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Apple Music autoplay enables the app to play music automatically one after another. However, sometimes it can malfunction due to reasons like older software versions, faulty internet connection and more. 

Listening to music becomes more enjoyable due to this autoplay feature and it will play comparable music when you reach the end of a song or playlist. So, when it malfunctions there can be obstruction in your music listening. 

But, not to worry as this issue is easily solvable and takes only a few minutes to fix. 

What Is Autoplay On Apple Music?

Autoplay on Apple Music is a feature that automatically plays music after a playlist, album, or song has finished playing. 

So, if you have enabled this feature on your iPhone, it will automatically find a similar song and play it at the end of the que.

It makes selections according to your listening habits, tastes, and the tracks on the playlist or album you were listening to. 

Apple initially made AutoPlay available with iOS 14, with the main objective being to make sure your playlist, album, etc. never stops.

On your device, under the Apple Music settings, you can enable or disable Autoplay. It is often turned on by default, but you have the choice to turn it off if you like to pick each song manually. 

Why Is Apple Music Autoplay Not Working? (With Fixes)

The autoplay feature in apple music is a very effective feature as it can introduce you to new music and songs which are suitable according to your taste. Also it saves you from the pain of picking up every song individually. 

It can malfunction due to many reasons which we will take a look into and also discuss how you can fix these issues easily.

Unstable Internet Connection

Apple music requires fast and smooth internet connection to play all the music. Similarly, to find related songs or playlists, autoplay depends on an internet connection.

So, the solution is pretty simple. First, make sure your iPhone has a proper internet connection and then try to use the autoplay feature again. 

The problem should be fixed and you should be able to play songs smoothly.  

Older Software versions

Apple continuously releases the latest iOS and software versions to fix bugs and other issues. 

Thus, there is a high chance that you can face glitches in the music app when there are newer software versions available.

At first check for software upgrades in your iPhone; go to the settings and then to “General”. 

Inside the General tab look for “software update” and if you notice any update is available, make sure to update it.

Next you should also check the app itself for any available updates; go to the app store and search for Apple Music. 

If you see any update is present beside the app as you can see from the screenshot above; update the app.

Once the app and iOS version are both updated, enter the Apple Music app and check again if the autoplay feature is working perfectly or not.

Issues with the Server

Even though issues with Apple servers are very rare, it can still happen and the app can also be under maintenance. 

So as a result this can cause issues with the server which can lead to malfunctioning autoplay features. 

When this happens there isn’t much you can do but wait for the problem to be fixed by the Apple team. So, be patient while the technical staff fixes the app’s bugs. 

The platform server might be malfunctioning, thus it can take a few hours to fix the problem. 

Sign in and SIgn Out of Device

This is one of the quick fixes you can try to solve autoplay issues on your Apple Music app. It can fix temporary bugs which might be causing the issues. 

Simply, signout of the Apple Music app and clear all recently opened apps from your iPhone and then sign in to the app back again. 

How to disable Apple Music Autoplay?

Even though the Autoplay feature in Apple Music seems like a very effective feature for music lovers, for some it might be bothersome. 

To our Luck Apple does allow you to disable or enable it according to your preference. 

To disable autoplay, go to the Apple Music app on your iPhone and start to play music. Now press at the song bar on the bottom of the screen. 

Now look at the top of the screen that looks like the infinity sign which should be highlighted. 

Press that and the highlighting should go away which indicates you have  successfully turned off the Autoplay feature.

If you wish to turn it back on, simply tap again on the Autoplay sign and it will again enable this feature. 


When the autoplay on your Apple Music app is not playing, you may think it’s due to device malfunctioning but the actual reason is more simple than that. Keep on reading our FAQs below to know more.

Does Apple have an autoplay feature?

Apple introduced the autoplay feature back in September 2020 when they released the iOS 14. Autoplay is one of the most innovative features introduced by them in their Apple music app which automatically plays songs based on your taste. 

Is autoplay available on all iPhones?

Apple Music is not a free service and you will need to subscribe to it for using this service. Thus, when you subscribe to it you will be able to use the autoplay feature in all iPhones which supports Apple Music app.

Can I use the autoplay feature offline?

Autoplay requires an active internet connection to fetch and play the next set of songs. It relies on Apple Music’s database and streaming capabilities, so it won’t work if you’re offline or in airplane mode.

Final Words

Autoplay is a simple yet advanced feature for iOS features which makes their experience of using Apple Music seamless. 

The Apple Music app itself is one of the best apps for listening and the autoplay feature makes it more premium. 

Thus, when this feature malfunctions it’s quite obvious for users to get annoyed but luckily you can fix this easily by yourself.

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