When Does Apple Restock iphones: Everything You Need To Know

Whenever a new model of iPhone comes, everyone becomes crazy about getting their hands on them. As a result, the phones can get stocked out quickly, and you might have to wait for your desired iPhone. So, when does Apple restock iPhones?

When it comes to promptly restocking their iPhones, Apple has a fantastic reputation. It typically restocks every five days. Therefore, the odds are that you’re seeing an entirely fresh set of products if you visit an Apple shop once every five days. 

So, if you are thinking of buying a new iPhone and waiting for the new stock, wondering when it will come up, our guide is just for you. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about restocking an iPhone. 

When Does Apple Restock Iphones?

Apple usually takes only around 5 days to restock iPhones, but that also depends on many factors. Restocking simply means bringing a new lot of iPhones for all the customers out there. However, there are a few things we must consider when we are talking about restocking time. 

The demand for the product

Apple keeps an eye on demands in real time. Each day’s sales rate is already known at the conclusion of the day, and the trend is previously anticipated. Then the experts will revise their forecasts in response to a wide range of events to see when they can bring a new stock of iPhones.

Connecting demand with supply

Once experts find out the final results, The lead-time forecasts are then updated to account for a rise in output for the selling models and coupled with the existing load on the pipeline and provider capacities. 

This leads to a judgment point; if everything works out well, Apple can increase the amount of stock on the shelves within one week to a month of that time.

How Long Does It Take For Iphones To Restock?  

It is quite tough to predict the exact time for iPhones to restock as they have a group of experts continuously analyzing the market. When they will restock the iPhones depends highly on demand for the devices. Usually, it takes only around five days for the restocking.


We all know iPhones are assembled in China, and hence the shipment process all over the world takes some time. So, the availability of the device has direct linkages with the supply. 

According to Apple, they make an effort to deliver a few iPhones every day to each shop when inventories are low.

Whereas when the supply is more, they will restock more iPhones than usual and in a much shorter time. Sometimes, even within 1 or 2 days.

Demand Chain

Demand also plays a crucial role in the restocking process. For instance, Apple usually discontinues older series once new iPhone models come up. So, when new models come up, they reduce the stock for older models. 

Moreover, for new iPhones, the demands are always higher. So, to keep track of the huge demand, Apple tries to restock iPhones on a daily basis. They will try to ship at least 10/12 phones regularly.

However, if the demand decreases, then the restocking time will increase, and the number of shipped iPhones will also decrease.


There is also another factor that plays a role in the restocking time for the iPhone. There are millions of Apple stores worldwide, so when Apple restocks iPhones in different places and countries also depends on the demand and supply in that specific area or zone we are talking about. 

How Do I Check iPhone Stock Availability?

Previously it was hard to check iPhone stock availability. But now you can easily see the stock availability by following the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the website 

The first step is to visit the apple website. Browse through the website and choose the specific model of the iPhone you are looking for. 

Step 2: Choose the iPhone model

Now choose the iPhone model and choose the buy option, which is at the top right side of the page.

Step 3: Go to checkout

Once you have selected the buy option, Apple will ask you to fill up a few more details like the exact mode, storage, carrier, and color. After you have selected all the different options, the website will scroll down, and you will see an option called “Check Availability”; select that. 

Step 4: Select the location 

When you click on the check availability option, they will ask you to select your location. Once you select the location, you will see the stock availability in different Apple shops which are closer to your preferred location. 

How Often Does Apple Restock Their Stores?

It’s likely that you’ll see an entirely new supply of iPhones if you visit an Apple shop one time at the start of the week and again at the conclusion of the week. Every day, Apple normally gets shipments. It is updated all day long. 

The Apple Store has areas designated for walk-ins and for internet sales that may be picked up there. Therefore, just because apple.com indicates that its unavailability for pickup doesn’t imply they’re actually out of stock.


Not getting your desired iPhone can be quite frustrating; hence knowing when the new stock will come can ease the frustration. Thus, today in this guide, we have discussed the iPhone restocking process.

iPhone restocking time depends on many different factors like supply, demand, and many more. So, the exact time of restocking can vary from place to place. Generally, if everything is in Apple’s favor, then it takes less than 5 days to restock iPhones. 

Before you buy an iPhone, always make sure to check the availability in the store you are going to. This will not just save time but also save you from the extra unwanted trouble of going there and not finding your preferred iPhone. 

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