How To Get Out Of Incognito Mode On iPhone Chrome?

The Incognito mode is the safest option for private browsing when you don’t want to expose your identity to the search engine. If you use this feature, Chrome can’t save your browsing history or third-party cookies once you exit the browser. 

If you have accidentally started this feature, how to get out of Incognito mode on iPhone Chrome? Here’s a glimpse:

  • First, open your Chrome and get to the home button. 
  • At the right corner of your Chrome home on iPhone, you will see a square icon.
  • click on the square icon to open the “Tabs” view. 
  • In the “Tabs” view, you will see that there are three options at the top, you are in the left option named “Incognito.” 
  • Close the opened tabs and click on the middle option from the top. This will close the Incognito mode. 

Now that we have shared a short glimpse, let’s dive into the details of this! 

How Does Incognito Mode Work On Chrome For iPhone? (S: 1,2)

The main intention to use an Incognito mode is to keep your browsing data hidden. While you are using this feature on Chrome on your iPhone, this will prevent Chrome from saving your browsing data once you leave the mode. 

Whereby, in regular browsing mode, anyone can see your browsing history until you clean it, in Incognito mode, it automatically disappears when you exit the option. Also, no matter how many times you visit a site, the Incognito mode will always make you appear as a new user of the site. 

Not only your browsing history, but you can also keep your stored passwords and auto-filled saved information if you are using Incognito mode. 

Although your browsing history won’t be visible to others who use your phone, Incognito mode won’t keep your history private from your internet service provider (ISP), and search engines. 

Besides, if you think that this is just like VPN, it’s not. Instead, you can still be tracked by third parties (unless you block certain third-party cookies), including your IP address. 

Then why do you need to use Incognito mode? Well, there can be several circumstances. Maybe you are planning to propose to someone without letting them know, so you want to steer clear of everything you do from their prying eyes. Some people also use it to keep their children away from looking into their browsing history. 

How To Get Out Of Incognito Mode On iPhone Chrome? Step By Step (Source: my iPhone)

Now if you have fed your curiosity and entered the iPhone Chrome’s Incognito mode, you might be wondering if this is a trap after failing to get out of there. But here are the simple steps to follow: 

  • Step-1: Open the Chrome browser on your iPhone.
  • Step-2: Click on the home button of your Chrome browser if you are on any website.
  • Step-3: Now click on the square icon to take you to the Incognito mode Tabs area
  • Step-4: If you look at the top of your screen, you will see there are 3 options, and the Incognito is in the left corner. 
  • Step-5: Close all the open tabs and click on the middle icon, right beside your Incognito icon from the top. 
  • Step-6: Now you are back in regular browsing mode. 

How Incognito Mode Protects Your Privacy?

While Incognito mode cannot hide your digital footprint, as in your IP address, it can still be beneficial to an extent. Here are a few protective features that it will provide: 

Not Saving Your Data 

When you browse in Incognito mode, no matter which sites you visit, it will never keep the trace once you exit the browser. This is beneficial for personal privacy and allows you to have a personalized search experience. 

As often, family members share their Google account, going Incognito will prevent browsing history from breaching in front of everyone. 

Remaining Under The Mask 

The good thing about the Incognito mode is that Chrome won’t let websites know that you are in an Incognito mode. So, you can surf websites and take advantage of features that are for limited-time usage only. Every time you enter the website, you will be considered a new user. 

Tracking Prevention 

While your IP is not covered, Incognito can still block websites or third parties from setting cookies and cache in your device. Thus, you won’t be bothered with unnecessary cookies once you stop browsing. 

Secures Sensitive Information

If you are using anyone else’s phone, and if regular browsing keeps your login credentials saved in there, this will be an invasion of privacy. To protect so, you can use Incognito while using socials or any other website that requires private information from anyone else’s device. 

Alternatives To Chrome Incognito Modes On iPhone

If you don’t want to use Incognito modes on your Chrome browser, there is no built-in way to keep your identity hidden. However, you can try using Apple’s Safari private browser, Mozilla Firefox Focus, or Opera Touch if you want to go Incognito. 


Hopefully, the above discussion has cleared your confusion. Here are some frequently asked questions related to the discussion that you might want to know.

Can I use Incognito Mode without disabling it completely?

No, you cannot use it halfway. Either you need to select it or you need to exit it if you want to continue your browsing session. 

Does disabling Incognito Mode affect my browsing security?

Disabling Incognito Mode doesn’t directly affect your browsing security. But it will remove your private browsing facilities and the browser will keep your histories stored like regular browsing.

How can I enable Incognito Mode again if I change my mind?

You can go to your Chrome browser, and click on “Open new Incognito tab” from the browsing options if you want to enable Incognito mode again. 

Will disabling Incognito Mode remove my browsing history?

Yes, disabling Incognito mode will remove your Incognito browsing history. But it won’t change your previous regular browsing history. 

Final Words

Enabling Incognito mode is undoubtedly an extraordinary tool to keep your browsing data safe. 

However, if you plan to do anything unreasonable, remember that you are still trackable through your IP address. But for safe browning, Incognito mode is definitely a good choice.

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