How To Fix Payment Not Completed On iPhone?

On your iPhone, there are certain apps and games that you need to buy from the Apple store. But not always, the buying process would be smooth, and it gets annoying when you see the payment process isn’t completed while buying.

Why is payment not completed on the iPhone? The no payment issue on the iPhone has much to do with your payment card. Either it is stacked up with many gateways, or some information about it needs to be included. 

But don’t worry; this article will cover all possible reasons and relevant fixes. Therefore, stay with us right to the end of this write-up. 

Why does my iPhone say payment not completed? 

The payment issue needing to be completed is mainly associated with the card. Although, there are a few other issues that may contribute to the problem. Some of the most prevalent issues are listed below:

Apple ID multiple card linkups

You can link your multiple credit cards with your Apple ID. But when the number of cards is too many, issues may occur while completing the payment. 

Numerous credit cards linked up in a single Apple ID sometimes create suspicion. As a result, the payment isn’t processed, or the gateway is blocked.

Blocked Credit Card

The credit card blockage can be another reason behind payment not getting completed. It happens when there are unusual purchase patterns from your end or some technical glitches. 

In addition, if you mistakenly input the wrong data or payments of the card aren’t made to the bank, the card might end up being blocked. 


Apple sets limitations on certain geographical boundaries. Only some apps or games you might be able to download and use through your Apple ID, and that also impacts the payment through your cards. 

Even if everything is alright with your credit card or the Apple ID, you won’t be able to purchase because of the location incompatibility. 

Wrong Data

There would be issues when incorrect card data is input into your account. The Apple ID wouldn’t recognize the card, and a payment pathway won’t be created. Thus, you will see the notification of payment not being completed. 

How to fix payment not completed on iPhone?

You can try out several fixes to fix the payment not completed issue. It isn’t solely dependent on some specific methods. Some of the main techniques are listed below:

Method 1: Restart iPhone

The most common fix for any problem associated with your iPhone is restarting it. Sometimes a simple restart can make things normal as before.

Sometimes minor app bugs or software issues can prompt a few problems. Restarting your iPhone can eventually fix this. 

Method 2: Log out of the app store

Even if all data information associated with your Apple ID is correct, sometimes it can get wayward. In that situation, signing out of the ID and then signing in again can be a success. The steps for logging out and back to your Apple ID are described below:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings 

From the home screen, tap on the settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on iTunes and App Store 

Look for the iTunes and App Store options from the Settings menu and tap on them.

Step 3: Sign out

Hit on the sign-out option to log out from your Apple ID.

Step 4: Sign in again

After signing out, sign in immediately after hitting the sign-in toggle and enter your Apple ID and password. 

Step 5: Check the issue

When you have signed in, check whether the problem persists or not by purchasing something from the store.

Method 3: Enable In-App Purchases 

The payment will only be completed if the in-app purchases are unrestricted from the Settings menu. To get rid of this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Tap on the settings app and locate the General option. 

Step 2: Tap on General 

The next step would be to tap on General and then on Restrictions

Step 3: Enable In-App Purchases

From the restrictions menu, flip the In-App purchases switch to green. 

Method 4: Delete and reconfigure the payment method

Sometimes, setting the payment method again from scratch may solve the issue. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the settings app 

On your home screen, tap on the settings app and open it.

Step 2: Tap on your name 

After opening the app, you’ll see your name or the name of the ID at the top of the settings menu. Tap on it to proceed. 

Step 3: Choose the Payments and Shipping option 

The next step would be to tap on the Payments and shipping option. 

Step 4: Tap and Remove the card

Now, tap on your card and remove it by tapping on the remove payment option. 

Step 5: Tap on Add Payment Method 

After removing the car, wait for a few seconds and tap on Add Payment Method to start reconfiguring.

Step 6: Enter your card details

The last step in this process is to enter all the necessary information associated with your credit card. 

Method 5: Recheck Payment Information 

You need to check whether the payment information you provided is up to date or not. The steps in this process are mentioned below:

Step 1: Locate and tap on the Settings app

Open the Settings app by tapping and then scroll down to find iTunes and App store options.

Step 2: Tap on iTunes and App Store 

Now, select the iTunes and App Store options and touch them to view your Apple ID.

Step 3: Enter Password

In this step, you will be prompted to enter the Apple ID password to view the details.

Step 4: Check the details

Lastly, check the credentials associated with your card and ensure that all of those are up to date.

Why can’t I edit my payment method on Apple ID?

Editing the payment method of your Apple ID is not something to worry about. It’s a simple task that you can pull off within a few seconds. But there can be issues that lead to you not being able to change your payment method. 

A few reasons are discussed below:

Having Subscriptions 

If you have recurring subscriptions on your iPhone, you can only remove the payment method even if you want to. In case you want to remove the payment method, you need to cancel the plans that you availed with that particular payment method. 

Unpaid Balance

When unpaid balances are associated with the payment method, you won’t be able to remove them. Therefore, you need to clear the dues first and remove the card or method. 

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a lot of iPhone users who often need help with payment, not completion. Some of their common queries are as follows:

What payment method does Apple accept?

Apple accepts any legal payment method that is available internationally. Debit cards, credit cards, Apple cards, or Paypal, where international transactions are enabled, are accepted by Apple.

Why is Apple declining my card when I have money in my account?

There are various reasons behind the transactions getting declined from your payment method. It can be such that your card or account is temporarily locked. Apart from these, there may be insufficient balance or the fund limit exceeding.

How to stop Apple pay declining?

You need to change the payment information or add new methods to halt Apple pay from declining. It is possible to add multiple payment methods so that you can use the other to make a purchase when one fails.


The problem with payment not getting completed on your iPhone often ruins the experience. It halts your subscriptions and deters you from purchasing new apps from the store.

If you recheck or reconfigure the payment method details, you can quickly solve this problem. Most of the time, the issue originates due to some glitches you can fix by deleting and reconfiguring the payment method. We have covered all such fixes that would help with this issue. 

Moreover, you should always keep track of your account and ensure it is up to date. Or else issues like payment not getting completed will come up more often.

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