Fix Apple Sign Out Is Not Available Due To Restrictions?

If you use an Apple device and sometimes want to sign out to protect your privacy, especially if your kid uses the same device, then you can see the error text “sign out not available due to restrictions.” This can be not very pleasant, but it’s fixable by following a few simple methods. 

There are several different methods to fix the Sign out issues on your Apple device. The most common and popular method includes restarting your device, updating the ios software version, or factory resetting your device.

So, if you are looking for how to fix Sign out is not available due to restrictions, you are in the correct place. Today in our guide, we will discuss all probable methods to fix this issue. 

What Does Sign Out Not Available Due To Restrictions Mean? 

This “Sign out is not accessible due to restrictions” notification informs users that there are certain limitations on how they can sign out of their iCloud account. 

You cannot sign out of your iPhone or iPad without first eliminating any limitations that have been put in place, whether they were put there by you or your employer. Additionally, the person using the device may set screen time limitations.

When You May Face Sign Out Not Available Due To Restrictions  

Two primary reasons can lead to a sign-out not available issue on your Apple gadgets. Below, we will talk about the reasons that can cause this.

Restrictions on Sign out time

This occurs when the Screen Time function has been enabled and secured with a screen time password by you or any other user of the same device, preventing you from logging out of your Apple ID. 

A limited account with a screen time password is prohibited from signing out of the Apple ID, according to a guideline set out by Apple.

Phone being restored

You will receive a warning and be unable to sign out while restoring the phone or iPad “Failure in verification. There was a connection to the iCloud issue, as shown by this warning “when you sign out of iCloud on your iPhone or iPad after inputting the passcode.

How To Fix Sign Out Is Not Available Due To Restrictions on iPhone?

So, what to do if you cannot sign out of your Apple ID from your iPhone? Well, there are a few different methods that you can follow, and down below, we will cover each of them in detail. 

Method 1: Restarting your iPhone

The first method is the easiest one which is restarting your iPhone. When a phone starts to misbehave as a consequence of constant use, the issue might occasionally be a bug. Most difficulties relating to your devices can be resolved by restarting them.

It is the simplest and most fundamental method for resolving any device-related technical problem. Follow the steps below to restart your iPhone.

iPhone 5 or earlier


Step 1: Hold the Home button

Keep holding down the Home button. Hold down the lock button whilst maintaining pressure on the Home button.

Step 2: Keep Holding

Now keep holding both buttons for around 10-12 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Release the buttons, and your phone has successfully restarted.

iPhone 6, 7, 8, SE


Press down the power and home buttons simultaneously while watching for the Apple logo to show. When you see the logo, let go of the buttons. The restart of your iPhone 6,7,8, or SE, was successful.

Iphone X, 11, 12, 13 & 14

The latest iPhones starting from X to the current model of iPhone 14, don’t have a home button. So, the restart process is a bit different than the older models.


Step 1: Press the volume button.

At first, you will need to press the volume button and release and then do the same with the volume down button.

Step 2: Press the power button.

Once you are done pressing the volume buttons, you will need to press the power button. Keep holding the power button until you see the Apple logo. When the apple logo comes up, you can release the button and restart your phone.

Method 2: Turn off Screen time

If restarting the iPhone doesn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to reset the screen restrictions time. You cannot delete or sign out of your Apple ID once you have placed limitations on your phone. Restrictions disable functions and features. Read the instructions below to fix this.

Step 1: Go to settings.


The first step is to go to your phone’s settings and scroll down till you see “screen time .”Enter that. 

Step 2: Turn it off


Check for the “Turn Off Screen Time” choice after a little bit of scrolling downwards. Your Screen Time passcode will be required to stop the screen time. Now you should be able to sign out your Apple ID.

If you are still unable to sign out, try restarting your device, and it should be working fine. 

Method 3: Update the iOS

Numerous faults and issues might arise while using an older version of iOS. Hence, it is advised to upgrade to iOS sometimes. On an iPhone, these flaws may result in sign-out problems. Read the steps below to learn how to update iOS.

Step 1: Go to Settings


First, enter into the settings of your phone and scroll down and enter the general tab in the settings.

Step 2: Update the Software


Inside the general tab, you will find the update software option. Click that and update your phone to the latest version of iOS. The update process will take some time, so make sure your iPhone has sufficient charge. Once the update is done, you will restart, and now try to sign out again, and it should work.

Method 4: Factory Reset

The last resort is to factory reset your iPhone if none of the above three methods work for you. Follow the steps below to learn how to factory reset your phone.

Step 1: Backup all your previous data

Before you factory reset your iPhone, make sure to back up all your data in iCloud, as a factory reset will clear all your data and settings in your iPhone.

Step 2: Enter the settings 


Go to settings in your iPhone and enter general. Scroll down till you see the transfer and reset option. 

Step 2: Reset 

Inside the transfer and reset menu, you will see the reset option below the screen. Click that, and you will be asked to put your phone passcode; enter that and follow the on-screen instructions. Your iPhone will be reset in no time, and you can now set it up once again as a new phone.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the section below, we will talk about a few of the faqs related to the Sign out issue on apple devices. Below the answers will help you understand the issues more clearly.

How do I force my Apple ID to sign out?

To force the Sign out of your Apple ID, you must wipe your iPhone. You must carry out a factory reset or “Wipe away Entire Contents and Options” from your iPhone’s settings menu. However, do keep in mind that a normal reset won’t sign out from your Apple ID

What happens if I sign out of my Apple ID on my iPhone?

Any iCloud information will be erased from your phone when you check out, but it will stay in iCloud. You’ll be prompted to decide whether you wish to save a duplicate of any of the above data on your phone before you sign out.

How do I sign out of my kids’ Apple ID?

If your device shows you cannot sign out or if the Sign out option is grayed out, you will need to restart your iPhone and try again. But if it doesn’t work, then you should try to factory reset your phone.

Why is Apple ID grayed out on my iPhone?

The Apple ID is temporarily unavailable if it is greyed out. It occasionally occurs as a result of upkeep on the Apple servers, but occasionally it is brought on by problems with the system,


If you cannot sign out your Apple ID from your iPhone, it can be due to many reasons, which we have discussed in this guide so far. Luckily you can fix them easily by following a few simple methods.

It sometimes becomes necessary to set restrictions on your phone, especially if you have a child who uses your phone. But, these restrictions can cause the Sign out the not available issue. So, knowing how to fix them can save you from a hell lot of trouble. 

Make sure to always remember your passwords and your screen time passcode, too, as if you forget them, then a factory reset is the only remaining option for you. 

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