Why Does It Say Join On FaceTime In Messages?

Sometimes after ending a call on FaceTime, it’s likely that the usual FaceTime button is replaced by a “join” button in the upper right corner of the message box. In such a scenario you might be thinking, why does it say join on FaceTime in messages?

Technically, the join button appears when a FaceTime group call is running, and they want you to join. However, a consistent join button that seems to be a problem can be a result of a software glitch, an old iOS version, or an unexpected call dropping.

It’s very frustrating, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we will provide guidance. Here, we’ll describe an error where the call to FaceTime icon is replaced with a Join button and provide directions for correcting your problem.

What Does The Green Join Button Mean on iMessages?

In general, the FaceTime “join” button in iMessage means Apple has placed a screen access feature on your conversation to make it easier to chat with other individuals face-to-face with your group chat. 

Once you open the iMessage group conversation on your iPhone, you might see the “join” button appear. Necessarily, it also means other participants in the discussion have already been engaged in FaceTime calls.

So, the button’s function in the upper right area enables you to become a member of the conversation just by clicking on it. 

Why Does It Say Join On FaceTime In Messages?

As we already stated, the Join button on FaceTime is just a way of notifying the conference call participants. However, sometimes the problem may happen where the join button doesn’t stop appearing, even though FaceTime is closed. 

It’s annoying as you won’t be able to FaceTime anyone till the Join button vanishes. However, this issue can be caused due to several facts. We have listed them below. 

You Are Having A FaceTime Call With Someone.

The green call button has also been reported to appear when opening up a FaceTime call from anyone else, even if they generally belong to the group chat. When you attempt to join, you will be dropped automatically into the call, regardless of group affiliation. 

This feature is a nice time saver when you need to hop onto a call out of necessity or wish to chat briefly in a group outside your primary talking partner.

Software Glitch

A software glitch or system malfunctioning in your iPhone could be the cause of a constant Join button long even after the end of the call. A sudden call drop is the most significant cause of this issue. 

Your FaceTime call can be disconnected unexpectedly either when your iPhone’s power dies or when something else disrupts the call. 

Tapping the green join button on your FaceTime app will let you either call the other party back, or you’ll see you’re the only one in the conversation. The Join button will appear in the group chat whenever a group call is in progress. 

Regardless of how many group members are already on a call, a Join option may appear. Alternatively, the green camera icon should imply you’re not entirely engaged in the conversation if your phone is on speaker. 

Nonetheless, a camera icon should appear when the group is trying to poke you to join the call, no matter to whom they’re calling with. 

Your Group Is Notifying You Of A FaceTime Call Ongoing

When people in your group are trying to reach you for a group call on FaceTime, you’ll see the green join button. This button is nothing but a shortcut to fetch you into a chat session more quickly. 

To be frank, this is a modest feature that improves the FaceTime user experience to help make communication more convenient.

The status as to the right of the group chat’s specific label will help group members to be notified quickly about any active discussions. You can customize the setting to display only the status when you view a personal message from someone with which you are already part of a group chat.

How to Fix Join on FaceTime in Messages Bug

Keep in mind that the Join button is a fresh feature, so encountering bugs or any complication is quite common right now. Consider spending some extra time reading the instructions below to help identify and deal with the problems you may encounter in trying to use the Join button.

Exit from FaceTime and Close It

The simplest way to deal with any issues with FaceTime is to cease using it and close the app. As soon as you close the application, it’s important to clear the FaceTime history. 

Certain applications may refresh themselves if they are damaged or suffer minor errors. Start using the app after a couple of minutes. In case, you see the problem isn’t erased yet, it’s better to explore additional alternatives to resolve the issue.

Disable Internet Connection

If you experience issues with the join button being visible in the absence of a group chat, or if you wish to stop receiving messages regarding join requests altogether, disable your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. 

Without Wi-Fi or cellular data, FaceTime and iMessage will be unable to gather the statuses of other users that can let you know if there is a group chat existing at the moment. 

Afterward, you can wait briefly for a couple of minutes and switch on the Wi-Fi cellular data. Observe that the issue is resolved.

Reboot Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is the likeliest solution to the problems caused by the brand-new join button. This will allow the phone to fix minor errors and unwind for a few moments. 

Then, attempt to join a FaceTime call using the original join button to check whether the problem has been fixed.

End the Call

Sometimes, you may notice the join button is showing, but it’s not connecting you to the call. If this happens to your iPhone as well, it might be worth trying two or three times before giving up, or you can simply hang up and call back.  

Failure to put you on the call can be a result of any temporary bug that might be erased automatically after a certain period. However, if the problem lingers, see if there are issues with your Internet connection or phone service providers. 

Update the iOS

The join button flaw also occurs if you’re awaiting the iOS update version of your iPhone to be installed. While some updates resolve existing bugs or features that make your iPhone more powerful, some also incorporate brand-new capabilities. 

In order to install the update, everybody knows that the first thing you have to do is check for new firmware, and you can do so by accessing the Settings menu of your device.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any other questions running through your mind? Maybe we can even help you there. Look through the following most commonly asked questions by iPhone users.

What Does The Green Join Button Mean On IMessage With One Person?

The “Join” or bug-ridden camera icon on iMessage can be occasionally tough to distinguish from its genuine purpose. As a rule, the button is just telling you of ongoing communication in the midst of the phone call or teammate.

What Does Silence Join Requests On FaceTime Mean?

Silence Join Requests is a FaceTime function you can use if too many individuals are attempting to interrupt your group call. It’s all but impossible to view again in your history until you delete it. You can use it regularly for FaceTime calls with the same group.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Busy On FaceTime?

In case you’re trying to FaceTime with someone who is already on a call, you’ll automatically receive a pop-up message indicating this is that person’s busy period.

Can People Without IPhone Join FaceTime?

You can join a FaceTime call from any browser or mobile device, and you can also initiate one. People on non-Apple devices cannot initiate a FaceTime call, but they can participate in a one-on-one or group FaceTime call if you use a link or invite them.

Final Words

Are you still thinking, why does it say join on FaceTime in messages? Maybe not. Let’s sum up the full facts before we sign off. 

If you see this Join button in Messages while calling others, it means the person you are trying to call is busy with a running FaceTime call with another individual. If you do not want to join the call, just ignore it.

However, in case the join button isn’t gone even after finishing your call, that means something is wrong. And here, our guide can help you out. So, try to follow the methods whenever you experience the issue. 

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