How To Hide App Store on iPad [Childproofing Your iPad]

Kids nowadays are sneaky enough to download new apps on digital devices, even ones they shouldn’t. And with an iPad lying around at home, things are meant to go out of hand. 

One way to prevent this is by hiding the App Store from them. You can either remove the icon from the home screen or hide it inside folders and pages. But putting full restrictions in place is your best bet. Read on to learn how to hide App Store on iPad in detail.

3 Ways to Hide App Store on iPad

Hiding the App Store on your iPad may not be as straightforward as hiding the Play Store on Android devices, but it’s pretty much doable. Here are three methods you can try.

Method 1: Removing the App Store Icon From the Home Screen

If you don’t want your kids to find the App Store, removing the app icon from the home screen is the simplest solution worth trying before anything else. 

When you do this, the App Store will be only accessible from the App Library, which is accessed by swiping left on the last Home Screen page. Kids are less likely to navigate to the App Library, as it is hidden away from the main screens.

To remove the App Store icon from the home screen:

  1. Long press on the App Store icon until you see a pop-up menu.
  2. Select “Remove App” from the menu.
  3. Confirm your action in the following pop-up.

Remember, deleting the App Store icon doesn’t mean apps aren’t downloadable; they’ll merely be less accessible for the kids. Also, this method won’t work unless you’re running iPadOS 15 or newer. 

Method 2: Hiding the App Store in Folders and Pages

If removing the App Store from the home screen doesn’t seem enough, another option is to tuck away its icon into a folder. 

Moreover, when that folder has multiple pages, only the first one displays its tiny app icons on the home screen; the rest don’t.

Therefore, you can make things even harder for your kids by creating several pages inside that folder, keeping the App Store icon buried deep. 

Since out of sight often means out of mind, you can expect this trick to work like a charm. 

To hide the App Store icon in a folder:

  1. Hold the App Store icon until it starts to jiggle, then drag it over another app. 
  2. Release the app when it’s hovering over the other app, creating a new folder.
  3. Now, tap and hold the App Store icon again. 
  4. Keep holding it with one finger while swiping left with another finger to bring up the folder’s second page and drop the icon there.
  1. Repeat this to generate more pages inside that folder, carrying the App Store icon each time. Do remember, though, there must be at least one app on each page.

While this method makes the App Store less obvious to find, quite determined kids might still stumble upon it.

Method 3: Putting Full Restrictions in Place Through Screen Time

Above all methods, the most foolproof way to keep kids off buying or downloading apps on the iPad is by setting up full restrictions on the device.

You can configure these restrictions in the ‘Screen Time’ section in Settings, allowing only you to make changes to the App Store or even disable its installation. This brings the App Store access under total parent control. 

To set up restrictions:

  1. Go to “Settings” and select the “Screen Time” option from the side panel.
  1. Scroll down and tap “Use Screen Time Passcode,” to set a new password for the restrictions if you haven’t already. This ensures no one can alter the settings except for you.
  1. Now, tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions” and toggle it on. 
  1. From there, choose “iTunes and App Store Purchases” and tap “Installing Apps.”
  1. Then, finally, select “Don’t Allow.”

The App Store icon will then disappear. You can now sit back knowing that kids won’t be able to download unwanted apps or make unnecessary purchases through the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further queries regarding hiding the App Store on your iPad? Check out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below, which may help.

Will Asking Siri to Open the App Store Work Even After Hiding It?

Yes, if you ask Siri to open the App Store, she will do so regardless of whether you’ve removed the icon from the Home Screen or hidden it in a folder. However, if you’ve configured full restrictions through Screen Time, Siri won’t help to open the App Store either.

Can the App Store Icon Be Restored If It Has Been Hidden?

Absolutely. If you’ve removed the icon from the Home Screen, you can find it in the App Library and drag it back whenever required. If it’s hidden in a folder, just drag the App Store icon out of the folder. You can also select “Allow” under “Installing Apps” if you’ve restricted it through Screen Time.

Does Disabling the App Store Installations Also Disable Auto-Updates for The Apps?

No, configuring restrictions through Screen Time and disabling the installations from the App Store doesn’t impact the auto-updates for your apps. Existing apps on your iPad will keep updating automatically, so long as you haven’t disabled automatic updates in the device’s settings.

Can I Hide the App Store on My iPhone Using Third-Party Apps?

No, Apple doesn’t allow hiding the App Store or any other app on your iPhone using a third-party app. However, you can still use a third-party app to hide the App Store, but you will have to jailbreak your phone. It’s something we won’t suggest doing since it voids your warranty. 


Kids love to explore and learn, and gadgets like iPads allow them to go beyond their levels so easily. But we all know how inappropriate app downloads and unauthorized purchases can bring unnecessary headaches. 

Yet, now that you know how to hide the App Store on iPad, you can rest assured that your child’s digital environment is safer. Still, it’s crucial to discuss the appropriate use of such devices and lay down clear rules.

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