Apple TV Remote App Volume Not Working: 4 Reasons With FIxes

Apple TV works using a physical smart remote, however you can also control the TV with a TV remote app on your iPhone or iPad. But, sometimes the volume function on the app can cause problems due to many reasons like outdated iOS, bugs in the app and more.

Being able to control your Apple TV with the app can be really convenient as you always do not need to look for the physical remote. But, when the volume function causes issues it can be quite annoying. Luckily you can try certain fixes to solve this problem.

What is Apple TV Remote App

You can use your iPhone or iPad to operate your Apple TV or an AirPlay-enabled smart TV by using the Apple TV Remote app. With the help of this app, your iOS device becomes a virtual remote with all the functions you need to interact with your Apple TV. 

With this app, you can perform practically everything that you can do with a conventional remote, including changing the volume, navigating menus, pausing or playing content, and more.

You can scroll among your preferred applications, look up movies or TV series, or even use Siri to search for specific material by voice with a few simple touches on your device’s screen. 

The TV remote app works smoothly with your Apple TV and other AirPlay enabled TVs, guaranteeing a quick and fast connection that puts you in complete control of your entertainment options.

Why Does Apple TV Remote App Volume Not Work With Solutions

The Apple TV remote can be quite convenient to control your Apple TV and other AirPlay enabled Tv’s. However, sometimes the app can malfunction causing the volume control option not to work. 

Outdated App version

One of the main reasons for the app volume not working can be outdated app versions. To ensure optimal performance of your TV remote app, you must ensure that the app is updated to the latest edition. 

Updates for the Apple TV Remote software often fix reported bugs while adding new functionality, enhancing compatibility, and improving stability.

As this app is pre-installed in all TV remote supported iOS devices, updates cannot be done like other apps. 

So, you will need to check if your iOS version has the latest updates available and you will need to install it which will also fix issues in the app.

Go to settings and select general, inside it select “Software Update”. Inside the software update if you see any updates available; download and install it. 

Temporary Bugs

Sometimes there can be temporary bugs on the TV remote app which can happen due to many reasons such as the RAM being clogged up by other applications and more.

To fix this problem you will need to simply restart your iPhone and in most cases a simple restart can fix the temporary bugs or any issues.

If you have an older iPhone with home screen, you will need to press and hold the power button and home button together and keep holding until the apple logo appears. 

When the Apple logo comes up, release the buttons and wait for the iPhone to restart automatically.

If you are using the latest iPhone models without a home button then the restarting process will be a bit different. At first press and release the volume up button and do the same with the volume down button. 

After that press and keep holding the power button and after a few seconds you will see a power slider. 

Ignore the slider and keep holding the power button until your Apple Logo appears on the screen. Release the button after the logo appears and your iPhone will restart.

Problems with internet connection 

To use the Apple TV remote app to work perfectly with your TV you need to make sure the internet connection is working perfectly. The App and the TV both must be connected to the same internet network.

As the TV and remote app works via AirPlay technology, it always requires a stable internet connection. 

So, when the internet connection is unstable the app won’t be able to communicate properly with the TV which can cause issues with volume and other controls on the app.

Problem with connection 

Even though connection problems are very rare in iPhone apps, it can still happen. So, if none of the above fixes work you will need to reset the remote app.

To do this, go to settings and scroll down to “control center” and here you will see the “Apple TV Remote”; press the minus button. It will now get removed from the control center.

Wait for a few minutes and press the plus sign beside the “Apple TV Remote” and this will again add the app in your control center.


Having the convenience of being able to control your TV with your phone can be great but problems occur when the remote app starts having volume control issues. Keep on reading our FAQs below to know more.

Do all software versions work with Apple TV Remote App?

The Apple TV remote app is not compatible with all iOS versions, if you are using the app on an iPhone you will need iOS 12 or later and for iPadOS it’s 13.0 or later.

Do I need an internet connection to use the Apple TV remote app?

The Apple TV Remote app does require an internet connection. In order to operate your Apple TV, the app connects to your Wi-Fi network and communicates with it. Both your device running the app and your TV must be connected on the same WiFI network.

Why can’t I use my iPhone to adjust the volume on my Apple TV?

You will need to add the remote app manually to control the volume on your Apple TV. So, to do this go to the Control Center and choose Customize Controls. Find “Apple TV Remote” in the list and hit the green “+” button. 

Final Words

The Apple TV Remote is a smart remote, but sometimes it can run out of charge or even the remote can get damaged. So, in these emergencies the built in TV remote app can be quite useful. 

But, the app can sometimes malfunction and so to avoid this you must always ensure to keep your device updated and use a good internet connection.

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