This Number Is No Longer in Service Text Message- Fake Or Unreachable?

Are you hearing that this number is no longer in service text message when you try to call someone? Well, this mainly implies that the receiver’s phone is out of service. Sometimes lack of networks can show this line. But did you know this can be a prank, too?

Have a quick look at this small article to get rid of your frustration about why the person on the recipient’s phone has failed to receive your call or if it is a prank or not.

7 Causes For This Number Is No Longer In Service Text Message

This phone number is no longer in service text message. Getting this message after calling or sending a text to a number means the number is transitory and inaccessible now. Likewise, Anytime the number will be accessible for you.

But why does this happen? Our research catches out the possible causes of this error message. Look over the chart for a brief but usable idea.

Network problems  Get the error message several times.
The service provider stops the connection  Get error message only one time
Phone Or Sim Malfunctions  Error message several times
Deactivated connection by the recipientGet one or two rings and an automated voice error message
Blocks your numberGet an error text
Invalid numberAn error text or voice message.
Fake error messageGet a fake error message after every attempt.

1. Network Problems Can’t Locate The Phone

It sometimes happens when there can be poor network coverage or the recipient is in a remote area. If the receiver is in a distant place and his phone won’t be able to catch your phone signal, you will see the error message.

In this case, your message will store and try to reach its destination. And you may get this note repeatedly.

2. Service Provider Stops The Connection

If your receiver forgot to pay the phone bills or has due bills, the service provider will temporarily disconnect the service. That phone is also unable to receive any phone calls, video calls, and messages.

 3. Phone Or Sim Malfunctions Disable The Connection

Any mechanical blunder or fault stops the signal pass to the phone. The phone company sometimes updates its data or connection system to cure errors. Also, any software malfunctioning creates problems on the phone.

4. The Recipient Deactivate or cancel the connection services

 The user temporarily deactivates his number for any reason or rejects the number for future use. So every time you send a message, the text ‘sorry but this number is no longer in service text message’ will bounce to your phone.

5. The Person Blocks Your Number

Unfortunately, some people experience this issue. In Google Voice, there is an option to block callers. There are other apps for call-blocking systems. If your recipient blocks your number, you may get the error message after every messaging attempt. But sometimes people block a number unknowingly also.

6. Invalid Number

Doubt you call an invalid number. There you see the text ‘invalid Number’ or ‘the phone number you have texted is no longer in service. Check your dialed phone number whether there is a missing digit or an extra digit you put.

7. Fake Message From The Recipient

It’s a prank. It’s your receiver of that phone who wants to show you that his number is out of service. He resends you the text this number is no longer in service message, after getting your message. There are many apps on the web to send fake messages. Your mail is one of the apps that is well known for resending message service.

This Video Can Make It More Clear about Faking Such Text Message!

How To Get Rid of the Message-  This Number Is No Longer In Service

You learn about the seven possible causes for this error text. But unfortunately, you don’t know which action is responsible for this error text.

Is it a technical issue or a fake note? So you need to check every possible way to get a result. If you get this note almost after every different number, then there must be wrong with your phone service. It’s your phone or SIM card’s fault. You need to repair your phone service.

But if you get this error note from a specific number, then try the steps.

  1. Check the number you dialed had the proper digits. Make sure you won’t miss a digit.
  2. Try a voice call. Because if it is a prank, the receiver only sets it for your text message, not for the direct call. So the call will ring.
  3. After sending a message, if you get the error note several times, that implies the receiver phone is disconnected. Because, when a phone is disconnected, the sending message is stored and tries to reach the receiver phone again.
  4. After dialing if it rings once or twice and provides an automated voice that ‘this number is no longer in text’, then the number is out of service or currently deactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean this phone number is no longer in service?

That means, maybe the user is not paying the bill, and the service provider may stop the connection. Also, if the number is out of network or blocked your number, you may hear such a message.

How do you know if a phone number is no longer in service?

When you call or text a phone number and get the error text like ‘this number is no longer in service’ or ‘invalid number’, it means this number is currently out of service.

Final Words

It is frustrating when you get a return error note,’ this number is no longer in service text message’. It is also difficult to find out the actual causes. You can check your phone service performance, not the others.

But now you know the possible reasons so you can easily find out the gist behind such service tone.

If the mentioned solving methods are not working, try to find any other number, mail ID, or other contact ways of your receiver.

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