Can Someone Tell If I Check Their Location On iPhone?[Answered]

Does iPhone allow leakage of any user information? No, never. iPhone is widely popular for several things, and one of its most attractive features is its robust security. It ensures all your data and personal information is safe with Apple.

You have probably wondered, can someone tell if I check their location on iPhone! Despite the strong safety features, the answer is probably no. Or iPhone can inform the user, but the users may fail to recognize the signal.

So, which one is it? Keep reading the article, and you will find it all out.

So, Can You See If Someone Checks Your Location iphone?

The short answer is a big no. Though in updated iOS, you can know if your location is being checked. A tiny navigation icon beside the WiFi sign tells you someone is watching your location, but this still doesn’t tell you who it is. But don’t worry, it’s definitely someone you have shared your location within iMessage or Map.

Apple also provides a feature called “Find My Friend,” where your contact can share their locations with you, and you can do the same. Apart from this, others can track your location if you share your whereabouts through any third-party app like Snapchat.

But why is it impossible to know who checks my location? Because iPhone wants to make sure you are not violating anyone’s privacy.

However, does it notify the person when you check their location on your iPhone? No, they won’t get any notification either. They won’t get any notice even when you check them out from the shared location on iPhone map. Simply put, there’s no way to know who checked your location on your iPhone.

If you feel like someone has checked your location, the first thing you should think about is where you have shared your location. Or if anyone has requested to see your location. In either case, you can infer that these are the people who are checking your location.

However, if someone requests the location information, you can be certain of that person being the one checking your whereabouts. When someone requests your location, they send a Ping Signal to you.

Did anyone send you Ping Signal? Did you accept the request? They are probably checking your location.

So yes, this is the only technical way you can know who checked you on Map. From this discussion, it is clear that unless the person directly interacted with you regarding their location, it’s impossible to know if anyone is checking it.

Besides, after iOS 13 update, Apple has included an amazing feature that alerts you when and what apps is using your location. And that deserves a big shoutout!

So, the question, can someone tell if I check their location on iPhone or not hopefully, a bit clear to you now. If not, let’s dig some more.

How To Be Certain If Your Location Is Being Checked?

There are a few simple ways to know for certain if your location is vulnerable. It’s usually not your voluntary act that causes the issue. But whatever the reasons may be, it’s important to know about them to ensure the proper safety of your information.

Here’s how to know if your location is being checked on an iPhone,

Your location share is on

iPhone’s default map allows the contacts to exchange their live location with one another. If your “shared location” is on, this can give out information about your position on the Map.

To know if this is the case, go to the settings on your iPhone Map and navigate to privacy. Here, scroll down to click on Location Services. In this option, you will find Location Sharing, where there will be a list of people. These people have access to your location. If you want to stop sharing the location with a specific person, click on their icon and then switch off the location sharing option at the top of the screen.

This Video May Help You Check How Snapchat Use Your Location!

Unusual battery consumption

Sharing live location requires maintaining a constant stable data connection. It goes without saying this puts tremendous pressure on the battery. So, if your location is being shared, it will be apparent on your battery life.

After noticing unusual battery drainage, you can go into the details. Check the battery usage information and see how much power went into the location service. If you discover that a huge amount of power went directly into the Map and location service, you can conclude your location is being tracked. This can be a third-party app or someone else you don’t know.

So, does it notify someone when you check their location on iPhone? No, but you don’t need notification because now you know other ways to ensure it.

How To Avoid Being Tracked From your iPhone?

iPhone is a great user-friendly device. It always puts the individual handler’s convenience, privacy, and safety first. It gives you full access to use your data exactly the way you want. If you try, you can definitely avoid being tracked. Here’s what you do about it,

Turn off app tracking on all the apps

The first thing you should do is deal with the most apparent suspect. Eliminate all the apps from accessing your location. Here’s what you can do,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Select any unauthorized or third-party app
  • Turn off Allow Tracking from here

Or you can just go to privacy and turn off all the tracking from there. All the apps requesting your location will be enlisted on that page.

Turn off Location Services

Turning the location services off will give you much better security on iPhone. Here’s what you can do,

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Privacy
  • Then select Location Services
  • Here toggle off the Location Services

Stop sharing location

iPhone has a feature where you can share locations with your friends and contacts. You can do this from the Find My app or iPhone’s default map.

To stop sharing location from the Find My app, get into the app and click on People. Then select the person you want to stop sharing your location with. After selecting the person, tap Stop Sharing My Location. You will find this option at the bottom of the screen.

And to stop sharing location from contacts or iMessage, you have to go to iMessage and then enter the conversation with that particular contact. Then tap on the contact’s name and icon. This will take you to the contact’s information. Here, click on Stop Sharing My Location, and this should do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can someone check My Location on iPhone?

Yes, other people from your contact can see your location on iPhone. But that’s only if you have given them the permission to do so.

How can someone track My location on iPhone?

iPhone has a strict security system. It’s almost impossible to track your phone without anyone knowing. However, if you install a harmful third-party app or a tracker, this can give that app access to your location. Apart from this, others can track your location if you give them permission from the Find My app or iMessage’s contact.

How to see if someone checked your location on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see who checked your location. Even the people who have permission to access your location remain anonymous when they look you up on the Map. But you can always check which app uses location services from the settings.


You were probably worried that someone was trying to track your location without your consent. But after reading this whole article, you should be relieved. As you can see, it’s not possible to tell who checks your location unless they want to reveal that information. But you can prevent anyone from accessing your location data very easily. Just follow the article, and that should offer you all the convenience.

So, to sum up, can someone tell if I check their location on iPhone? No, but they can indeed prevent you from seeing the location.

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