How Secure Is My iPad For Internet Banking? [Solved]

With Internet banking there comes the risk of accounts being hacked, security issues and more. So, a big question comes up for iPad users: is the iPad secure for internet banking? The iPad is highly secured for Internet banking and sometimes even more secure than android tablets. 

Internet banking made our life easier; now we can make huge transactions within a few hours, check our account details whenever we want to and more within a few minutes. 

But, while doing internet banking you need to be very careful as there comes a high risk of hacking. So, the first step is to make sure that your device is highly protected. 

Is The iPad Secure For Internet Banking?

Apple is known to make highly secured devices and their devices are very hard to hack or breached through and the same applies for Apple iPads. These are designed to be very secured and withstand serious security risks. 

Additionally, iOS has a limited list of permitted apps than Android and Windows which makes it even safer for online banking. 

Down below are a list of a few specialties of iPad that make it safer for online banking.

Virus cannot affect iPads

Any potential malware cannot spread thanks to iOS, which forbids direct app-to-app file access. 

You also don’t need to worry about a virus infecting your iPad and tracking your banking data because there are no known viruses for iOS that are out in the open. 

As you can see from the above screenshot, you might have got this when visiting any website on your iPad. 

Well good news is, this is a false alert and you should get out of that website asap.

Advanced Data Protection


Your data is secure on iPads thanks to robust encryption. It’s tough for hackers to break into your device when you use your banking app or enter critical information since it is encrypted both in transit and at rest. 

Apple uses a file encryption known as Data Protection which ensures your data gets the highest level of security on your iPad.

Data and apps from only trusted source run on iPads

The iPad’s ability to run only trusted code and apps is ensured by the encrypted boot chain, system safety, and app security features. 

In addition, before an app is made accessible on the App Store, it must pass an extensive review procedure and comply with tight criteria for app developers. 

This reduces the possibility of there being harmful or fraudulent apps on the platform.

Additional security features

The Secure Enclave is a specialized hardware component included into Apple systems on chip (SoCs) for iPads that is used to store private data including biometric data and encryption keys. 

This raises the bar of security against unwanted access. Sensitive user data can be kept safe even if the Application Processor kernel is hacked thanks to safe Enclave, which is segregated from the main processor to add an extra degree of protection.

How Do I Make Sure My iPad Is Secure For Internet Banking?

Even though iPads are highly secured for internet banking, you still need to take all necessary security measures to make sure your sensitive data doesn’t get hacked.

Use additional protection

Depending on your iPhone model, it may have a fingerprint sensor or face detection access. Along with the passcode, always add either of these to make sure your device has extra security. 

Use strong VPN

Another way to make your iPad even more secure while internet banking is by using a strong VPN. 

A VPN shields your data from possible spying and illegal access by encrypting your internet connection and routing it through a secure server. 

Additionally, VPN enables you to prevent data on your phone from being connected to your online banking activity. 

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two factors authentication is a must if you wish to do online banking not only in iPads but any other smart device. 

Many banking apps support two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security.

When enabled, accessing your account requires another verification step, such as a special code texted to your mobile device.

Keep your Apple ID secured

When you are using iPad, iOS or Macs, your Apple ID is the most important authentication factor. 

So, always use a strong password for your Apple ID and never share the login credentials with anyone. 

Turn on find my iPad

Since your online banking details will be added on your iPad it can be misused if someone gets access to your iPad or it gets stolen. So, to prevent this you should turn on Find My iPad. 

It’s very easy to turn on this feature, go to settings on your iPhone and click on your name at the very top. 

Inside it you will see a few different options; simply tap the toggle bar beside Find My Ipad and it will turn on. 

Now if you lose your iPad, you can detect its location from your PC/laptop and also lock it so no one can access your data stored inside of it. 

Why type of cyber attacks do you need to be aware of during internet banking in iPad?

Hacking or attacking an iPad is not the easiest of tasks, but still it isn’t impossible to hack iPad. So these are few of the cyber attacks you must be aware of while doing internet banking on your device.


Phishing is one of the most common cyber attack hackers try to use to hack into iPads. 

Receiving false emails or texts that seem real, frequently from reliable sources like banks, is known as phishing on iPads. 

These messages include links to fraudulent websites that have been designed to steal your private information. 

So, when you enter your sensitive login credentials on these sites hackers steal your information and use them to break into your banking accounts.

Fake Apps

In this type of cyber attack, the genuine banking applications are copied to seem like counterfeit versions. 

They are made to trick people into entering their login information. Just like phishing, when you enter your info into these apps your data gets stolen.

To prevent this, it’s important to contact your bank and install apps only suggested by them. 

Also avoid downloading any apps from unknown sources; only install apps from the app store on your iPad. 

Are Jailbroken iPads Safe For Internet Banking?

Jailbroken iPads are not safe for internet banking in any way. Bypassing Apple’s limitations on iOS devices, or “jailbreaking,” enables users to install unapproved programs and change system settings.

So when you Jailbreak your iPads it breaks the security system and encryption which was designed on your iPad by Apple. 

Additionally, if a virus somehow gets access to your Jailbroken iPads it can copy itself quickly destroying and hacking into your data quite easily.

Thus, it becomes quite risky to do internet banking on such a device as it will be like a piece of cake for hackers to hack into your device without much effort.

How do I Know My Internet Banking App Is Safe?

Fake banking apps are the easiest way to hack into your iPad and steal your banking data. So, it’s important to properly ensure that the app is safe before you start using it.

Apple’s verification is vigorous and they thoroughly check any app before it is published on the App store. But, you should still always cross check, since it’s your money we are talking about. 

Downloaded from App store

If you have downloaded the banking app from the app store you can be 99% sure that the app is the original app and it is absolutely safe to use. 

Moreover, downloading apps from untrusted sources can increase the chances for hacking into iPads much more easily.

App permissions

Pay extra attention to the permissions the banking app asks for when you install it. Ensure that the permissions requested are reasonable and relevant to the app’s functionality. 

If you notice that the app is asking for unnecessary permissions and is trying to track other activities then you should avoid using the app. 

Secure connection

Verify that the app transmits data via HTTPS-secured connections (secure connections). Search for the lock icon or “https://” in the URL or address bar of the app. 

This means that your iPad and the app’s server are communicating through encrypted channels, which strengthens the security of your data.


If the hackers get the upper hand on you, they can hack into your bank account and take all your money from it. So, it is extremely important to maintain maximum security when doing Internet banking. Read our FAQs below to know more about it.

Should I use Public WIFI for Internet banking?

Public Wi-Fi networks could pose safety issues since they are frequently left unprotected and are thus vulnerable to attack. In general, it’s best to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for online banking, especially while performing confidential transactions. 

What should I do if I notice any suspicious activities on my Internet banking account?

At first try to change your password into a more secured one and also enable two factor authentication if it wasn’t activated before. After that try contacting your bank and they will help you secure your account and help you to avoid any unwanted access.

Is online banking encrypted on iPad?

Various security techniques are used by banks to safeguard customer information. Data encryption using a 128-bit or 256-bit key might be one of these safeguards. Additionally almost all banking apps have security encryption to ensure proper security for your sensitive data

Final Words

Online banking can make your transactions much easier and save you from the hassle of physically going to the banks. 

However, you need to be extra sure that the device your are using is highly secured and you have taken all the necessary security measurements.

Also avoid using public WIFI while doing transactions on online banking and try to use premium paid VPN as it will provide an extra protection layer.

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