How To Type Square Root on iPhone Calculator, Text & Browser?

Does the iPhone keyboard have a square root button? Unfortunately, the answer is no. iPhone keyboard doesn’t have such specific signs. It has other general math symbols like the percentage sign and the plus/minus symbol. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t type square root on iPhone.

So how to type square root on iPhone? You will find it out in this article. Here you will learn to insert square root in iPhone calculator, browser, and in document apps with keyboards. Some common questions are answered at the end as well. So, make sure to read it all out.

How To Type Square Root on IPhone: Some Simple Methods

Check out all the different tricks of using square root on your iPhone below. These options and methods are really simple to follow. Give them a go.

How to type square root on iPhone calculator

Getting square root on the iPhone calculator is probably the easiest. There is the square root option in the calculator. In other words, you don’t need a keyboard for this.

Firstly, pull down the quick access tool tray and turn off the auto rotation. Then go to your iPhone calculator and hold your phone in landscape mode.

After getting there, type in the number you want to square root. After that, click on the 2√x. This symbol is on the 2nd column of the 3rd row from the left.

Now there you have it. Click = to complete the calculation or copy the formula if you want.

How to copy square root using from Safari

In case you didn’t know, the iPhone keyboard doesn’t have the square root symbol. However, if you need to grab it quickly, you can always get the sign from Here’s how,

Now the square root symbol is right where you need it.

How to type square root from iPhone keyboard

As you can see, you can get the square root symbol on iPhone just by copying it from the web. But this surely is a lot of hassle. You can’t just go to the web whenever you need the symbol. So, how to text square root on iPhone? There is another trick.

You can use iPhone’s text replacement feature and create a shortcut for your need. But before getting into it, copy symbol from here or from Trust me. You will need this. And now here’s how you can do it,

Now go back to the app you were typing in. Then insert the shortcut you have modified (e.g., ^-2) and see if it does the work. If you have followed all the steps accordingly, you should see the square root symbol the moment you put the shortcut command in.

How to Insert square root symbol in MS Word and Google Doc on iPhone

If you follow the previous method and adjust your shortcut setting accordingly, you will be able to insert the square root symbol anywhere you want, including Google Docs and MS Word mobile app on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, unlike on a computer, you can’t insert the square root symbol from the program system. But you can always use the keyboard shortcut you have created. Or, you can just copy-paste the symbol and get your job done.

There is another way to use square root symbol on MS Word or Google Doc and that is using a third-party keyboard. Read on to find out more about it.

How to get square root symbol from a third-party keyboard:

The best keyboard app for the symbol is SciKey. You can download this application for free from the app store.

After downloading the app, here’s how you can set it up,

Now you can use the square root and many more symbols on your iPhone without any hassle. Use the new keyboard for a while, click around, and you will get used to the fresh convenience.

This Copy Paste Option Can Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you type square root symbol on iPhone?

Yes, typing square root symbol on iPhone is really easy. You can either enable the text replacement feature or copy-paste the symbol every time you need to use the sign. Apart from this, you won’t have to face much hassle using square root in other programs such as calculator, doc, or word.

How do you type a squared number on a phone?

To write a squared number, you have to type the number first. Then, make sure the cursor is right next to the digit. Then press and hold “2” on your keyboard until the number minimizes and gets set on top of your target number as a square.

Can you do superscript on iPhone?

Well, technically you can’t. However, you can do it easily using the text-replacement feature. Just associate a shortcut with your target phrase, and that should do the trick.


iPhone practically has everything you can possibly need. But sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to figure out the right way to get some things done. However, taking help from the net regarding your problem definitely makes everything easier for you.

For example, if you have given this entire article a read, you now know how to type square root on iPhone. Just follow the tricks, and you will get by perfectly.

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