No Location Found VS No Location Available: What’s The Difference

Find My app randomly shows errors like no location found or location not available. As you can see, both terms sound almost identical. But that doesn’t mean you can fix them in the same way. So, no location found vs. no location available: what’s the difference?

“No location found” indicates that the problem lies with the technical aspects of your device. It can be a bad network, or an old iOS version. On the other hand, no location available means the location-sharing feature has been turned off. 

Identifying the difference is crucial if you want to solve it. That’s why today we will discuss what each of these location errors means and the reasons behind them. If you are in, let’s get started. Shall we?

No Location Found VS No Location Available: What’s The Difference

At a glance, both notifications look identical. Not just that, the reasons behind these errors and their respective fixes also overlap quite a lot. But only if you observe can you see there are slight differences. In this section, we are about to dissect these location errors and find the core differences.

Error 1: Location Not Found

Let’s start with “location not found.” You see this error when the Find My app can’t properly search for the target device’s location. In simple terms, when the app couldn’t initiate the tracking process due to a poor connection or software glitch. 

There are more factors that cause such kinds of errors. We will talk about them in detail in a minute. Remember that location not found indicates some external factor is blocking the location service.

Error 2: No Location Available

The second error, “no location available,” indicates the other party might have turned off their location-sharing service. 

For example, you share your location with your family through the Find My app. Right now, you are leaving the house. But you want to keep it private. 

In other terms, you don’t want your friends or family to know your current location. So, you have disabled the “share my location” option from the app. 

As a result, whenever any of them search for you on the map, they receive a notification like “no location available.” But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see their location from the other side. As long as they share their location, you can keep tracking them.

What’s The Difference?

For the second error (no location available), the app runs a scan to find your target’s Apple device on the map. However, due to a disabled location-sharing option, it can’t locate the device. 

On the other hand, when it comes to the first error (location not found), it is purely a server or technical issue. It can be backdated software, device, damaged inner parts, slow internet, and any other external factor. As a result, the app can’t start scanning the map for your target’s device. 

5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Says “No Location Found” & How To Fix It

“No location found” is all about glitches and technical errors. So, there are quite a few fixes available. Don’t worry. We have enlisted five common reasons along with the solutions. 

1. Poor Internet Connection

Not securing a strong internet connection is the number reason. For example, your device has been stolen, and you want to track it down. 

However, you never turned on the data on your device before it got stolen. As a result, you would see location errors like “no location found” whenever you try to search it on the map.

It’s the same if you want to reach a friend who doesn’t have access to the internet right now.

How To Fix It

Ensure you are close to the wi-fi router or within range while tracking anyone. It would be even better if you could reset the wi-fi. Moreover, check the internet speed and contact the local provider if it’s slow.

2. Backdated Software

When was the last time you updated the software of your iPhone? Can’t remember clearly? Then, It tells you all you need to know. The location error can be due to a software glitch too. And it occurs when the Find My app is not compatible with the old iOS version of your iPhone.

How To Fix It

We have got two methods for you. You can change the device to a newer model. That would solve this issue from the root. 

However, if you don’t want to spend so much money, updating to a newer iOS is fairly simple. For that, enter settings> General> software update> select the update you want. 

3. Wrong Date & Time Settings

Setting the time zone accordingly is crucial for an app like Find My. This app syncs your location on the GPS with the date and time of your iPhone. If both don’t match, the app gets confused. As a result, it doesn’t provide the report you would expect.

How To Fix It

Go to settings> tap on general> select date & time> go ahead and click on the time zone. Now, select the area where you currently are. And that would automatically set the date and time of that particular region’s time zone.

4. Regional Restriction

It would be difficult to connect to the app if the device is currently located in a low-network area. Such issues are common in regions where Apple has yet to launch its products. You might download the Find My app. But it won’t run smoothly and will show errors like this frequently. 

How To Fix It

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much to do if Apple hasn’t considered your region yet. 

5. Server Down

Another major reason is the server itself. Apple goes through periodic upgrades to maintain its security level. They intentionally keep the server down during this time. That might explain why you are having connectivity issues in the first place.

How To Fix It

Our suggestion is to be patient. Normally Apple resolves the server issue within a few hours. You can still check the Apple system status page for how long it will take. 

2 Reasons Why Your iPhone Says “No Location Available” & How To Fix It

Identifying the real cause of “no location available” is way easier. Only the internal factors within the app cause this error. Check out the major reasons and how to fix them.

1. Disabled Location Service

The basic requirement for the Find My app is enabling the location service feature. If you have disabled it, the app won’t disclose your location to anyone. It would assume you want to keep your privacy. 

How To Fix It

It’s pretty simple. First of all, check whether the airplane mode is turned on or not. If yes, turn it off. Next, enter the settings> go to “privacy”> click on “location service.” Toggle the button to activate it.

2. Disabled Location-Sharing

Even if you have a Find My account and the location service is active, you still have to give access to your friends. Otherwise, you would only be able to track your Apple devices connected to an account. Your family and friends would get the no location error. 

How To Fix It

Solve this issue by providing access to your chosen ones. Log into your Find My account. Tap on “start location sharing.” Specify the contacts with whom you want to share your whereabouts. Don’t hesitate to add more people if you wish. 

Finally, select the validity period for this location sharing (one hour, 24 hours, or indifferent). With that, you are all set to go.


GPS tracking is becoming more popular by the day. It’s easy to know where your close ones are without disturbing them with phone calls. But the same app can cause headaches when it says “no location found/location not available.” Humans tend to have wild thoughts as soon as someone’s location is off.

That’s why we encourage you to learn the causes behind such errors. Hence, the next time your friend’s location is unavailable, assume that they have turned it off for some privacy. 

That relieves a lot of stress.

That was all we had in store for the Find My app location error. Hopefully, your next searches will be quick and hassle-free. Stay connected, Stay safe.

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