What Does It Mean When It Says No Location Found?

Have you ever bothered with the mystical “no location found” notification popping up on your iPhone? In such a scenario, a question might be whispering in your mind, what does it mean when it says no location found?

To be straightforward, the “no location found” alert on your iPhone’s Find My app means that your device isn’t able to achieve the location of your friend either due to a software glitch, network issue, or simply the GPS is turned off. 

So, the core thing is you won’t be able to find the location of the person you’re looking for when this notification pops up. But, why did this happen? How can you get rid of this? Stick to us to find out all your answers. 

What does it mean when it says no location found?

Well, now it’s time to scrutinize what “no location found” means on the iPhone. Location is a parameter in which you can determine how your friends, relatives, or any other close person will be able to determine their relative distance from you.

This is one of the features utilized in the iOS Find My application to maintain iPhone users in contact with each other. 

So, the Find My app is fully dependent on the location service. When you see the error message showing no location found, it certainly indicates something’s wrong with the location service either on your or your contact’s device.  

However, if the error is due to a problem with the location service on your device, the issue could be attributed to a number of different elements as well. In the subsequent section, we’ll observe what these issues could entail.

Why does the iPhone say no location found?

So, why does your iPhone say no location found? You might have already known that this is due to an issue with the GPS service. Now we’re going to explore all the causes or facts that can lead to a “no location found” alert on your iPhone. 

Lacking accurate time and date information

Once you have set a friend’s time and date on their device, the location-sharing feature requires that their date and time be similarly set on the end user’s device.

They cannot share their own address if they choose not to set the time and date on their own telephone. 

Users can choose to program the time and date as a matter of course, letting them avoid having to adjust manually every time.

iPhone doesn’t have internet connection

Your iPhone should have an internet connection to access someone’s location. If you successfully share your address, a cloud-based server takes you to view the other person’s location. 

In case, your iOS device is not properly connected to the internet, it would be the definite cause of appearing the No Location Found alert. 

Contact stopped sharing location

When you select to share your location with your friend, you can allow or not allow them to stop sharing their coordinates with you when you request. 

Similarly, if it suddenly becomes hard for you to view your friend’s location, that means it may be the user has chosen to stop sharing their location with you.

They’re Out of Network Coverage

Say you want to send your friend a text message. If all of your friend’s gadgets are connected to the Internet, but he has no network coverage, the text will be entirely useless. Do you want to extract his location before texting him, but your contact doesn’t have network coverage? 

If your contacts are in an area where they do not possess internet service, they won’t be in a position to share their location with you even with the location sharing feature enabled.

Battery is Dead 

Having a fully charged battery pack is vital in order for your device to fulfill its full potential. If your phone runs out of battery, the notice notifying you of the feature is going to be revealed. 

Other people won’t have the capability to communicate with the user via iMessage, and the user won’t be able to impose their location on their Find My iPhone device.

Your Contract isn’t signed in to the Find My app

Find Me is a platform to stay in contact with friends or any other particular person. Signing up, signing in, and creating an account are typical functions for this application similar to other social media apps.

For people who do not sign in to the Find My app, they won’t be displayed on the app, and it will not be possible to see their location.

They’re not logged in to iCloud 

Only if you are logged into your iCloud account with an apple ID, the Share My Location option will be enabled on your phone. This is especially applicable for the current iOS being a prerequisite for the feature. 

A person without logging into iCloud will not share their location with you. If one of them is persuaded to process into iCloud and then share their location with you, after that, you can fix this concern.

Software Glitch

Find My Friends strives to assist you to figure out where your friends are. If something is okay and the person you’re searching for currently has access to the Find My Friends app, you should be able to share their location. 

Still, the software can malfunction in iMessage and Find My Friends, and if you encounter such a glitch, you won’t be able to see someone’s location. Don’t fret, as you are not inadvertently at risk and the glitch can be fixed easily. 

How to Fix ‘No Location Found’ on iPhone?

Every problem has a solution. Luckily, in the case of the “no location found” issue on iPhone, there are several ways to fix it. However, the fixing process varies depending on the actual reason for the issue. 

When your iPhone Setup Wizard application does not function appropriately, and you see the “No location found” alert, try any of the following troubleshooting steps.

Set the Correct Date and Time 

The date and time settings on your device must be correct and up to date to prevent a Find my Friends no location found error. Therefore, all devices should have the latest information. 

You should make sure that your time settings are correct by going to Settings> General > Date & Time. In addition, you also have the option to avert the No location found error by visiting Automatic Date & Time Settings. You should then verify that the app is functioning smoothly. Is the outcome successful? Otherwise, look into the next option.

Enable Location Services

Ensure that the Share My Location feature is enabled. Disabling the feature can be the source of the problem. Follow the steps below to enable the feature: Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings menu and choose iCloud Settings. Click on Location Services and be certain that the Share My Location option is checked.

Check Your Internet Connection

You must ensure a strong internet connection in both directions for the Find My app to function correctly. And when you use the internet over cellular data, make sure that the Use Cellular Data option is enabled for the Find My app. 

There are two choices you may make when performing this—setting up Mobile Data and Cellular Data in your device settings, or choosing the same action via the Find My app’s settings.

Find Out Whether Find My App is Supported in the Area

In case Apple does not support the Find My Friend function in your country, there is a chance you are going to fail to detect your good friend’s location. Apple currently does not support this service in some vicinity as a result of regulations or technical difficulties.  

Therefore, make sure you look into whether Find My Friends services can be found in the country in which you’re currently located.

Check System Status

To some extent, the No location found message across the App Store denotes that a problem has been detected with the Find My app, and it is easy to determine whether this is the case. So, follow these guidelines: Go to the Apple website. 

View Find My app. If they are down, a notification will appear. But if the app is running normally, a green dot will be visible next to them. However, Apple rarely encounters headaches that arise from this app.

Restart Your Device

In the event of a very minor software glitch, you may run into a “no location found” problem with your iPhone. Try to reboot your device to see whether this specific problem has now been resolved. 

Different models of iPhones have different startup procedures, so examine what the process is for your phone model. Make sure your model and the specific startup process are the ones you need, and if the issue has not been resolved, then make sure that other troubleshooting steps were followed as well.

Difference Between No Location Found and Location Not Available

Many people interchange between  “No Location Found” and “Location Not Available” issues. However, they’re different. When the text says “no location found,” it means that their chosen location hasn’t been found. 

Whilst, “Location not Available” means their location hasn’t been found for as long as they’ve had their location turned on. It could become available very soon if they find a signal. 

No location found means their distance from any detected location has not been understood within a specific time, which is why their location was categorized as not found. 

Even when their device has no signal or is not supported by a Wi-Fi network, you are going to see the no location found alert pop up on the app. If you see Location not available, it’s because the iPhone can’t be detected, but the GPS system is working.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have any questions in your mind? Don’t hurry, we’ve gathered a bunch of frequently asked questions found across the web. 

How Do I Know My Friend Stop Sharing Location?

In case your friends keep their location turned off, you may be prompted to receive one of these notifications on your phone such as No Location found, Location not available, GPS off.

Why Is The Location Not Updating?

When it is established that a person’s location cannot be updated on other devices because of their location services being turned off, it might be because the service is bad. Otherwise, the person might have simply disabled location services on their device settings.

How Do You Know If Someone Stopped Sharing Their Activity With You?

Those people who are no longer bothered about you → tapping the Hide My Activity section (stop your attention and have nothing to share) will appear as the very last option in your Shared Items section.

Does The IPhone Location Work When The Phone Is Off?

If your iPhone is powered off, the battery is gone, or it has been more than 24 hours since its last location was transmitted to iCloud.com, it doesn’t show your device’s location on the list of devices.

End Remarks

Well, now we’ve stepped to the bottom of our guide. At this point, we’re confident enough that the question “What does it mean when it says no location found?” won’t irritate you anymore. 

At the same time, you should be able to fix the problem on your own whenever it happens. We believe understanding the problem is the first and foremost step to solving it. Luckily, we’ve done the job for you, while you have got some effective methods as well.

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