the Apple Discussion Forum also doesn’t ensure this thing that much.

Does iPhone Charge Faster on Low Battery Mode While Using the 5-Watt Charger?

As said, you won’t notice any difference as the 5-watt charger doesn’t provide a faster charge time. However, it assists in preserving the overall battery health of your iPhone.

Does iPhone charge quicker on low-power mode while using the 20-watt charger? Yes, then you might notice the slight increment in the charging times. As we told you, the low battery power mode restricts background activities, reducing the battery’s pressure. Therefore, the charging time increases significantly as the battery has less strain. Remember that it’s not that significant. That answers the question, “Do iPhones charge faster on low battery mode?”

Besides using the low battery mode for quicker charge times, there are other ways to do that. The most popular method is to turn on airplane mode while charging. Yet, there is a drawback to this. You won’t receive any incoming calls as airplane mode disables that. Indeed, you will notice a considerable increase in the charging times, but you won’t receive any calls in the meanwhile.

Battery saver mode can be a lifesaver in various situations mainly when your battery goes down. The battery life increases drastically as long as the low power option is on. But it restricts different background refreshes, which allow the phone to run smoothly. But it’s not that noticeable in the iPhone, thanks to its excellent operating system and chip. Also, while charging, when the low battery mode is on, it will turn off automatically once it goes to 80%. It’s not harmful to your phone, so you can rest easy.

Additionally, don’t turn on the low battery power mode when your battery is above 20%. It stops some functions like the 5G connectivity, which can affect your experience while using the iPhone.

You Can Check Out This Video to Ensure More about Low & Normal Power Mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Bad To Charge In Low Power Mode On?

The power saver or low power mode isn’t wrong for your iPhone during the charge. The low power option only stops background refreshes and updates.

Is It Better To Charge IPhone In Low-Power Mode?

Using the low battery power mode means you are in the last moments when the battery might die, so it is better to charge the iPhone in the low battery- power mode.

Does An IPhone Charge Faster On Power-Saving Mode?

Though it depends basically on the charger for fast charging, using the 20-watt fast charger, your iPhone might charge faster in the power-saving mode.


The power saver as known as low-power mode in the iPhone is a handy feature. It can keep the battery alive for extra hours if you don’t have a charger nearby. Restricting app refreshes. It reduces the strain on the battery, allowing it to last a bit longer. Yet, it turns off certain features like 5g connectivity which can affect individual performances in the iPhone.

Do iPhones charge faster on low power mode? Yes, it does; we mentioned it above. Also, make sure to use a 20-watt fast charging adapter to notice the significant change in the charging times.

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