Can You Track AirTag Miles Away? How Far!

To lose your knack for losing things, Apple has got the best solution for you- the AirTags. However, it is natural to have general uncertainty or skepticism, can you track AirTag miles away? 

Then to be exact, yes, you can track Apple AirTag miles away. Distance does not matter to the Apple AirTags unless they are within the Bluetooth range of an Apple device in the ‘Find My’ network. 

How exactly does that happen and what if for the remote location? You will get all the answers to those queries in detail here. So, just keep on reading till the end.

Do You Really Track Your AirTag Miles Away?

Let’s be exact here, the Apple AirTag has no real limit to the distance. You can track your AirTag miles away from afar, you know from a different country, even from the other corner of the world. 

All it will need to be provided is that the AirTag is within the Bluetooth range of an Apple device in the ‘Find My Network’, only after adding AirTag in ‘Find My’ on iPhone. 

Your AirTag transmits a unique identifier using Bluetooth. Any compatible Apple device can relay the identifier to the Apple server with its own location information within the Bluetooth range. 

Then you can access the location details through the ‘Find My’ app, signed in to iCloud. Bingo!

As there are about a billion devices on the Find My network, there is a high chance your AirTag will cross by an Apple device and will report to you the location! 

Then what about the remote location?

However, the scenario of tracking is different in the case of a remote location, such as in an unpopulated area or wilderness. 

It is because the ‘Find My’ network works only in the area with enough compatible Apple devices covering the Bluetooth range. Naturally, it will be more difficult to locate your AirTag in a remote location. 

Unlike the other trackers that use GPS tracking or cell towers, air tags need a connection to a mobile tower. So, when you move to a remote location, you can hardly track your AirTag.

What Happens If The Apple AirTag Is Out Of Range?

As you see when you move to a cellular dead zone, it becomes hard or not at all to track your AirTag with the lost item. 

It happens that when you are out of range of the Bluetooth in the ‘Find My’ network, you just only get to know the last location and timestamp shown by the ‘Find My’ app. 

Fortunately, if your AirTag comes into contact with an Apple device later, it will update the location. 

So, to be notified when your AirTag will come within the range of your device or at least be detected by the Find My network, you should

  • Go to Notification’ and 
  • Turn on ‘Notify When Found’. 

Let’s Explain The AirTag Tracking Range!

In today’s busy world, where people are constantly moving, it is no wonder that they lose their belongings most often. 

Till now, all we have said is about Bluetooth or network range, but what exactly is that tracking range? Let’s get to know about it.

Using Bluetooth

You know the AirTags do not have their own tracking range, but they work within the range of Bluetooth. 

Generally, Bluetooth range varies, but for Apple devices or iPhones, the tracking range is about 10 meters, or 33 feet. 

Within this Bluetooth range, the AirTag will passively communicate with you unless there is an interruption.  

Using ‘Find My Network’

Within the range of ‘Find My Network’, AirTags do not have a definite range. 

If you use Find My Network, the distance does not matter unless there is at least one compatible Apple device near the AirTag. 

Factors That Affect The Tracking Range Of The Apple AirTag

There are some factors that affect the signal range of the AirTag. Get to know them so as to minimize interference. 

Signal Strength

Bluetooth signal strength plays an important role in the AirTag range. You can achieve maximum strength in an open area. 

And any kind of obstacle, like walls, buildings, or other electronic devices, weakens its strength. 

Signal Congestion

In a highly populated area, the signal becomes congested, and the Bluetooth range for tracking the airtags becomes limited. 

Battery Life 

As the battery of the airtags depletes over time, a low battery will affect the signal strength of the airtags, weakening it. 

To have optimal performance, have regular monitoring of the battery. 


The closer you are to your AirTag, it will be very easily detectable, as the connection will be stronger, and guaranteed to have accuracy.

Tips to Extend Your AirTag’s Tracking Range

As you already know, there is no limit to the distance range for the AirTag’s tracking unless it is within the range of another iPhone in the Find My iPhone network. 

So, in a general sense, there is nothing much to do to extend the AirTag tracking range, which is already unlimited.

And now, you may be wondering whether to use a Bluetooth extender to extend the range in the remote area. 

Although there are many Bluetooth extenders available, as far as we know, they will not do any work in this situation.

It is because the AirTags use low-energy Bluetooth that has an intentionally short range. 

So, it is not sure how far you can hope to extend the range with a Bluetooth extender unless you find out yourself.

All you can do to get the most out of the AirTag range is minimize the factors affecting its range mentioned above.


Before you leave, there are some more important things to know about the AirTags tracking that can knock your mind. So check it out. 

Can I view an AirTag’s location history?

No, you can’t view the Apple AirTag’s location history. The FindMyApp app will only allow you to see the current location of your AirTag connected to the account. You will not be able to view the location history or the AirTag path over time. 

How often does an AirTag update its location?

How often the AirTag updates its location depends on the number of iPhones nearby on the Find My Network. Generally, if you are in a busy area, Apple AirTags update their location every one or two minutes. But as for your deserted location, the AirTag may stop updating locations. 

How many AirTags can you add to your Apple ID?

Generally, Apple AirTags have ownership limitations. You can add 16 AirTags with your one Apple ID. That means you can find 16 items through AirTags with your one Apple ID. Apple AirTags do not allow more than that. 

Does AirTag Need Wi-Fi to Operate? 

No, Apple AirTags do not need Wi-Fi to operate at all. Instead, it establishes a location using Bluetooth. However, you just need cellular data or Wi-Fi to open the ‘Find My’ app.

Final Words 

Well, we think that it’s almost time to bid farewell to our discussion. Just to recap, the tracking limit of the Apple AirTags is limitless, distance doesn’t matter at all. 

The only factor that matters is the distance between the AirTag and the other device on the Find My Network. However, to get the most out of your AirTag, enable Precision Finding and remember to check the battery. Although the matter isn’t that worrying as the battery has a 1-year warranty, it’s good to be careful.

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