What Does It Mean When iPhone Says Emphasized? Know Everything About It

What’s the coolest iPhone messaging feature? Probably the option to emphasize a text. This is a fantastic attribute of IOS. iPhone messaging has always been one of the reasons why IOS users can’t switch to android. This is because the function of this app is very engaging.

But what does it mean when iPhone says Emphasized? It means that the person who has seen your message is excited about it or thinks it’s important. So how do you use this feature? This article will tell you everything. Check it out.

What Does Emphasized Mean for Message and Photos on iPhone?

As you already know, emphasizing the message means showing that you are interested or excited about the particular text. This can also mean the receiver of the message doesn’t want to reply with a text.

Emphasizing a text, photo, or any media file makes that particular message stand out from the rest. It can also show that the receiver approves of your comment or message.

Emphasized text mainly looks like two exclamation marks on the top of the particular text. So, what does !! mean on iPhone text? It clearly indicates that the other person is implying importance to the text.

Apart from the double exclamation mark, you can emphasize text with emojis (e.g., thumbs up, heart) as well.

How to Emphasize Text on iPhone & Convey Your Response Properly

Emphasizing a text is not that difficult, and it’s also quite useful. Do you want to learn how to emphasize text on your iPhone? Here you go,

According to CNBC survey, this feature is the coolest feature from iPhone’s iMessage that users love to use.

However, there are different kinds of stickers to choose from. Different texts have different connotations. Here’s what you can do with the emphasis on iPhone imessaging,

Thumbs Up: The thumbs-up or like emoji conveys the message that you approve of the sender’s text.

Thumbs Down: The thumbs-down emoji or dislike emoji sends the message that the receiver of the text disapproves of what you sent.

Love: The love or heart emoji means that the receiver of the message likes or loves the particular message or media file.

Laugh: The laughing or smiling emoji means the receiver of your message finds your text funny.

Question: A question mark emoji means the receiver is confused about the text you sent.

You probably realize that Facebook messenger has a similar feature where you can react to a specific message or text. That was actually inspired by iPhone.

Though this feature is pretty cool to use, USA Today showcased some of the worst scenarios when such emphasized texts are sent to an Android phone. Still, these Snapchat-like features really entertain people and make people fall for the Apple updates.

This Video Use the Emphasizing Options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an emphasized text mean?

An emphasized text means that the receiver of your message is expressing their emotion to the text. It’s an easy and effective way to deliver a response clearly.

What does emphasized mean on iPhone?

iPhones’ iMessage allows receivers to emphasize text. The emphasized text means adding emojis to the message.

What do the two exclamation marks mean?

The 2 exclamation marks (!!) bubbling on iMessage can mean that the receiver of the text is either surprised, shocked, or very excited. This is one of the options for emphasizing any messsage.

Wrapping Up

What does it mean when iPhone says emphasized? It means the message or text in question is regarded with importance. Emphasizing a text is a quick way to respond to messages on iPhone. If you can utilize this feature, you can make chatting much easier, fun, and interactive.

And now you know how it works and how to use it properly. So next time you don’t feel like replying back or want to express the intensity of your reaction, just emphasize the text.

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