Can I Delete Install MacOS High Sierra [Easiest Ways]

It’s not new among Apple users to freak out seeing a large mac update file. The high sierra installation file is no exception. This is why people have a very common question regarding it- can I delete install macOS High Sierra?

The short answer is “Yes”, you can delete “install macOS High Sierra” and face no negative consequences for it. And if it doesn’t allow you to normally delete it, then you have to disable the SIP feature from your mac.

While there are various procedures of deleting the macOS high sierra installation file, we have decided to put the ones that are the easiest. So, keep reading and find out more! 

What Is macOS High Sierra?

Released for the public in September 2017, the macOS High Sierra is the fourteenth operating system for Apple desktops and laptops. It was released in the previous year of macOS Mojave.

The name High Sierra derived from the high sierra region of California, which is filled with mountains. The macOS High Sierra has many appealing characteristics that make it worthwhile to update from earlier versions.

These characteristics include Metal 2 for external GPU, HEVC (H.265) support, apple file system, VR and external GPU support, siri updates, autoplay blocking in safari. anti-tracking in safari, etc. The tables below discuss its essential features in further detail.

General Requirements
OS X 10.8 or later
2GB of memory
14.3GB of available storage to perform upgrade*
Mac Hardware Requirements
MacBook (Late 2009 or newer), MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or newer), MacBook Air (Late 2010 or newer)
iMac (Late 2009 or newer)
Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)
Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Universal Clipboard on Following Macs
MacBook (Early 2015 or newer), MacBook Pro (2012 or newer), MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
Mac mini (2012 or newer), Mac Pro (Late 2013)
iMac (2012 or newer)

Why I Can’t Delete Install macOS High Sierra?

Putting the “install macOS High Sierra” to the trash typically deletes it directly. However, it does not always always happen. Then it begins to cause a few issues for the users. The reasons behind this are as follows.

High Sierra Operating in the Background

The likelihood that the installation file is operating in the background is very high. This is why you are unable to complete the deletion procedure due to this imbalance in the Mac system.

Turned on SIP

When your system integrity defender (SIP) is enabled, it stops your computer from deleting the “install macOS High Sierra” file. This feature’s primary function is to keep your computer from causing damage to itself. 

Malware/Bug in the High Sierra Installation File

If your Mac downloaded the “install macOS High Sierra” file automatically, it has  most likely encountered a problem. It might be a glitch or malicious virus. Because of this you cannot delete it.

How To Delete Install macOS High Sierra?

You will find numerous methods for removing the “install macOS High Sierra” file. You can use any of them. However, make careful use of the precise procedures stated in this page, otherwise you will not succeed.

Method 1: Delete Install macOS High Sierra Using Finder

Depending on the type of the device, the finder on a Mac may be found in a number of locations. Try googling to locate yours. Click the menu after launching the finder. Then, in the lower area of the menu, select “Go.”

Once there, look for a section called “applications.” While there, look for the “install macOS Mojave” file. Simply remove it like you would any other file on your Mac. After that, empty the trash.


Method 2: Delete Install macOS High Sierra After Disabling SIP

First, restart your computer. Press and hold Command + R as it restarts to enter Recovery Mode. Then choose Utilities. After that, choose Terminal. Write “csrutil disable” there. This will turn off SIP. Now, on your keyboard, hit Return or Enter. 

Then, in the Menu bar, click the dash sign to restart your computer. You will now be able to delete it. Once it is complete, re-enable SIP using the same procedure. This time, though, you must write “csrutil enable.”

How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) – Intego Support


Method 3: Redownload macOS High Sierra to Remove it

Sometimes, the automatic download of the high sierra installation file comes with a bug that doesn’t allow you to delete it. To solve it, download high sierra installation file. Then, go to your app list and remove it. Finally, clean it from the trash.

Method 4: Delete Install macOS High Sierra Using Launchpad

Launch the launchpad application to begin this approach. There is an application called install macOS High Sierra over there. Click it, but don’t be concerned as it won’t cause any harm. Then, reopen the launchpad.

A question mark will now appear over the “install macOS high sierra” file. Then, in the option menu, find an “X” over there. To delete the file, you must click on it. This notice will no longer annoy you after that.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of macOS High Sierra?

There are certain benefits that come with a macOS High Sierra which was previously unavailable with other mac operating systems. However, some of the features of this OS are apparently not as good as the previous Mac’s.


These are the pros of macOS High Sierra:

  • Speedy APFS (Apple File System): The Apple file system in a high sierra is more fast and responsive than its previous operators. As a result, the Mac users can benefit through a fast and robust computer experience.
  • Better Photos app Features: The photos app features within the high sierra are more enhanced. There are some interesting features as well, such as seamless connectivity with third-party applications for advanced picture editing, etc.
  • More Secure Safari: Because of Safari’s new browser tracking restrictions, users are less likely to get adverts encouraging them to purchase a product they browsed earlier. 


One of the major cons of macOS High Sierra is: 

  • Limited Gaming Options: Compared to Windows computers, Mac computers are not good for gaming in general. But the worst part is with High Sierra, mac’s incompetency with gaming has gone a bit more down.

What Happens If You Delete Install macOS High Sierra?

Nothing harmful happens if you delete the “install macOS high Sierra” file. However, you should consider backing it up somewhere else before doing so. Since it is a large file and there is a small chance you’ll need it in the future, you can keep a backup.

These are the reasons why deleting install macOS High Sierra is not harmful:

  • macOS High Sierra is only an installation package.
  • “install macOS High” does not include any sort of data that is currently being used by your Mac.
  • When you finish installing High Sierra, the installation file becomes obsolete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The macOS High Sierra installation file can cause a great deal of discomfort among people. This is why Mac users often ask a lot of questions regarding this, some of which are discussed below.

Can I Clean Install Macos High Sierra?

Yes, you can clean install macOS High Sierra. For that, connect your bootable USB drive to your Mac. To proceed, restart your Mac when holding down the Option key. 
It will launch the Startup Manager, allowing you to begin the clean install. Then, using Disk Utility, erase your hard disk.

Is High Sierra Still Supported?

No, not anymore. Apple has stopped supporting High Sierra after the release of their sixteenth operating system in 2020, Catalina. Apple always stops supporting their operating systems once they become a few years old.

What Happens If I Reinstall High Sierra?

Your data will not be affected if you reinstall macOS Sierra. This includes data like applications, settings, or other items. The operating system will then be updated and installed on your Mac device.

Can I Reinstall High Sierra Without Losing Data?

If you reinstall High Sierra using macOS Recovery, your data and user settings are preserved. To reinstall macOS, you can utilize the macOS Recovery feature. It is an amazing aspect of Mac with a built-in recovery system.


The macOS high sierra installation file problem is a total bummer. Sometimes if the file is corrupted, you cannot even delete it normally. You then have to disable the SIP before completing the action.

However, even though this task seems rigorous, it is not. It only takes a few minutes to complete the entire procedure, so there is no need to worry about it.

The best part is this method is suggested by Apple themselves. Great news, right? Now you can rely on our article even more stress-freely. This is why we advise you to sit back and relax, and follow our methods carefully.

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