Do Alarms Go Off On Do Not Disturb IPhone?

From Nokia to BlackBerry, Android to iPhone, most of them are equipped with Do Not Disturb mode. The DND mode on the iPhone allows you to block all notifications and phone calls when you don’t want to be disturbed by such stuff. 

But what about alarms? Do alarms go off on Do Not Disturb iPhones? Fortunately, the answer is “Yes.” You will still hear the sound of the alarm you set even if you turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. 

However, several questions have been found on the internet related to this feature on the iPhone. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions among them. So, let’s jump right into it. 

What is Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode on iPhone? 

The Do Not Disturb, or DND mode on the iPhone is an incredible feature that allows you to block unexpected obstructions. It may include various notifications, phone calls, alerts, or text messages. 

You can activate this mode on your iPhone whenever you want to block any texts, calls, or notifications from making your phone ring. This is very useful while you’re doing any job, attending a meeting, or even at night when you go to bed. 

Best of all, these notifications will be stored on your iPhone so that you can check them at any time, but the phone won’t ring or light up. 

When the DND feature is turned on, it sends all incoming calls to voicemail and silences all notifications, so you’re not interrupted by the phone. 

To activate the Do Not Disturb mode, go through the following steps:

  •  Go to Settings > Focus. 
  • Next, select Do Not Disturb.
  • Now, tap the Do Not Disturb switch next to the function to turn it on or off.
  • After that, tap on Schedule or Automation to set a required period for the mode to be activated. 
  • If you want to set this mode permanently on your iPhone, select Always to do so. 

You Can Also do it from the control center as follows

  • Head over to the Control Center. 
  • Tap and hold the Do not Disturb icon.
  • Now, select when you want the mode to stop.

That’s all. 

Do Alarms go off on Do Not Disturb iPhone? 

Yes, an alarm will go off on Do Not Disturb iPhone. If your iPhone is powered on and the alarm is properly set, it will surely ring even if your phone is on the DND mode. You just need to be sure of some issues to ensure that you’ve set the alarm accurately. 

As we discussed above, the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone is to block the phone from making sounds or vibrations. And it doesn’t have any effect on the iPhone’s alarms. So, the alarm will sound when the phone is on silent or DND mode. 

Why Don’t Alarms Go Off On Do Not Disturb iPhone?

As we mentioned earlier, if your iPhone is set to Do Not Disturb mode, the alarm will still ring. But somehow, if you have an alarm that doesn’t sound, there may have some reasons as follows:

  • The alarm isn’t toggled ON
  • Your iPhone is powered off
  • Volume is set to NONE
  • Wrong AM and PM setting
  • Volume was too low that you didn’t hear it

How to Make Sure Alarm Will Go Off On Do Not Disturb Mode iPhone? 

To make sure that the alarm will go off when your iPhone is on DND mode, you should properly set the alarm. There are certain rules you must follow to make sure your alarm will sound always at the right time, even if it is on Do Not Disturb. 

Turn your alarm ON 

First of all, you should make sure that the alarm on your iPhone is turned on. To do so, here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the “Clock” app on your iPhone.
  • Locate the “Alarm” tab to open the alarm settings screen.
  • Now, tap the “ON/OFF” switch next to the alarm to turn it on. 

Set the time correctly 

Once the alarm is turned on, double check the time and set it properly. To do so, go to the “Edit” option from the upper left corner of the screen and edit the time as you want. 

This time, you should also set the AM/PM setting accurately. This is very common that you may accidentally set the alarm at the wrong time of the day. As a result, the alarm won’t go off at the right time. So, double check the AM/PM setting and make sure you’ve set it correctly. 

Fix the ringer volume 

If the ringer volume is too low or accidentally it is set to none, you won’t be able to hear the alarm. So, after setting the time, make sure that the ringer volume is on high. To set the volume, head over to Settings > Sound, or Settings > Sounds and Haptics

In this step, you’ll have to choose the ringtone. For this, choose a ringtone that seems annoying to you. It will help you to hear the alarm and wake up timely. 

To do so, go to Edit > Sound. Here you’ll get a series of ringtones. Select your favorite one and tap Back. Then, click Save from the upper right corner of the screen. 

Keep the phone power on

One of the major reasons why you don’t hear the sound of the alarm on your iPhone is that the phone is powered off. So, before setting the alarm, make sure that your phone has enough battery power. 

If it doesn’t, the phone may be powered off for a while, and the alarm won’t go off Do Not Disturb iPhone. 

frequently Asked Questins (FAQs) 

Now that we know alarms go off on DnD mode, here are some other common questions and their answers to be aware of. So, let’s see what they are. 

How Long Does An IPhone Alarm Go Off Before It Stops? 

The alarm on the iPhone will go off about 15 minutes before it turns off. After 15 minutes, the alarm will turn off itself and there will be a message on the lock screen.

Why Can’t Alarms Wake Me Up?

It could be because the ringer volume is too low. Or you’re used to the tone. So, avoid using the tone that makes you comfortable or you like to listen. 

What Happens When My IPhone Is On “Do Not Disturb Mode” And The Alarm Is Set?

When your iPhone is on Do Not Disturb mode, but the alarm is set, the alarm will sound timely as usual. If the alarm turns off itself, a message will appear on the screen to alert you.

Why Does My IPhone Alarm Not Go Off Sometimes?

The major reason for this problem is probably your phone is powered off. If your iPhone is out of battery power, your iPhone alarm may not go off sometimes. It may also happen because of the wrong AM/PM setting.


The Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone is designed to silence calls, alerts, texts, and notifications but not to block your alarm. Because it knows how important an alarm is to wake you up in the morning and notify you of your job. 

So, alarms go off on Do Not Disturb on iPhone if you set the alarm correctly. If the alarm has not been set accurately, you won’t get any notifications that the alarm is going off. 

But you can also fix this problem by following some rules as we discussed above. So, no matter what’s going on with this mode and the alarm on your iPhone, this article will be helpful to figure it out and fix it in no time.

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