Does iPhone Have A Nightstand Mode [Answered]

Not all iPhones have come up with a nightstand mode. Rather, you can get to enjoy this feature on the upgraded iOS 17 beta. Alternatively, you can keep the display turned on with the “always-on” feature, even if you do not have the updated iOS version. But it is not the same as the standby mode.

For added benefits, almost every iOS user wants to enjoy the nightstand mode on their devices. Let us help you out by discussing how it works, including how to use nightstand mode, and so on!

How Does the Nightstand Mode Works on iPhone?


The nightstand mode plays a key role in displaying the time on screen, including several unique styles you can choose. 

Many people prefer keeping their device on a kitchen countertop or side table desk by turning the mode on. This way, they can observe the weather, calendar, and so forth!

As the name suggests, it lets your iPhone’s display stand awake throughout the night. Not only this, but the nightstand mode also supports live activities, Siri, and incoming calls. 

In fact, your iPhone device will become able to highlight some relevant widgets to the preferred time with the help of standby mode. 

How to Use the Nightstand/Standby Mode on iPhone?

Enabling the standby mode requires you to follow some specific steps, including the updated version of iOS 17 beta. 

This means the older versions will not allow you to get facilities from the nightstand mode. So let us show you the techniques through a step-by-step process: 

Step-1: Updating the iOS 17 Beta


In order to get access to beta updates, you will need to update your iOS version to 17. Thus, you can enjoy the facilities of standby mode. Here are the easy-peasy ways to do so: 

  • From the Apple Store, start downloading the developer apps that will be completely free. 
  • Once the downloading is done, get into the “Account” option. Using the personal Apple ID, sign in right away. 
  • Now, click on the “Enroll Now” option located on the third row. 
  • Click on the continue button and make sure you are going through the given instructions. 
  • Now, get into the settings option, click on the general, and then tap on “Software Update” located on the top. 
  • There will be two options after clicking on the software update: “Automatic Updates” and “Beta Updates.” Simply go for the Beta to discover the iOS 17 developer beta. 
  • Finally, click on the button named Download and Install located at the bottom. Depending on your internet speed, it will require 20-25 minutes for the complete installation. 

Step-2: Enabling the “Standby” Mode


Once you successfully have downloaded the 17 beta, the standby mode will appear on the settings menu. 

Click on that to turn the standby toggle “ON” right away. And make sure the night mode has turned on too, which is located below. 

Step-3: Placing the iPhone 


Let’s choose the horizontal position in terms of setting your iPhone on the wireless charger if you have it. 

Alternatively, you can select the wired charger to connect it to the device. By keeping the screen locked, make sure you have kept it in the “Landscape Mode.” 

Here, you will notice the nightstand mode has been enabled with a notification named “Welcome to StandBy.” 

Can You Customize Nightstand/Standby Mode on Your iPhone?

With multiple clock styles, photos, and widgets, customizing the standby mode on your iPhone is 100% possible! 

In fact, as we mentioned, this mode also provides added support for incoming calls, large notifications, Siri, and live activities. 

So let us teach you the basic way of customizing the mode to take to beauty to a new height –

Adding Widgets


Indeed, the standby mode shows off the calendar widget and analog clock by default. 

For those who want to customize the screen can pick up weather updates, stock info, upcoming events, and so on. Here are the steps to do so: 

  • Target an on-screen widget to tab and hold it. 
  • Then, both (-) and (+) icons will be visible on the screen. For adding purposes, press the (+) icon located at the top to get widget suggestions.
  • Once the suggestion bar appears on the left, feel free to pick up your desired widget by searching at the top. 

Customizing Clock Face 

Here, you can notice a random clock that you can also customize based on your preference. Because there are up to 5 styles available to choose from. To do so, touch and hold the on-screen clock for a while. 

Afterward, several clock-style options will be visible on the screen. This will let you pick up the one that you preferred most suitable for your iPhone screen. To confirm changes, hit the “done” button right away. 


Apart from customization and setup, you might be looking for more queries on the iPhone nightstand mode. Let us answer a few common questions often asked by users:

How can you disable the standby mode on the iPhone?

Just like you can enable the standby mode, you are equally allowed to disable it. To do so, all you need is to tab the settings menu, and then click on the “standby” toggle button to turn it off. 

Is nightstand mode healthy for the eyes or not?

For eyes, no major drawbacks have been noticeable so far using the nightstand mode. But a recent study shows that activating the yellow light filter is more preferable than the standard white as it gives your eyes relatively less strain. 

Do nightstand mode stand awake throughout the night?

Generally, iPhones and other Apple devices are prone to stay active during the night while taking charge. But it will not stay awake when you click on the side button. 


Not all iPhone models are able to let you take benefits from the nightstand mode. With that being said, users can get facilities from the always-on display, even if they do not have the updated iOS 17 beta. 

But experts often recommend avoiding the always-on display, especially if you make a habit of doing it regularly. Because research shows that this feature is liable to drain the battery 4x faster! 

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