Why Does It Say No Location Found iPhone?

Apple introduced the “Find My” app to help you locate both your and your friend’s devices. Based on whom you gave access to, your family and friends can track your whereabouts. But the problem arises when you see an error. And, you wonder why does it say no location found iPhone?

You will see the “No location found” notification when the device is out of network range. If you haven’t enabled the data connection, your friends will see a location error when they search for you. It also happens due to technical glitches and a wrong time zone.

Don’t worry. We have described six effective and easy ways to eliminate the location service error in your iPhone.

If you are ready, let’s get into it.

Why Do You See “No Location Found” On iPhone?

 The major plus point of the Find My app is that you don’t have to keep everyone updated every time you leave the house. If you don’t answer the calls, close ones can find your location through this app. You can also make the iPhone ring or make a sound if you can’t find it. That’s cool. 

But, one irritating thing users notice is the “no location found” notification. It prevents you from seeing an iPhone’s exact location on the map. Here are the major reasons behind this infamous location error.

Out Of Network

This is the most common reason. The condition for using the shared location feature is that your device must have a consistent internet connection. 

If you are at a place that doesn’t have proper network coverage, the app will send a “location not found” notification.

Imagine someone has stolen your iPhone, and you want to track the location. It’s only possible if the data connection is turned on. 

Moreover, there are certain regions where Apple hasn’t launched the Find My app yet. If you reside in such areas, you will automatically receive a “no location found” message. There’s nothing to do about it.

Internal Glitch

Even if it’s an iPhone, it wouldn’t be immune to technical glitches. Any electronic component inside the device might have been damaged. If you can’t resonate with any other cause mentioned here, we strongly believe it’s an internal glitch.

Moreover, not updating your iOS to a newer version can cause such errors. Your device might be too old to operate the Find My app smoothly. As a result, you see these errors within the app due to an incompatible software.

Server Issues

 Even though applications like the Find My app hardly show server issues, it is still not impossible. If the app is going through a major security upgrade, it will be down for a while.

 Normally such issues get resolved within a few hours.

Turned Off Location Sharing

 It is a no-brainer, to be honest. Two users must enable the “share my location” option to track each other’s location. If one of you has turned off the option accidentally or intentionally, the other person won’t be able to detect your device.

 People mostly do it when they want privacy. So, there is a chance that the other person might not want to share their location details with you.

 Wrong Date & Time

The date and time setting must be appropriate. The app provides a location report considering the date and time of that particular device. If you accidentally change the settings, it can confuse the location service. Because the real date and time according to the GPS don’t match your device.

6 Easy Ways To Fix The No Location Error

Luckily, getting rid of the “no location found” error is super easy. We have enlisted four easy and effective methods down below. Every method is quite easy to follow.

 The thing is, you have to try all of them until the problem is resolved. Since the exact reason is unknown to you, try to leave no stone unturned. 

So without further ado, let’s jump into the process. 

#1. Check The Internet Connection

 We have already explained why your device needs internet access for the location service to work smoothly. So, before anything, check whether the connection is secured or not. Here are three ways to ensure a good network.

Turn-Off The Airplane Mode

Start by turning off airplane mode on your iPhone. You will easily find the yellow airplane icon beside the wi-fi.

Reset The Wi-Fi

Also, you can delete your wi-fi account from the list. Then, manually connect to the router by entering your username and password. That might establish a more solid connection than before.

Contact Your Internet provider

 Don’t forget to message your local internet provider about the issue. If the whole area faces a low internet range, wait until the issue is fixed.

#2 Turn On The Location Service

The number one thing you need to do is make sure you have enabled the location service. Even if you turned it on previously, it wouldn’t hurt to check whether it is still active or not.

  • First of all, enter the settings.
  • Choose “privacy.”
  • Select “location service.” Toggle it to enable the option.

#3. Share Your Location With Friends

Find My app ensures your safety whenever you step outside the house. It sends your whereabouts to your friends when they want to know where you are. But it is only possible if you have given them access. 

To re-enable this feature, go to the Find My app. Tap on “start sharing location.”

Specify the contact names with whom you want to share the location. You can add more than one person.

Select the “send” button. A pop-up will appear with the options “share for one hour/ share for a day/ share indifferently.” Choose the third option if you always want them to reach you.

And that’s all you have to do.

Note: You can only share location with friends who use an iPhone. 

#4. Update The iOS Version

You can resolve the location error by updating the software. It will work if the actual cause is an internal glitch. Follow the instructions below to upgrade your device.

  • Enter settings and look for “general.”
  • Now, you can see the “software update” option. Click on that.
  • Select the most recent software update available for your iPhone. Click on “update” to initiate the process.
  • Once the update is downloaded, install it as usual. Finally, restart the device to enjoy an upgrade.

#5. Reboot

Rebooting is a wonderful way to restore any crashing app. We will demonstrate the method for iPhone 8 or older models. Have a look.

First, press the volume up button. Release it and go for the volume down button. Then, press the side button until you see an apple logo appear. 

Wait a while before turning on the device again.

#6. Correct The Date & Time 

Specifying the time zone is very important for your iPhone apps to work efficiently. We have noticed the iMessages app and Location services don’t respond properly if the date and time are set incorrectly. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Go to the settings. Select “general.”
  • Scroll down and check into ‘date & time.”
  • There you see a time zone option. 

Tap on it and select the area where you currently are. For example, if you are in New York, select that from the list. And the date and time will automatically adjust to the current time zone of New York City. 

You don’t have to do anything manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have gone through the issue and its fixes. Now, let’s get to know some interesting facts about the find my app.

How To Track Location In My Lost IPhone?

Use another iPhone and sign into your iCloud/find account. You can see all the devices attached to your account, including iPhones, iPads, iPad air, and so on. Click on the particular device you want to locate.
Now, you will have three options: “play sound, notification, and direction.” The first option is to make the device ring so that you can hear it if it’s nearby. Or, you can check the direction to reach it.

Can I Erase Data Through Find My App?

It is possible to erase your iPhone through the Find My app. Especially if the iPhone is stolen, you wouldn’t want the thief to access your private information. 
In that case, enter the app > go to devices > select the stolen device > tap on erasing data. Specify that your device has been stolen and provide a contact number to message you. You must enter your Apple lock if the device is an iPad.

Is It Possible To Use Fake Location On Find My?

Find My app doesn’t give you the option to fake your location. That’s exactly the opposite of its purpose. However, there are a lot of third-party apps that you can use to spoof your location. iTool AnyGo, UniTools Trailer Go, iSpoofer, etc., are some tools you can use for this purpose. 
People want misleading locations while surprising a closed one with a visit. You might want to give them a fake location to make sure they won’t guess it by your location change.

How Do You Tell If Someone Turned Off Their Location?

The first sign is that you won’t see them on the map anymore. You might receive notifications like “GPS off/Network turned off/Location not available.” 
If they share their location with you, you will still see them on the GPS map. When the notification says “location not found,” the device might be going through a connectivity issue.


Find My app provides a widely used location-sharing service among iPhone users. Your family and friends are always aware of your whereabouts and safety. It reduces your blood pressure and anxiety when your close ones don’t pick up the phone. Before you assume the worst, track them on the map. 

But small mistakes like not turning off the airplane mode can hide your location. That’s why it’s important to know what certain notifications on this app are and the causes. For example, no location found/location not available. 

Since you have read the whole article, you have fewer things to worry about. You only need to follow the instructions carefully and implement them on your iPhone. 

With that, we are signing off. Thank you for staying till the end.

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