AT&T Data Not Working: Found 6 Crucial Reasons + Solutions!

What is the most common reason behind at&t data not working? The most common reason is the network issue. Has your at&t data disappointed you recently, or has it completely stopped working? It can be an annoying issue, but you do not need to worry.

There are many things you can do on your own to fix it, even before reaching out to the customer support line. AT&T Mobility generally offers good voice service and wireless data. However, sometimes you will face issues regarding the at&t cellular data.

In this article, we have tried to come up with the reasons and solutions behind the at&t cellular data not working. Let’s check them out.

Why at&t data not working & How to Fix

When you own a smartphone, the internet or mobile data becomes a necessary thing for you. It is a terrible thing to realize that you won’t have access to Flipboard, Google Maps, or any other means of staying in touch with your loved ones until you get your internet connection.

In other words, it’s disastrous when your phone’s cellular data service goes down. Other than the network issue, problems with the phone, outdated device software, SIM card issues, the device not being compatible with the SIM card, and browser problems can cause your at&t data not to work.

Reasons behind the at&t data is not workingPossible solutions to try
Network issueReset your network settings
Problems with the phonePerform a factory reset
Outdated device softwareUpdate the device software
SIM card issuesReplace the SIM card
The device not being compatible with the SIM cardChange the device
Browser problemsClear the browser cache

Now, in the below guide, we will elaborately discuss the reasons and solutions behind the at&t mobile data not working android and iPhone problems. You can also check the below video tutorial to know details about this issue.

Network Issues

Sometimes, you can lose your at&t cellular data connection randomly and can get offline for some hours. After that, you will get the cellular data connection service and work for short periods. This issue happens when there is a problem in your network settings.


To solve this at&t prepaid internet not working issue, you have to reset the network setting. It will refresh your connection. When you reset your network setting, it will restore the default settings on your device. In this case, wifi settings and BlueTooth pairing will be deleted and will require to be re-added. However, you won’t lose data like videos, pictures, or text.

To reset the network setting, for android phones, you need to go to settings, then general management. After that, go to reset, and then click on reset network settings. For the iPhone, the process is almost the same. In this case, you are required to go to settings, then general. After that, go to reset, and then tap on reset network settings.

Problems With The Phone

We have found out that you can experience your at&t cellular data randomly stopping working in places that generally have full 5G service. For a little period, simply restarting your phone might fix the problem.

However, in the long run, it will get to a point when no matter what you do, you will have no connection anywhere through your at&t cellular data. It occurs when there is a problem with your phone.


A factory reset is needed in this case to solve this problem. It will return your phone back to the original factory settings.

To do that, firstly, power cycle your phone. You have to press and hold your phone’s volume side and down buttons, then select the power off option.

To turn the phone back on, you need to press and hold your phone’s side button until your device’s screen lights up.

If a power cycle doesn’t resolve your problem, restart your phone. You are required to press and hold your device’s volume side and down buttons, then choose the restart option. Make sure that you restore or backup your files and data after the factory reset.

Outdated Device Software

Our researchers have found out that many people are facing at&t cellular data not working issues despite the fact that they have full 5G network bars on their phones. A user in the AT&T Community Forums said regarding this,

Out of nowhere, my cellular data stopped loading anything despite “5ge” being in the corner with full bars. I’ve tried powering off my phone, taking the SIM card out, but nothing is working. I can’t troubleshoot the network because I would have to sign in, and I do not pay for this account. My dad does. I can’t ask him for it AT ALL so I don’t know what to do. My phone is basically useless without wifi which is only available in my home. I’ve read other people say they’ve had the same issue but the solutions aren’t working for me. Please help this phone is useless.”

This issue occurs when your device has outdated software.


In this case, you have to update your device software. For doing that, firstly, plug your phone into power and with wifi connect it to the internet. Then, you need to select the Settings app from the home screen.

After that, scroll down and select the General option. Now, select Software Update. If there is an update available, click on Download and Install, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

SIM Card Issues

People who have iPhone 11 sometimes face this at&t internet not working issue. They have a full bar of data connection, but still, they are unable to access the internet. This problem happens when your SIM card is not compatible with your mobile device.


To solve this at&t data not working iphone issue, you have to replace your SIM card.

The Device Not Being Compatible With The SIM Card

For those owners of Motorola G30 who are facing the at&t cellular data not working issue, we have good news for you. The owners of the Motorola G30 complained that after inserting their AT&T SIM card into their device, they were not able to access the internet.

However, after inserting other SIM cards into their device, they could access the internet. This problem happens because their device is not compatible with the AT&T SIM card.


In this case, you need to change your phone to solve the at&t data not working android problem. You have to get a device that is AT&T SIM card supported. There is a list of phones that are supported by AT&T SIM cards that were updated on July 6, 2022, on the AT&T website.

Browser Problems

Our team has researched a lot and found out that some people even face at&t cellular data is not working issues only when they step inside their houses. When they are outside of their house, they can access the internet. This problem happens when they have any problem with their phones’ browsers.


Go to the browser settings, and clear the browser cache to solve this issue. In this case, you also need to turn off any active mobile hotspot connections. If the problem is still not solved, power cycle your phone and reinsert the SIM card to reset the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Fix AT&T Data Not Working?

There are many ways to fix AT&T cellular data not working problem. The most common way is to reset your network settings. Other ways include replacing the SIM card, performing a factory reset, updating the device software, and clearing the browser caches. If your phone is not compatible with the AT&T SIM card, then you may need to change your phone as well.

Why Is My ATT Mobile Internet Not Working?

The most common reason behind your ATT mobile internet not working is network issues. When there is a problem in your network settings, then you will face this kind of problem. Other reasons include your SIM card not being compatible with the mobile device, problems with the phone, outdated device software, your device not being compatible with the AT&T SIM card, and browser problems.

Why Is My AT&T 4G Not Working?

There are many reasons behind your AT&T 4G not working. The most common reason is your SIM card is not a 4G SIM card. Your phone may not be 4G supported, and thus, your AT&T 4G is not working. Even if your SIM and phone are 4G supported, if you don’t enable 4G in your device, then your AT&T 4G will not work. Another reason behind this problem is you are not using the correct APN on your device.

Why Is My Unlimited Data Not Working ATT?

Firstly, if your ATT account doesn’t have enough internet balance, then your AT&T unlimited data will not work. If you are using an Android phone and don’t have the APN protocol set as IPv4/IPv6, it can cause this problem. If your network mode is not in 3G/4G, then your AT&T unlimited data may not work as well.

What Do I Do If My Cellular Data Is Not Working?

To solve this problem, firstly, turn off and on your mobile device. Make sure that cellular data or mobile data is turned on. Then, you need to turn on and off airplane mode. Now, turn off wifi on your device. After that, disable and enable your mobile data mode. Reset network settings and perform a software update on your phone. Finally, remove your SIM card and reinsert it.


We hope this article on at&t data not working has helped you solve your at&t data-related issues with our several easy steps or methods. However, sometimes, hardware problems can result in the at&t cellular data not working. If you mistakenly toss your phone, it can damage the internal hardware of your phone.

At this time, you might be required to take it to an approved AT&T repair shop to fix it. For brand new phones that are facing the at&t new phone no data connection problem means that the internet settings have not been done yet or the phone is defective and requires to be looked into.

In this case, return the phone to where it was bought. You should get a replacement if it is a manufacturing fault. In addition, you can contact AT&T’s official support or visit the official website for AT&T Support, inform them of the problem, and enquire about the solution.

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