You Are Not Allowed To Make Dialed Carrier Calls

You always cannot rely on WiFi or an internet connection to make phone calls, and you will need to make calls via your wireless carrier. But what if you are not allowed to make dialed carrier calls on your iPhone? This can be quite annoying and leave you in a lot of trouble.

There can be many reasons, like no network signal, airplane mode being turned on, zero balance, and many more. All these issues can lead to calls not going through the carrier on the iPhone. But, this is nothing serious, and you can solve them easily. 

If your iPhone is having trouble making dialed calls through your carrier, then our guide is here to help you. Today we will discuss all the probable reasons for this problem and how you can solve them.

Reasons you are not allowed to make dialed carrier calls

There can be many reasons which can prevent you from making dialed carrier calls on iPhone. The error message “Call Failed” or “You are not allowed to make dialed carrier calls” can appear on your screen. So, read below to know about all these reasons.

  • Airplane mode is turned on
  • No Network signal
  • Zero balance
  • Carrier settings need an update
  • Dirty sim card slot or damaged sim card 
  • Problem with network settings 
  • Phone needs update 

How to fix you are not allowed to make dialed carrier calls 

You already know about the reasons preventing you from making phone calls on your iPhone. But, not to worry, as you can fix these quite easily by following the method listed below.

Turn off the Airplane Mode

Sometimes, we toggle to turn on airplane mode on the iPhone by mistake. Now when airplane mode is on, it prevents all network signals from entering or leaving the phone, eventually blocking any incoming or outgoing phone calls. 

When you’re in a plane, this mode is essential to avoid interruption, but it serves no purpose when you’re not. Read the steps below to turn off airplane mode. 

Step 1: Go to the settings of your iPhone and scroll down until you see “Airplane Mode”

Step 2: You will see a toggle beside the Airplane mode. Simply pull the toggle and turn the mode off.

Try to make calls now, and it should be working fine if it was due to airplane mode. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, keep on reading the other solutions below. 

Wait for the signal to come back up.

Sometimes you cannot make dialed carrier calls on an iPhone due to poor network signal. You can get bad phone service if you’re in a far-off open place or if it’s storming or snowing where you are. 

Look at the mobile signal indicator in the status bar of your iPhone to verify this quickly. There is a network problem if only one vertical bar is filled in or you see no service. 


Since you can only access a network where your carrier has enough coverage, there isn’t a precise solution. Try leaving the area and going to a different room or location and see if the network signal returns.

You might also try activating the airplane mode, waiting a short while, and then disabling it. Use the procedures we covered above. Occasionally, this resets the network signal and forces the signal to come back up.

Reload Balance

Carriers usually come in two different options; prepaid and postpaid. Users who use postpaid don’t need to be concerned about this. However, prepaid users should verify the number of voice call minutes on their package. Therefore, if your carrier is out of balance, talk time you will need to reload the balance and then try to make calls again. 

Carrier settings update

Your carriers frequently incorporate the upgrades with iOS. If you visit another country, you may need to change the carrier selections on your iPhone.

Additionally, updates to carrier settings are occasionally released by Apple and your cellular provider. These upgrades often enhance your iPhone’s capacity to establish and maintain a mobile connection with your carrier. To learn how to alter the carrier settings, continue reading.

Step 1: Select About from the General menu in the iPhone’s settings.

Step 2: Tap the carrier’s name under Network Provider after scrolling there.

Step 3: Carrier Settings Update popup will appear if an update is available, and the system will update the settings.

Clean the sim Card slot and change the sim card

Sometimes dirt can get inside the sim card slot and cause network issues leading to call failures. Even though it is unlikely, your sim card slot can get damaged fully over time. A SIM card may also become contaminated over time if it has been in use for a long time due to wear and tear.

Step 1: Open the sim card slot

Open the sim card slot using the sim ejector pin and clean the tray fully using some phone cleaner spray and microfiber cloth. 

Step 2: Check the sim card

After cleaning the sim card slot, check if your sim looks okay or shows signs of damage or wear and tear on the surface. If yes, then visit your carrier provider and get a sim replacement.


Step 3: Check the sim card slot

If the above two steps work for you, then you are good to go. If not, you will need to check the sim card slot for any damage. If the slot is damaged, the sim cannot provide a proper connection to the phone, causing a network error. You should replace the damaged sim card slot from any good repair center. 

Reset Network Settings

A network malfunction could mess up your iPhone’s carrier connections, and if there are network-related issues, you might not be able to make calls from your iPhone. 

Hence, you will need to reset your iPhone’s network settings. Read below to learn how to reset network settings on your iPhone properly. 

Step 1: Go to the settings

Go to your iPhone’s settings, go down to the general menu, and select it.

Step 2: Click reset settings

Now scroll below, and at the very bottom, you will see the “transfer or reset” option. Click here, and you will see the reset option.

Step 3: Reset network settings 

When you click the reset option at the bottom of the screen, many options will come up. Be careful to click “reset network settings.” Do not press any other settings as accidental clicks can lead your whole iPhone to become factory reset. 

When you select the reset option, follow the on-screen instructions, and the network settings will be reset fully, and now you should be able to make calls.

Update your iPhone

Software updates are routinely released by Apple to enhance the functionality of your iPhone, address bugs, and provide innovative features. Therefore, phone bugs rather than the carrier itself may be to blame for problems with dialed carrier calls. As a result, you must regularly upgrade your phone’s software.

Below, we will discuss how you can update your iPhone easily without trouble.

Step 1: You must first enter the general menu and settings on your iPhone. Choose “Software Update” from the menu.

Step 2: Update the Software

You can check whether or not there are any updates available by selecting the software update option. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the software on your iPhone successfully.


When you cannot make dialed carrier calls on an iPhone, you can be annoyed, and you can even get stuck in many problems. Thus, today in this guide, we have discussed all the reasons which can cause this, along with their solutions.

We hope now call-making issues on your iPhone should be solved by now. However, if you cannot solve the issue even after trying all these fixes, you will need to contact the carrier provider, and they will help you solve this problem.

Instead of panicking, keep your head calm and slowly try out all the solutions which we have discussed above.

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