How To Check The IPhone Calculator History?

The calculator app on the iPhone will be very useful if you frequently do some calculations on the app. But the iPhone won’t let you check the calculation history on your app. It constantly cleans up all the history due to the privacy policy. 

So, how to check iphone calculator history? The simplest way to see the iPhone calculator history is through the use of a third-party iPhone calculator app. It allows you to perform all types of mathematical calculations and save them in history. 

In this article, we’ll explore multiple ways of checking calculation history on the iphone. We will also look up various necessary information regarding calculator history. But before that, let’s have a clear idea about calculator history on the iphone. 

What is Calculator History on an iPhone?

The calculator history on an iPhone is a feature that saves all the memory of the calculations you’ve done before. This feature allows you to access your previous calculations whenever you need them.

Unfortunately, the regular calculator app on an iPhone doesn’t have this feature. But you can gain it by doing some easy tricks with your iPhone. Moreover, various alternative calculator apps which are available on the App Store have this feature to help you out. 

How to Check Calculator History on iPhone? 

Though there’s no default way to check calculator history, here are a couple of methods you can follow to see the calculator history on your iPhone. Some of the most possible ways to check calculator history on iPhone will be the following:

Method-1: Check the calculator history using the calculator app on the iPhone 

The fastest and easiest way to check the calculator history on an iPhone is to use the calculator app on the phone. This app has a feature of copying the last result you have calculated. 

However, in this way, you won’t get the detailed history of the calculations you did. It will just allow you to see the result of the past calculation. Below are the steps to follow for this method:

1. Locate the calculator app on your iPhone as the image shows below.

2. Now, long press on the app. 

3. By doing this, a pop-up menu will appear on the screen.

4. Here you will see the last calculation numbers under the option stating “Copy Last Result.”

5. If you want to copy this result, just click on it firmly and it will be copied to the clipboard. 

Method 2: Access the Calculator History on the iPhone Using the Memory Function 

Another way to check the calculator history on an iPhone is by using the memory function. It comes with multiple features to help you add and view the calculation history on your phone. 

But you will only be able to see your current calculation history you’ve done. So, how to do it? Go through the following steps to achieve it:

Step 1: Locate the Calculator app.

First of all, access the calculator app on your iPhone. You can do it from the home screen or even from the control center.

Step 2: Begin the Calculations

Open the app. Then, perform your calculations as usual.

Step 3: Activate the Landscape Mode

Now switch your phone to landscape mode. Here you’ll get more functions to make your job easier.

Step 4: Add History to the Calculator Memory

From there, tap the m+ button to save the memory of your current calculation. Then continue your calculations as usual.

Step 5: Access Your Calculator History

After a while, if you need to check the history of your previous calculation, simply press on the mr button. It will give you access to the calculator history on your iPhone. 

Method 3: Check the iPhone calculator history using the third-party apps 

As there is no default way to check calculator history on iPhone, the third-party apps could help you to do it. Third-party apps on iOS devices allow you to access the calculator history on the iPhone.

There are many third-party calculator apps on the Appstore to choose from. Among them the Calculator + will be the best one to try. It will let you get all your past calculation history.

Moreover, this calculator app for the iOS devices comes with a very simple user interface (UI) and is free of ads. You will also be able to do scientific calculations on this app.

All you need to do is just install the app on your iPhone and do regular calculations. It will allow you to see the calculator history on your iPhone above the current calculation result. You can simply swipe on it to see the entire result of your past calculations.

Other Third-Party App Alternatives

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are several third-party calculator apps that can be found on the Appstore. But all of them won’t be trusted as they can form viruses.

So, here are some of the most trusted third-party calculator apps to check calculator history on the iPhone:

  • ClevClac 
  • PCalc
  • Quick Calculator Vault
  • Calculator with History
  • Calculator HD Pro Lite
  • All-in-one Calculator

Method 4: See the iPhone calculator history using the screen recorder

If you don’t have any third-party calculator app on your iPhone or you’re not concerned about it, screen recording can be a great trick for you. You can simply make a screen recording while calculating on your iPhone and then open the recording to recall the history of your past calculations. 

If you want to screen record, the first thing to do is to add the screen record icon in the control center. Here are the steps you can follow to do it:

1. Go to the “Settings” option on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap on the “Control Center” option as follows. 

3. By doing this, another menu bar will open. From there, click on the add (+) button next to the screen record option.

4. Now check the control center to access the screen recording icon.

Once you have added the screen record option on the control center of your iPhone, you can easily start screen recording while doing calculations. To do so, go through the following steps:

1. Locate the Control Center and press on the screen recording icon as follows.

2. Now it’ll take only three seconds to be activated. 

3. After 3 seconds, access the calculator app on your iPhone and do your calculations as usual.

4. Once you’re done, go back to the control center and tap the screen recording icon again. It will stop your recording and save it to the Photos app.

5. Now go to the Photos app and open the recording whenever you want to recall the memory of your past calculations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now we know how you can check calculator history on an iPhone. Now here are some more common questions and answers to help you have a clearer understanding of it. 

How Can I Install Another Calculator App On My IPhone?

Access the App Store on your iPhone and search for any third-party calculator app. Now simply install the app as usual.

Where Is The Clear Calculator History Option On My IPhone?

Open the calculator app on your iPhone and turn on the landscape mode. It will open several memory functions. From there, click on the “m-” button to clear your previous calculator history.

How Do You Add A Calculator App To The Control Center On Your IPhone?

Open the setting option on your iPhone and select the control center. From there, click on the add (+) button next to the calculator app. It will add the app to the control center on your iPhone.

Can I Backspace The Calculator App On My IPhone? 

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, there is no backspace button on the iPhone calculator app. But alternatively, you can swipe left or right of your calculation to delete the last digit you’ve entered. 


Now we know how we can see the calculator history on the iPhone. All the methods we have discussed earlier come in handy for various purposes.

For example, if you often do long calculations on your iPhone, screen recording will be the best way to save it. Or if you just want to access the last result of your calculation, you can use the memory function of the calculator app.

But if you want everything in a single option, the only way to have it is to install a third-party app on the iPhone. After all, the iPhone is an amazing phone with an excellent calculator app.

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