Twitter Notification Won’t Go Away iPhone: Full Guide on How to Fix It

Suppose you log in to your Twitter account and see the red indicator next to your notification icon. However, once you click on it, there are no new notifications. The notification will keep showing even when there is no unread notification left. Why?

Twitter notifications on the iPhone will not go away due to bugs, glitches, an outdated Twitter app, and unread messages. Refreshing Twitter, clearing cache, opening all notifications and messages, and updating the app help get rid of the notifications in most cases. 

Keep reading to find the details of all the reasons for this problem, along with their fixes!

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of Twitter Notifications on iPhone?

Many users have complained about Twitter notifications piling up for no reason. Even after you check all the notifications, they still won’t go away. Of course, there must be an underlying reason for this issue. 

Let’s consider all of the possible reasons why users can’t get rid of Twitter notifications on their iPhone:

  • You haven’t checked all the notifications at least once
  • Unread messages in the inbox
  • Twitter server outage
  • A bug in your Twitter app
  • Synchronization error on multiple devices
  • Unread message requests’
  • Poor internet connection
  • Account is shadowbanned 

How To Fix Twitter Notifications Won’t Go Away Problem on iPhone?

The main purpose of Twitter notifications is to alert the user when their tweets are liked or retweeted. They also send notifications when someone follows, mentions or inboxes you on Twitter. 

However, if the red notification icon never goes away, you won’t know when an actual notification arrives. 

Here is the detailed guide on what steps you can take in order to get rid of your stuck Twitter notifications:

Refresh The Twitter Page

Refreshing the Twitter homepage is often the solution to a lot of problems. It is also the first thing anyone dealing with a Twitter notification problem would do undoubtedly. 

Any stuck notifications should be gone once you refresh the page. Click on the home button on Twitter to refresh the page.

Sign Out and Sign In To Twitter

Sometimes, completely signing out of Twitter on your iPhone and then logging back in solves the problem. Signing out refreshes your entire Twitter account. 

The connection between your iPhone and Twitter server will be reset once you sign out. 

So, the internal notification system will fix the problems by refreshing the account during this time. Sign in once again, and the notification problem should disappear by now.

Log Into Your Account From Another Device

If the Twitter account can’t remove the notifications from your iPhone, the next method you should try is logging in from another device. 

This is because, for some reason, your iPhone might fail to register that the notifications are being read. You can log in from another phone or just your laptop.

After logging into the Twitter account on the other device, check all of the notifications from that device. 

This should sync the account information and make your phone app finally realize that there are no new notifications. 

Open All The Unchecked Notifications

Maybe there was a notification that popped up on your screen, but you swiped it away at the time. Even though you have seen the notification, you haven’t really opened it yet. Thus, many old notifications could pile up at the bottom eventually without you opening them.

The red icon of a Twitter notification doesn’t really go away unless you open each one of the notifications individually. So, patiently click on every single one of the notifications until you’re done opening all of them.

Check Every Message In Twitter Inbox

The situation is similar to the Twitter notifications mentioned above. If you have left some of the messages in your inbox thinking you’ll open them later, they might be the reason for this problem. 

Therefore, go to the envelope icon you see once you log into Twitter. Open every single unread dms you have received to make the notifications finally disappear. 

Keep in mind, there is a separate option called message requests in your inbox. If someone you don’t follow wants to send you a message, their message goes directly into this section. 

So, go to the Message Requests section on top of your inbox and open each message here too. Accept or Delete the message requests from your inbox as you deem necessary.

Clear Cache From Twitter

An effective fix for the Twitter notification appearance could be eradicated by clearing the cache from the app. The accumulated cache can slow down Twitter synchronization and updates. 

So, clearing the cache can be a good solution for a lot of Twitter app related problems. 

To clear the cache-

  • Launch the Twitter app.
  • From the left menu, click on More Options.
  • Find the Clear Cache feature from the menu.
  • Click on it to clear up all the junk cache on the app.

Update The Twitter App

Twitter is constantly updated in order to fix any bugs or inconveniences in the previous versions. If you haven’t updated the app for a long while, the bugs could slowly start creating various issues. One of the issues is stuck Twitter notifications.

Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone and search for Twitter. If there is a newer version available, click on Update next to the name Twitter. Launch the updated version and check if the problem persists. 

Disable The Twitter Badge Notification on iPhone or iPad

Removing the badge notifications from the iPhone settings will stop showing the notification number on your Twitter icon. 

You can disable this option for a while and then turn it back on again. Check to see if the notifications are stuck beside the Twitter icon or not. 

To disable these badge notifications-

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Find Twitter in the list of apps.
  • Tap on Notification in the Twitter menu.
  • Turn the toggle switch beside Badges off. 

Turn Off and Back On Twitter Notifications on iPhone Settings

You can try turning off receiving any Twitter notifications from the Settings of your Twitter app. Then, reboot the iPhone following proper protocol. 

After you switch the iPhone back on, turn the notifications for Twitter on again. This method should also reset all your problems with Twitter notifications.

To complete this process-

  • Go to Settings and click on Twitter.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Turn the toggle switch off on Allow Notifications.
  • Turn the iPhone on, wait for a few minutes, and then power it on again.
  • Follow the same steps and turn on the toggle switch next to Allow Notifications now. 

Ensure Steady Internet Connectivity

If the internet connection on your iPhone is not fully secure, the notifications can’t be updated properly and on time. Therefore, the Twitter notifications don’t synchronize as they should and show the red icon all the time.

Make sure to switch between wi-fi and mobile data to check if the internet is causing any problems. If you use mobile data to browse Twitter, disable the data saving mode in the mobile data options. Turn on the background data usage option from the Settings menu too. 


Let’s clear up all our confusion with some more information regarding the Twitter notifications being stuck on your iPhone.

Is it safe to clear Twitter’s cache?

It is perfectly safe to clear the Twitter cache on your iPhone. It won’t delete any of your valuable data. Rather, clearing the Twitter cache will result in empty storage, faster performance, and unproblematic Twitter notification experience. 

How Do I Enable The Notifications on Twitter On My iPhone?

In the Twitter app, first select Settings & Privacy from the menu. Next, go to Notifications. Click on Preferences on the next page and choose Push Notifications in order to enable them. Make sure to switch on all the notification toggle options. 

How Can I Manually Clear All The Twitter Notifications?

Logging in to Twitter, press the notification button first. Swipe the notification you want to remove to the left. Tap on Clear to remove that notification. On the iPhone, you can swipe down the screen and tap on the X button to clear all notifications at once. 


If you have tried all the methods provided in this guide but the notifications still haven’t cleared up, it is time to contact Twitter Support. 

You’ll need to provide them with your device model, type, version number, and the particular notification problem in detail. 
The staff at Twitter Support has an excellent track record of solving all kinds of Twitter related problems within a record amount of time.

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