Why Does RTT Randomly Turn On?

Like any other feature or software on the iPhone, RTT has some negative consequences in terms of malfunctioning or other issues. In recent times, many iPhone users have been reporting RTT is randomly turning on during calls. But, why does RTT randomly turn on?

There are a few reasons that may cause RTT to turn on randomly. The most prominent cause is the software RTT/TTY is enabled on the device. Alongside this, a software glitch or system malfunction can also cause this issue. 

Are you also fed up with this issue? Don’t worry; we have got your back. Here we’ll explore every fact you need to know about RTT and some possible solutions to fix the random RTT issue. 

What Does RTT Mean?

If you’re not familiar with RTT, but just have experienced its negative consequences, this portion is for you. So, what does RTT actually mean by RTT? 

Real-time text (RTT) is a virtual-text generator tool that enables you to send out a text in real-time from a separate device. The recipient then reads your text as they are typing it back to you. It functions as a way to have a text conversation textually in real time over a voice call. 

It practically feels like you are talking on the telephone, but it allows you to use a keyboard instead of saying words. The RTT tool provides a comparable alternative to voice calls and increases the ease of connection for individuals with limited mobility.

How Do RTT Calls Work?

While RTT is one kind of messaging process, it’s not like regular text messaging as there you have to type out a full message to send it when ready. 

RTT dramatically reduces the number of steps that are needed to initiate a text exchange by allowing you to type out a sentence, and it will be shown to another person straight away instead of hitting the send button. 

When using RTT, you can make or receive calls using the same ten-digit numbers used for voice calls, and costs will be dependent on the arrangement with your phone carrier.  RTT calls are made using IP-based technology on phones that support RTT.  As a result, dropped calls are less likely than with conventional technology.

Why Does RTT Randomly Turn On?

Well, now it’s time to dive into the detailed explanation of why you’re seeing RTT turning on randomly. However, as we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons that can turn the RTT panel on during a call. Let’s check them below:

1. RTT/TTY Software is On

On your iPhone’s accessibility, there’s a function named “RTT/TTY Software” with a toggle on the right side. If you have toggled it to the right means the RTT function is turned on. Furthermore, there’s an option “Answer All Calls as RTT/TTY”.

If this option is turned on, every call on your phone will be received as an RTT call. In short, when RTT/TTY software is turned on, the RTT call screen will be turned on randomly. 

This is relatable only when you have turned on RTT intentionally or unintentionally. However, if this is the case when RTT software isn’t turned on, but you’re seeing RTT randomly, see the causes mentioned below. 

  • Possible Solution

The first thing you have to do is check whether the RTT/TTY Software is turned on. If it’s on, you have to turn it off. Even though it’s named software, RTT isn’t the standard software we use on our phones. So, you can’t uninstall it. If you’re confused about turning off the RTT software, check the later section of our article. 

2. System Bug

A software glitch or bug in the system can result in RTT mode turning on abnormally. We have seen many people worried about the fact that they see the RTT mode is on even if their RTT function is disabled from the setting. 

This situation can be caused by a malfunction in the calling software or your iOS version. For instance, your system is previously configured with the RTT function. Even after you have changed the setting, your iOS isn’t keeping pace with the setting. 

That means your system is thinking the RTT function is still turned, and you’re ending up with a frustrating situation. This can be worse when “Answer RTT as Muted” is also on. 

  • Possible Solution:

If your old iOS version or a malfunction in the calling software is causing RTT to randomly turn on, the only solution here is to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Check whether the problem is solved after updating your iOS. 

3. Call Participant is Using RTT Function

Sometimes it’s likely that the person who called you, or you have called has RTT mode turned on. This can eventually turn on RTT on your device as well. 

In such a case, the call you have received is established via the RTT server, so it won’t be surprising that you’re seeing RTT call mode on your side as well. However, this is just a prediction. 

  • Possible Solution:

If the RTT software isn’t turned on, and you have the latest iOS version, ask your participant whether they are calling the RTT server or making an RTT call. 

How To Turn Off RTT On iPhone – 3 Simple Steps

You can set both the regular call mode and the RTT mode according to your choice, but you can disable the RTT mode if you find it unsettling or simply don’t need it. However, if you’re wondering how to turn off RTT on your iPhone, just follow the three simple steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Go to Accessibility from Setting

Navigate to the Home Screen of your iPhone, and tap the Settings app. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Accessibility option. Alternatively, you can gain access to this setting from the Home Screen, or select the General option in the Setting menu and navigate to Accessibility.

Step 2: Select Software RTT/TTY and Turn it Off

For your iPhone to make or receive RTT calls, select the option from the hearing section and scroll down to the RTT option. If you see RTT/TTY instead, tap Software RTT/TTY at the top of the screen. From there, go on to check the Software RTT option at the top and Software TTY below.

If it’s turned on, tap the Software RTT toggle to reverse, and then turn off the Software TTY as well. It is green when the tool is activated, and the color changes to gray when you switch it off completely.

Step 3: Check by Making a Call

You’ve successfully turned off the RTT service on your iPhone. You can now exit the screen and call out and text normally. However, it’s better to check right after finishing the setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any further queries in mind? If yes, check the most frequently asked questions we have gathered below. Hopefully, this will help you be familiar with some common concerns among iPhone users worldwide. 

Why am I getting RTT on my iPhone?

Applications from the Phone app of iOS, such as VoiceOver, may use Software RTT/TTY to call individuals with Speech Recognition. As long as your device supports the carrier’s RTT, it’ll automatically relay speech when you type text.

What is the difference between RTT and TTY?

RTT requires no special hardware and can be used on all Android and iOS devices operating the latest versions of their operating systems. This feature provides a shortcut to a back-and-forth dialog so that communication and conversation can take place concurrently.

Should RTT be on or off?

When RTT is enabled on both devices, you won’t be able to hear the audio during calls. If you want to hear audio on a phone call, make sure to turn RTT off.

How do I know if I have RTT?

You’ll be notified of your device’s connection to the RTT protocol by either an injection of ping or user input recognized as a command line that submits a request to the server provider to estimate the time it is taking to reach a specific user device. 

But, sometimes, the ping or the command prompt is sometimes false due to the length of time it usually takes to arrive at a certain user device.

Final Words

“Why does RTT randomly turn on?” Is this question still swinging in your mind? Guess not. However, before we sign off, let’s summarize the whole fact again. 

When RTT is enabled randomly, this can be really irritating as you won’t hear any voice at all. If this happens to you, first check whether the RTT function is turned on. In case, it’s turned on, then simply disable it. 

However, when the RTT function is disabled, but still you’re seeing RTT call mode, try updating the iOS version. If nothing works, contact the Apple support team.

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