ATT Hotspot Not Working – Why & What To Do [Answered]

What to do when you find the AT&T hotspot isn’t working and you don’t know why? The most common reasons for this issue include insufficient mobile data and a wrong hotspot password.

ATT hotspot not working must be a big issue when you badly need to use your device. You can fix this issue easily if you know how to do it. Restarting your device can be one of the easy fixes, while other reasons are coming next throughout the entire content.

This post will help you know the reasons and possible solutions when a hotspot is not working. Continue reading on to learn and fix this issue.

ATT Hotspot Not Working – Potential Reasons & Solutions

When you don’t have essential mobile data and cannot browse the internet, your hotspot won’t work. As your mobile devices are the source of the internet connection, it’s best to troubleshoot your devices.

Here is the summary table of reasons and their possible solutions for this issue:

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Unavailability Of Cellular DataGet a new data pack or plan
Inability To Connect With HotspotSwitch your device WiFi OFF and then ON
Malfunctioning Device SoftwareRestart your device
Attempting With Wrong PasswordUse correct password
Device Doesn’t Support 5GHz BandSwitch to a 2.4GHz band
Disabled Automatic Hotspot SwitchingEnable automatic hotspot switching
Battery Saving Mode ONSet to battery saving mode OFF

Unavailability Of Cellular Data

The most common reason for the ATT prepaid hotspot not working is the unavailability of mobile data. When you face this issue, check first if your device has enough mobile data to run a hotspot.

There are daily and monthly limits on most cellular data connections.

You’ll be unable to open any app or website if you’ve already exceeded the daily or monthly ISP-provided data limit. You can choose another plan/package to enable your hotspot to work that will cost more than your regular billing amount.

Inability To Connect With Hotspot

Sometimes, your phone’s internal modem can’t connect directly to the wireless network. It may happen even if you’ve used that network previously without any problems. It may lead to the hotspot on but not working.

To fix the issue, turn OFF the Wi-Fi on your receiving device, wait a moment, and turn it ON. Swipe your device’s screen down from its top edge. There are toggles for Quick settings; find the Wi-Fi icon, and tap on it to find the options to OFF/ON.

There is an alternative way. Open your phone’s “Settings” option. Now, select “Network and Internet” and tap “OFF” and “ON” Wi-Fi adjacent switch.

Malfunctioning Device Software

Smart devices like smartphones and tabs work like computers. Sometimes, you can fix many device issues just by restarting it. When you restart your phone or tab, it automatically fixes some internal software problems.

ATT hotspot not working iPhone is one of those issues that may happen due to malfunctioning device software. And simple restart should solve it with ease. Press and hold the power button on the device and tap on “Restart,” which pops up on your screen.

Attempting With Wrong Password

Using the wrong password to connect to ATT hotspot can make this issue of ATT hotspot not working on laptops or other devices. Also, checking if your device is connected to the mobile hotspot is vital.

Solve this issue by opening the Wi-Fi settings, choosing your network, and tapping the “Forget” button. It’ll help you to remove your wrong password attempted network. Now, go to “Settings” > “Network and Internet” > “Wi-Fi” and finally choose your preferred network to connect. And remember to use the exact password to avoid this issue.

Device Doesn’t Support 5GHz Band

Most recent devices support a 5GHz frequency band. But, your device may be compatible with connecting to a 2.4GHz rather than a 5GHz. It can cause the Netgear ATT hotspot not working for a compatibility issue.

To change the frequency settings: open “Setting” > “Network and Internet” > “Hotspot and tethering” > “Wi-Fi hotspot.” Here tap on the “Advanced” settings option, tap on “AP Band,” and choose “2.4 GHz Band” from this popup menu.

Disabled Automatic Hotspot Switching

Many recent smart devices come with an automatic hotspot switching OFF feature. And maybe that is ATT has been reported with several complaints regarding this.

They automatically go to off position or sleep mode when there is no device for some time. As a result, you’ll find the ATT car hotspot not working.

To enable automatic hotspot switching: go to “Network and Internet” > “Hotspot and tethering” > “Wi-Fi hotspot.” Now, switch the OFF position to the ‘Turn off hotspot automatically’ button

Battery Saving Mode ON

Most smart gadgets have a battery-saving feature. It turns off some power-consuming apps and features of your device. The issue of the ATT vehicle hotspot not working may appear for this reason. 

You see, Honda has the AT&T hotspot feature built into it. So you can check the right way to use it.

To disable battery saving mode OFF: go to “Battery” > “Battery Saver” > tap on the button “Turn Off Now.” It’ll help you enable the ATT hotspot when it’s not working.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get My ATT Hotspot To Work?

Some simple effort can help you to your ATT hotspot to work. First, check whether your mobile data is available or not. Besides, try restarting your device and disabling battery-saving mode. Also, you may need to check the software updates and switch to the lower mobile frequency band.

How Do I Reset My AT&T Hotspot?

First, turn your mobile hotspot on, and press and hold the power button for about two seconds on the Wi-Fi-capable device you need to connect. And then, open your Wi-Fi Settings or Network Connection Manager. Now, find the network name of the mobile hotspot, enter the password, and connect.

Why My Hotspot Is Not Working IPhone AT&T?

Firstly, check the mobile data availability when you find your iPhone 11 hotspot not working ATT. If it’s okay with the data plan, it may happen for other reasons, like a software malfunction. Restarting is the simplest way to solve this issue. Otherwise, get an updated version of your iPhone’s operating system.


When the ATT hotspot not working, it’ll prevent you from staying connected while working on the go or traveling. Maintaining your connections is vital, but you can’t keep it public always.

Solving the issue is the best way to restore your connection. And, Thank God! You already learned a lot regarding the reasons and solutions for the ATT hotspot issue. Hopefully, they’ll help you fix this issue and make minimal effort.

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