How to Fix Instagram Layout App Not Working on iPhone?

One of the largest social media platforms nowadays is Instagram, which keeps getting more popular daily. Thus, if you are an Instagram user, you already know how useful the Layout App on Instagram is. However, sometimes the Layout App can crash or not work on the iPhone. So, how to fix the Instagram Layout app not working on iPhone?

When the Layout app is not working on the iPhone, you can try to restart the App or delete and reinstall the App, and this should be enough to fix the problem. If it still doesn’t work, then you might have to try something else.

Thus, if the Layout app keeps crashing on your phone, make sure to read this guide to know how to fix this issue easily.

What is the Instagram Layout App 

Before Layout, creating engaging picture collages required using other tools. These applications also assist with resizing pictures according to Instagram’s requirements for photo size when uploading photos.

However, the primary issue with these programs was that they used to reduce the original photo resolutions, which occasionally led to hazy images.

All these problems were resolved when Instagram introduced Layout, allowing users to combine their photographs and share them with their friends to produce original layouts. 

With Layout, you can select pictures from your collection or take spontaneous pictures with the built-in Photo Booth and immediately see how they’re arranged in a stylish collage.

How to Fix Instagram Layout App Not Working on iPhone

There can be many reasons that can lead to a Layout app not working properly on your iPhone. Luckily all these problems are easily solvable without much hassle. Keep on reading to know more.

Getting a White or black screen when you enter the App

The first and most common issue you can encounter with a Layout app is that you keep seeing a white or black screen when you enter the App. However, this issue is nothing to worry about as this happens mostly due to excessive pressure on your iPhone’s ram.

Solution: To fix white or black screen issues, you will need to clear all your recent apps from your iPhone. Clearing recent apps from iPhones varies between different models of the phone. 

  • For iPhones with the home button

At first double click the home button, and you will see all recent apps coming up. Simply clear all the apps using your finger by pulling up all of them until no more apps are left. Now try again; the Layout app should be working fine.

  • For iPhones without a home button

The latest models of iPhones, starting from the iPhone X, do not have a home button. So you will need to pull using your finger from the bottom of the screen and stop, and you will see all recent apps come up. Now clear them all and try again opening the Layout app; it should be working fine.

The App Doesn’t load and it freezes. 

If you notice that the App is not loading and keeps freezing when you try to do anything, then there can be server errors. It can also happen due to internet issues on your phone. Read below to know how to solve it.

Solution: If the problem happens due to server error, you cannot do much about it rather than wait until the server returns. However, when it happens due to internet issues, you should check whether or not the internet connection is working properly.

If you are using WiFI, then try connecting it to your carrier’s net connection and see if the App works perfectly. If yes, then the problem was with your Wifi connection.

The layout App keeps closing down.

If your Layout app keeps closing down on the iPhone or whenever you enter the App, it keeps crashing. Then there is one possible reason for it: your iPhone is running out of space. 

Solution: If your phone is out of space, then any app can crash down, and you can have a hard time properly running the App. So, to fix this issue, you will need to delete unnecessary apps on your phone and clear out a few spaces. When there is sufficient space on your iPhone, the layout app should be working properly.

If the Layout app is not working properly 

For instance, you have none of the issues above and some different issues that do not let you use the App properly. There are two fixes you can try.


  • Try Restarting your iPhone

There seem to be a lot of App Store problems after updating the iOS operating system. After a system upgrade, it’s conceivable that accessibility to the user credentials for the concerned App Store is no longer acceptable.

Therefore, by just restarting your iPhone once, you may easily remedy this. Because rebooting the iPhone will resolve any small software issues that may arise.

  • Update or reinstall the Layout App

If the Instagram Layout app is not working on your iPhone, then you should check for updates in the App. Go to the app store and check if there is any update for the App; update it. 

Updating the App will fix any existing bugs in the current version. However, if there is no update, simply uninstall and install the App again. The App should be working fine by now.


Layout app is an important app for any Instagram user, and when this App is not working on iPhone, it can get quite annoying. So, today in this guide, we have discussed all the fixes which you can try to solve this problem easily. 

Do not panic when the Layout app keeps crashing, and slowly try all the methods we have listed in this guide. We believe by now you have been able to solve this problem.

But still, if none of the above-discussed methods work, then check for software updates in iPhone as sometimes it happens due to older iOS versions. 

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